Monday, October 15, 2012


This is one moment when I don't have any parallel and decipherable words or manner to define and epitomize the strong emotions that are racing in my veins.

In my hand are some of my Naani ma's poems (maternal grandmother) which were published around a decade back. I have known her mostly either in praises or in idiosyncrasies and incidents narrated by my mother. The beautiful and dynamic woman, born in Pakistan, had everything it takes to reside permanently in the heart of people around. There is not a single strand of her that doesn't enthrall me and make me feel proud to be a part of her. For she was an aesthetic blend of simple mannerism adorned with an incomparable charm that I can not find anywhere else. Not even a bit close!

And just like the exotic breeze that kisses your cheeks on a late night, like the winter sun that hugs you oh-so warmly and like that one careless laughter which somehow rests in your memory cage forever, her thought brings a smile on my face.

Because she is the gorgeous feeling of compassion and wisdom which I experience as I fathom her thoughts concocted in beautiful Hindi poetry, in yellowed pages of love and beyond.

पथ एक यहाँ अंतर इतना 
तुम गुज़र रहे मैं गुज़र चूका 
है नज़र नज़ारा एक यहाँ 
तुम देख रहे मैं देख चूका 

जीवन का पथ है एक साथी  
घट से मरघट को जाता है 
इस पथ की परम रंगीनी में 
जीवन सबका भरमाता है 

हर प्राणी इसमें डूबा है
हर जीव यहाँ बह जाता है
अंतर इतना बहते ही रहे तुम 
कूल सुहाना पा मैं चूका 

- शकुंतला कोहली 

(A few lines from one of her poems which I fell in love with. I would have posted the whole piece but it's too long.)

P.S: 1. Anubhuti means to feel, perceive or experience. It is the title used by Naani ma for her huge collection of poetry.
2. Two of my poems have been selected by a publishing house. Whupiiee! Yes yes..I know..'main naani ma pe gayi hu'  Yay! ^_^