Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Prompt: Drift

drifting summer breeze..
she drinks his favorite tea
by the lone window

It feels good to write haiku after so long. This beautiful form of poetry will always be one of my favorites.

Written for Haiku Horizons

Picture Source - weheartit

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Saline words on our abandoned sheet.

Because it was the night that whispered endearments in my ear instead of your beautiful mouth and scented sighs, it was the surging silence that implored to be hugged by the midnight love instead of your arms that once found their place around my slender frame. It was a sinuous moment unfaithfully bent at the juncture when it all fell apart, a wilted nonsense of caricatured dreams meekly dissecting our little heads. But I stayed.. stuck and dispersed like saline words on our abandoned sheet; reminiscing the jaded moments, the lost kisses, the discarded hugs that fluttered across the burnt pages while you rebuilt the night's charm with a wistful start and an open end.

The real misery lies in walking on with empty souls, beguiling faces and monstrous minds.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Beneath the pouring rain, I found my moment of stillness.

I will smile a little more tonight
for the words that fall
off my parched lips
sliding down through
the veins of
red bricked walls
and cobblestone streets
artlessly tying strings of thoughts
into syllables
into poems..
they narrate a tale of how
the wind
through the forgotten rains,
and fondles the naivety
of me and
those maple leaves
dancing in the unsettling
summer nights.
And I will smile
beneath the pouring rain
because this life
is a happy life.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Monday, May 5, 2014


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What if it's all untrue! What if it's a very bad joke which adamantly refuses to get over, a lie which cannot be comprehended and brought out in the open, a facade of emptiness, of hollow lives, dreams and laughter which can never be broken. What if his absence has not been lingering in our lives for a year now. A year!

I want to be insane for a while and forget that it has been a year since his battle came to an end and ours began. 

Don't make me sad, don't make me cry
Sometimes love is not enough and the road gets tough
I don't know why..
     -Del Rey

Friday, May 2, 2014

When my fears help me grow.

I don't remember how this fear entered my mind but I've always been scared of cockroaches. I know it is one of the most girly thing in the entire world but even if I hate to be a part of this category, I cannot help it. They are big disgusting insects and sometimes come with wings too. Why God why?!?? When I was in second grade, we shifted to a new city. My mom like always pestered me to meet new people of my size and be friends with them. They came to my place to play in the evening and I tried my best to make a good first impression by flaunting my big kitchen set and feeling proud with every 'ooh' and 'wow' reaction. But all my pride was washed away when a big cockroach entered my t shirt and I screamed in the highest pitch and jumped like a ninja making a complete fool of myself while the little people laughed incessantly. Though that broke the ice and gave me a wonderful childhood, my hatred and fear towards these freaky insects grew to a mountainous extent.

I fear deep dark waters too. I am a swimmer and I learned swimming when I was 6 or 7. Those were the days when I, a four ft. girl could play around with friends in a nine ft. deep pool, all day long and all night too. But as I grew up, this fear of deep dark waters started building up in my head and wrecked my swimming sessions. Now when I step into a pool, nobody in the world has the power to drag me to the deepest portion. I fear that someone might pull my legs from inside the pool and I would eventually drown. And that is perhaps, too much of Aahat (a horror series) etched in my mind.

Then there is fear of elevators. It is attributed to a heart-failing experience where I was with my parents in some old wobbly lift and after going up and down non stop for a couple of minutes, it got stuck somewhere in the middle. It was only when I bawled out and screamed, some people of that apartment came to our rescue. Yes, I was one hell of a screamer! Though I have recovered from the near death experience, I still sometimes fear stepping into an elevator when I am all alone.

Change. This is the most inevitable thing and yet I fear it the most. I fear change! It could be of any form. A change in my regular menu when I visit a restaurant, a change of place where I stay, a change of music that I listen to, a change of people that I like to be with, a change of dreams and aspirations and so on. My friends mock me because I fear to try new things in life. I try it when someone pesters me to but never on my own. And then I'm the one who wishes to travel the world and experience new things. How ironical! May be because somewhere in my mind I have this urge to conquer this fear. Yes, may be this is the reason.

When I am stuck in those days where I have nothing to work on, when I have no aim, no task to do, no movie to watch and no novel to read.. I use these fears and turn them into a purpose. Like stepping out of my comfort zone and be unprepared. A couple of weeks back, I went street shopping alone. I have never done that before and it was a big deal for me because I constantly need someone to fall back on. But that experience, oh it was different. I don't know good different or bad different, but it was something which I have never felt before. Standing alone in the middle of thousands of people and still not feeling depressed. Yes, it was different.

There are many more things that I fear and that scare the hell out of me but I think they are there just to give me a purpose when I lose one. So that makes them good, right! Except of course, cockroaches.

Anyway, you tell me. What are your fears?