Friday, March 23, 2012

Two And Singular.

Countless whispers,
Lurk in the shadows.
And the deep slumber on your chest
With stealth,
Dissolve in your charm and aura
Essay an attempt,
To shut down the tempest.
For what I carry,
Is perhaps a want, a desire!
Of jagged affection
Sweet and sour
Of ugly touch
With no folly bar
And the chord,
The one that is very gentle
Strike it with a mysterious mirth.
Shut the doors,
Descent in my arms
And let elation take its impending birth.

Image Source: weheartit

Sunday, March 11, 2012

For Life's Simplicity.

Sometimes when the only thing I admire or look up to loses its grace, I turn to you to rummage a world that might welcome me with open arms and embrace me with a kind and an affectionate touch. And that world is nothing but an embellishment of your comforting words.

You can call me susceptible, baby. But that does not worry me at all, as long as I have you. And let me be very honest here. Let me brace it up with truth. I have left my mind at the threshold. I do not require it, anymore. And I suggest you to do the same.

Staring at its countenance would lead you into nowhere.
Make an effort. Open the jammed door, silly.

And try to understand how I show the audacity and impudence (take it in a positive way) to stretch my limbs beyond conventions. To say that I am too stubborn to fall along the lines is misleading. It projects a wrong picture. The truth is, I just live every moment of being free. Call it a perverse set of thoughts. I don’t care. I live and do not impede others to live. My idea of survival might differ from theirs' but let me not indulge in a diabolic disapproval of others' lives. With different ideas, it would be pretty wise and judicious to display an even more beautiful and sound place. So let us try to express the magic of carving unusual pictures, just how I enjoy it. Simple up to the brim.

But before that, answer me. Do I make sense?


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Apple of My Eye!!

For the times when you begged for food with that in-born obedience which you carry.
For the times when you didn't utter a word when we, by mistake, left you alone in the balcony or in any room. You stood by the door patiently and waited for us to use our heads and open the door. God, you are so sweet.
For the days when you pooped in the house and hid behind curtains or doors or under the dining table etc after getting a good scold from Mother India or out of sheer embarrassment. Khi Khi
For the days when you ran to the balcony to see us off. Awww
And for the days when you begged to go down to play with your friends and felt sad when no one gave you the permission.


You have always melted our hearts and made us fall in love with you deeper and deeper with you super cute ways:

When you sleep on the bed like you are the king whilst I sit on the carpet staring at you enviously.
When you jump around like crazy with love and over-whelming affection on seeing me, papa, mumma or bhaiya or just any random person.
When you play hide and seek with me. You are good player, by the way.
When you do not make noise no matter what and people ask us whether you bark at all.
And when, instead of giving us some warning like your species do, you sleep like a drunk during an earthquake. :P

To the most adorable being of our house,

HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY FRODO. You are a stupid lovely doggy. Period. <3

With Love
The girl whose Flip-flops you tore.

(First day at home.)
(Birthday boy has always maintained a pensive attitude.)

(Waiting for the party to begin.)
(All eyes on pastries.)
(Birthday Boy)


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dear 1st March'12, You Have Been Formally Placed in My Memory Box. Congratulations!

What if I say that I do believe in days full of enchantment and that some random impossible things do happen? Would you make a mockery of my childish belief or would you jump into the free cab that will take us on a beautiful ride?

Well, you better believe me darling!

I have always adorned a dream with wide open myopic eyes, to go on a trip with my friends and no person falling in the category of the boring or strict or irksome elders. My simple mind and its simpler dream received an unexpected warm welcome by 1st March 2012 in a very hatke (different) style. The day which is now nearing its end, was intact and dressed with little boxes of surprise which were impeccably placed on different hours.
And the best thing is that every single strand of me is glowing with the element of satisfaction and happiness and with a sense of achievement. (Achievement because the following was almost impossible for me to happen.)

*Gleaming eyes*

To cut the not-so-long story short, I went on a half-day road trip with my friends to a mind-blowing heritage hotel called Neemrana in Alwar district, Rajasthan. 

And before moving further let me share a very interesting fact- Being a resident of Greater Noida, I traveled four states to make the trip successful namely Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Haryana and of course Rajasthan. (Ignoring the fact that these four are consecutively joined, it sounds so cool na!)

And following is a glimpse of the day:-

(Every nook and cranny of this place astounded me)
(It is like a maze. And we explored it like we have been Spirited Away.)
(Who cannot fall in love with this place?)

The day started with a group session of yawning and rubbing eyes and sleep-deprived brain working at four in the morning and yawning some more and ended with a heart full of moments which shall be cherished for life.

C'mon, it was my first trip with friends, after all. And you know what, I can now proudly strike off the second entry on my wish list.
*Collars up* =]