Sunday, November 25, 2012

And The 100th Post Says It All.

Beautiful sunshine
Radiating from your face
Enlightens my life.

Just a small update dear reader: This is officially the 100th post of Mirage. YAYYYIIEEEAAAOOO! =D And I am more than delighted to share that this perfect haiku is not the articulation of my thoughts but someone whom I have adored for so long. The person took an effort to step into my shoes and enjoy what I enjoy and presented me with this gorgeous surprise, perfectly packed in three lines. Thank you my dearest friend. It means a lot.


Picture courtesy: weheartit

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What Diwali Brought Me This Year.

I am not amazed at the falling apart of uncased pieces which hung in symmetry for so long. I am astounded at the fact that all this time, they were hanging in the void baselessly. There was not a single string attached. I am astounded how imbecile someone can make you feel under the facade of honestly and mush. The change of the whole picture is absolutely horrendous. And all I could wonder is when did this happen. Ha...imbecile, I really am! It was a slow and gradual process, I know. But the late realization makes it extremely tough to adapt, extremely tough to blend with true colors.


There is a lot of betrayal going on in this world. Beware people!

Diwali always comes with novel things, be it materialistic or not. This year, it brought along some realizations,  very hard though. I don't have any grief because whatever happens, happens for the best. And this is one thing which can never lose its meaning nor it can be deprived of my belief. So I am not going to indulge in sadness and caress pain and hatred. Instead, I will make use of these realizations and mend some mismatched pieces.

Thus, I will make my Diwali good. Like it always is and it always will be.

For it's not about the colors I have lost, it's about the picture that has been formed in the process of losing them.


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Escapism, Not now.

It is pungent.
The after smell of escapism.
It sways all around.
Teases, smirks and plays.
But oh it attracts. Strongly!
Some artificial sweetness.
Should I give in?
Who knows? The greened breaths? Nah!
Act smart and forget it.
You are not a bitch, dear life.
So don't be one.

Nothing much to say. Surrounded by bliss and gloom at the same time. Total confusion. And thus the above lines. Mere lines! Haphazardly crawling in indecipherable patterns. confusion.