Saturday, April 28, 2012


What if I go?
Leave the rain
Leave that walk in the night
Leave my favourite song behind
Would you remember my idiosyncrasies.
What if I go?
Would you catechize the crumbles of beguiling bond,
Cry or just sit in my favourite corner
And have a talk with the zephyr.

It is not too dreamy, is it?

Then maybe you could just make a promise
To show me a comely reflection
Beneath the countenance of present
That would be my life.
In your hands, when I am gone.
What if I indeed go?
I need you to buy me few breaths
To accompany me on the voyage
Of pretty life and prettier death.

Now make an effort and hear this. Something which could just touch the deepest cord of the heart. An extremely beautiful composition!

Picture Source: weheartit

Friday, April 13, 2012


A message from hope,
"Crisp warmth demurely waits
Beyond dusty chase."

Yes, I do talk of inspirational stuff on a Friday, 13th.

Written for: Haiku Heights
Image Source: weheartit


Sigh! Google is such a darling.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Skip Things.

There are these things.
Huge, dark and loud.
Yelping out that it is too hard to hold on
But we do and we have a lot to be proud
Especially of that morose end
Which cradled a gorgeous start
Sigh! Those were things.
If the message beneath twisted strings
Tells me not to hunt down
The chapter which doesn't exist,
I will not carry on the search.
Because yes, I am irritably stuck
Right there inside of you.

So let go off your fears baby,
I am where I belong.
Skip the messy things for now
And merge me in your song.