Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Prompt: Home

september morning
mist on old window panes
winter comes home

Written for: Haiku Horizons
Picture source: pinterest

P.S: I haven't followed the common 5-7-5 structure.. just.. like.. that! ^.^

Saturday, September 20, 2014


When you have bruises on the knee,
there are stories to tell
and a world to inspire.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Let's sit together and talk for a while.

It is one of those phases when you know you want to write, when you know what you want to write, when it is clear and succinct in your head that you want to write but lethargy takes over and you surrender.

Slow but smooth.. that's life these days.

It's been more than a month since my brother moved to US and I'd assumed that the presence of an empty room upstairs would be unnerving but we are gradually getting used to it. I haven't told this to anyone but there are days when I go to his room, switch on the lights, no fan, just sit in his chair and do nothing. Absolutely nothing! I don't know why but this activity has become the easiest way to feel at peace on a rough day or on any other day.

College is nearing it's end. I will be a lawyer in less than twelve months! Even after four years, the question about my future - life after college has not found an answer. But the good thing is that I have made peace with the eternally confused state of mind.

It is unreal that I survived college so far. I'd never thought that I would say this but yes, I don't want this to end! After four years of struggling to sail through law college, I feel a lot less burdened, a lot more confident and a lot happier by not carrying the unnecessary weight of people's expectations on me. Life is so much easier when you live only for yourself and for those who honestly care for you. It is so much more vibrant when you are surrounded by warm and positive people. If I were to give someone advice on how to be happy, I'd say be real to yourself and the worldly facade will disappear on its own.

In another news, Tamarind Rice, a wonderful literary magazine has put me up on their regulars' feature page. I haven't gotten over this dreamy news yet and every now and then I visit their website just to see my name and smile for a while. Click on the link right now!!! Thank you.

To add on, more publications came my way. Few of my haiku poems got published in two journals. It is a superbly awesome feeling when you notice that you are the only person from your country to get published in international journals and that is the moment when patriotism awash your heart.

After around 7-8 years, I gave up my long straight hair to treat myself with a much needed change. Sadly, the cut now looks like before and the length is gone! Whoever says that having naturally straight hair is a boon should come and talk to me. A little bummed over this fact but also, my mood is going happily up because the beautiful season of festivals is approaching. The annual Diwali wali feeling is already here and I am just too happy to be free of any worry.

Okay, that's a lot of talking for now.

Now let's hear how your life is going.. shall we?!



Monday, September 8, 2014

And then this happened..

I love you for writing the most amazingly precious thing anyone has ever written for me.

While starting this blog four years back, I never knew I would reach this level, I never knew that this journey would become an integral part of who I am and would define me far better than I ever could and that someone would send me a mail telling me how much my work is admired. ^.^

I don't want to make it an award speech, but I really am overwhelmed and I want to thank each one of you who reads or has read Mirage. Thankyousomuch!!!!

Much love


Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Locked up in a paradoxical emotion
I waited for the storm,
and you
gave me-
a lifetime of silence.
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