Friday, September 10, 2010

Hey...What a Coincidence!!

There are certain things in life which do not carry a reason for their existence or one could say that there is no particular answer as to why something happened. Sometimes such inexplicable incidents leave us to wonder about the mystery behind them. Let’s say, ummm… talking about your beloved one and suddenly you hear him calling your name from behind....a coincidence right? Or texting a song to your best friend and meanwhile your cell get a similar message from that same friend....another coincidence.   
So while talking about the same, my mind flushes with hundreds of such incidents which I've experienced so far. But right now I'm not in a mood to share those little things. What I really want to share is one of the most cherishable 'coincidence' of my life. Many times I wonder how my life would have been if that coincidence had never happened. I guess I would have missed all the masti and fun and would have remained the same old introvert girl, scared to step out of her cocoon and shutting people out. Uhhh....even the very thought of the same gives me chills. Anyway, enough beating about the bush. Here goes that sweet, strange, silly and out-of-this-world incident. :)                                               
"Bachha, there's a girl Kajal from your school, here in the society and Reena aunty told that she's also in ninth grade. Why don't you go and meet her. It’s been so long since we moved here and you have not yet made any new friends.", ma said.
"No ma, I don't want to meet anyone. Why should I? And I don't feel like going anywhere.", I replied angrily.                                                                                                 
Being a true introvert and shy, I hated going out, talking to strangers and making new friends. I missed my previous school, my old buddies, dances, songs, hide and seek, tears and laughter and all the fun and frolic I had. In a nutshell, I missed my 'life'. So after spending seven long months in complete solitude, I finally agreed to go out and meet that girl.                                                                                                                                      
My mother and our neighbor, Reena aunty, decided to accompany me to Kajal's home.
"Oh so she's the one who told my mom about that girl and came up with this oh-so wonderful idea...huh.", I thought and with a sulky face and a fake smile I entered Kajal's home.                                                                              
It becomes very difficult to start a conversation with someone whom you've just met and the whole situation becomes really awkward. This is what happened when we both met for the first time. But somehow a coincidence did strike.                                                           
"Where are you from?” Kajal asked me.
"I'm from Kanpur. I mean I've spent seven years there but actually I'm from Delhi." I replied and was glad that finally a conversation started.
"And what about you?"
"I'm from Lukhnow." 
"And hey you know what, one of my cousin is also in Kanpur. He's in some Singhania school.", Kajal continued.
"You mean J.K, as they call it in Kanpur?” I asked with a curious smile on my face.
"Yeah...I think it is the same school."
"OK OK, What's his name?"                                                                                                 
Kajal told me the name and to our surprise Kajal's cousin was my classmate.                      
"Oh my god! He was your classmate?" Kajal asked again to confirm what she just heard.
"Yeah...he was in my class. Your cousin and I were in the same class.", I could not control the happiness in my voice and expressions.                                                            
It was something completely unbelievable for both of us. We smiled and laughed and jumped in disbelief. We could not digest the fact that though coming from entirely different backgrounds, we both were somehow related.                                                                 
It was like an abrupt turn which took place and the wall of hesitation which was there between us, broke forever. That evening we talked and laughed and went on and on. With passage of time, I realized that we share a lot many things in common. From favorite songs to favorite hobbies, from movies to books, there is hardly a thing in which we do not say “hey, it’s my favorite also”. It’s been more than four years to that episode and today we both are the best of friends. Thanks to that 'coincidentally' mutual person who unknowingly turned the directions of two strangers and made them realize that they are soul sisters in its true sense.

P.S: This is Kajal and me in the photo. And I'm sure my other two girl friends, Nikita and Bhumika,  are going to kill me when they'll see that I haven't written about them...hehehe... :D :D
Don't worry girls, you two are also my soul sisters and you know this. Love you all a lot :) <3