Friday, February 22, 2013

Get Inspired But Do Not Copy.

Infusing, string after string
A thousand chapters,
A thousand more words
In you, 'the better one'.
Where I'll come back to read
Time and again
Snippets of life,
And you'll still be the same
My world, my Mirage.

How disheartening it is to see the work which you have honestly crafted with your own thoughts and emotions being used by somebody else publicly, without due credits or permission...even if it is an iota of all.  And what is more hurtful is the fact that being too polite, your self-conscience wouldn't allow you to speak up and clear things out.

It sucks! Big time. >_<

Being an ardent writer, I've always been aware of the writing ethics and like every other blogger, plagiarism is dealt with a big no. Due credits are given to every little piece which I take from any external source. It isn't so hard. Trust me! But why do some people, being a writer themselves popularize the opposite by copy-pasting stuff from their fellow bloggers' blog? Are you insensitive or busy pretending that you don't know anything? Huh...grow up and get a life, ape. (Talking to the concerned ones)

Mirage is like a part of me where I can be read, where I enjoy being read by my little blog family. Snatching  away this part of me and projecting it to be yours shall not be tolerated any further. If you're the concerned one, take this very seriously.

Because FYI, I'm mute by choice. Period.


  1. I can understand very well. One a boy copy pasted an entire poem of mine on his blog in his name! when i found out i was really very irritated...he removed it later after me and my friends posted nasty comments on that poem on his blog ...hehehe!

  2. Sucks big time. I confronted a "chor" once and he said he "thought it was something like a forwarded message that he liked so much and wanted to share with his friends."

    Jackasses. The least they could do is at least give you due credit


    1. Hahahahaha....what a sad chor!

      But the problem here is, I can't confront because I'm on good terms with the person. And it'd lower my dignity to point out each and every copied sentence.


  3. How much does it take to at least include a line with the proper source and courtesy from!!! If this becomes a habit, you should definitely point it out, that's my humble opinion.

    1. Exactly!! As if it's the toughest job. huh!

      I too want to sweetheart. Can't promise though. :|

  4. Sad Vinati ,that people have the audacity to copy and do not acknowledge! Shame indeed!!

  5. Hey,
    I just dropped by to say that you have been awarded “Creative Blogger Award” at Honoured - The Undefined World

    Until later,
    Keirthana :)

    1. Keirthanaaa!!!! That is so sweet of you.

      Muaaah.. =]

  6. I don't underdstand what pleasure do they getby copy pasting anyway? :/
    And it's dumb. :P

  7. Oh and I am following you now. :D