Friday, February 22, 2013

Get Inspired But Do Not Copy.

Infusing, string after string
A thousand chapters,
A thousand more words
In you, 'the better one'.
Where I'll come back to read
Time and again
Snippets of life,
And you'll still be the same
My world, my Mirage.

How disheartening it is to see the work which you have honestly crafted with your own thoughts and emotions being used by somebody else publicly, without due credits or permission...even if it is an iota of all.  And what is more hurtful is the fact that being too polite, your self-conscience wouldn't allow you to speak up and clear things out.

It sucks! Big time. >_<

Being an ardent writer, I've always been aware of the writing ethics and like every other blogger, plagiarism is dealt with a big no. Due credits are given to every little piece which I take from any external source. It isn't so hard. Trust me! But why do some people, being a writer themselves popularize the opposite by copy-pasting stuff from their fellow bloggers' blog? Are you insensitive or busy pretending that you don't know anything? Huh...grow up and get a life, ape. (Talking to the concerned ones)

Mirage is like a part of me where I can be read, where I enjoy being read by my little blog family. Snatching  away this part of me and projecting it to be yours shall not be tolerated any further. If you're the concerned one, take this very seriously.

Because FYI, I'm mute by choice. Period.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Drapes of Faith.

I sneak in
The drapes of faith
Veiling with elegance
The delicate hints of our breaths
Come, talk to me here
The sadness of yesterday
And ugly marks of the past
Entomb them
With that mischief
Glimmering in your eyes.
Talk to me
Over a cup of tea
All day long,
And all night too
Within the drapes of faith
Where I sneaked in.
Speak of those amber evenings
Laced with innocence and joy
When we laughed
Carelessly on the swings,
Of the gorgeous rain
When you told me I look beautiful,
Of the pink-orange notebook
And the picture of you
Safely stored
Narrate me the thoughts of Rumi
That poem which I adore
The one,
Which brought tears along.
Narrate me the words
Those were penned
Under the February sun
Fill crevices
With the moments, the desires
Which are secretly fading,
With the forgotten love
Like the love of color lavender,
Of the smell of dampened old places
And of those crazy, random songs.
Then again, for one more time
Talk to me,
Over a cup of tea
Within the drapes of faith
Where we sneaked in.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Prompt : PRIDE.

infinite sparkles
in awe
gaze at the night's pride

It's a 5-2-5 Haiku.
Written for : Prompt #Pride at Haiku Heights
Picture Source

Friday, February 1, 2013

on daisy's lap
sleepy moth

I've started to experiment other forms of Haiku. This one is structured in 4-4-3 pattern of syllables.

Fallen in love with this art all over again! Thank you Google for being the best guide.