Sunday, July 31, 2011

I Think I Saw Somebody There...

You all must have realised by now that I have inclined much towards the poetic side of my mind. I have realised it too. Thank God! So this time I thought to end this month on a different note. While I was thinking about what to write, I came up with a nice idea. How about sharing something ghostly with you all? Something mysteriously scary, spooky or spine-chilling..huh? Yeah? You sure? Okay (if you insist :P).

Get set go...
Whenever anyone shares a paranormal experience, I am usually the one who gets super scared excited. I have always loved discussing about the existence of ghosts with my friends especially at the time of a slumber party. It adds to the overall fun, you see. And as I have matured (Yes, I have.) my mind comes up with many rational questions every time I hear a ghost story. I try to prove that it’s cooked up and untrue. But I have certain stories and self-experiences which do not carry any reason. Let’s see if you guys can help me decide whether these can be explained with good reasoning or not.

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It happened when I was in 7th grade and my school had organised an Olympiad in which different branches of our school from all over the country participated and the participants were residing in the school’s premises. I remember I and one of my friends had a racing competition that day (Yeah, I was an athlete during those days. ^_^) and my friend had to change. So we decided to go to the infirmary. Since it was locked, we first took keys from our ma’am and opened it and she went to change in the loo inside while I was looking here and there waiting. After a few moments, something caught my attention. I saw something at the farthest corner of the room...went a little closer and I saw a girl sitting near the window, wearing a green colored suit with her hair loose, head bowed and her legs were close to her chest. ‘Who is she?’ ‘What is she doing here and that too in a 'locked room'?’ ‘Why ain't she looking up?’ ‘She should at least see who has opened the lock.’ These questions popped in my head and when my friend came out I made her see what I saw. Believe me that was really STRANGE. We asked her (from a distance) "Who are you? Hello?" But she did not give any response. Soon after that, we ran out, locked the door again and returned the keys and went on with the day like nothing happened (we were very scared, okay!).

Then there is another incident. This time, my friends had come to my place for a sleepover. I have a friend. She is 2 years elder to me. She asked us, “Would you like to know the reason why I asked you all to get down from the terrace quickly?” We said, “Yes, of course di”. She replied, “Because it was unsafe up there at night. There were some spirits around us.” And I was like, "What the hell". I questioned her and she told me the reasons which, I swear I could not counter. First, when we were up on the terrace that night, there was no breeze blowing. Weird as it’s on the 12th floor and behind our apartments is a vast jungle and terrace is the coolest place for us. It was very humid that day. Not even a single leaf was swaying. But what is weirder was that she and another friend of mine noticed the door of the terrace was swinging without any human touch. She had a matchbox in her pocket (she says spirits are scared of fire and she carries one most of the time). So she lit one matchstick and immediately it blew off like someone intentionally did it (think of a candle blowing off under a fan). And it happened the second time too. The other friend, who was standing beside didi, confirmed it. A long chill ran down my spine and I thought “Oh my god. I was with some spirits few hours back.”

(Let me scare you some more. :P
Google Images.)

Now this one is even creepier. A friend of mine told me that in her previous school, a girl of 11th or 12th grade committed suicide by jumping off the school's terrace. I don't remember the exact reason but I remember that it was because of some action taken against her by the school authorities. And before committing suicide she cursed that every batch of the same grade would witness a death. And believe me, it has actually happened since then. Every year one student of that same grade dies due to some or the other reason.

I believe in spirits. I feel that we are surrounded by few spirits all the time. Even while writing this post, I know some are watching over me. But I am not scared of them because I have heard that they protect us and not harm us. They are positive souls and don't scare us to death. But I am scared of those who appear in front of us or sit or stand quietly near the window or outside the door that is ajar, staring with a constant pale expression. That is frightening (like the girl in the second photo).

I have many more incidents and stories to share but that would make it a never ending post. So it’s better I stop and ask you all to share your paranormal experiences (if any) with me.

So 1..2..3...START!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Bond to Cherish.

A smile draped her face
Genuflected in sheer love,
When he said, "Marry me!".

Written for: Haiku Heights
Image Courtesy: deviantart

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tags are a Good Time-pass. ;)

Mystical skeptical me, please accept my apologies for accepting your tag so late. But I guess 'better late than never' thing always works. :P
So here I go...

Rule 1: You can only say Guilty or Innocent.

Rule 2: You are not allowed to explain anything unless someone specifically asks (And is discreet about it :P) Now, please do not spoil the fun. Copy and paste this into your notes, delete my answers, type in your answers and tag friends who might be interested in taking this up.)

1. Kissed one of your Facebook friends?

2. Danced on a table in a bar?

3. Ever told a lie?

4. Had feelings for someone whom you can’t have back?

5. Kissed a picture?

6. Slept until 5pm?

7. Fallen asleep at work/school?
Guilty (And my maths teacher woke me up once.)

8. Held a snake?

9. Been suspended from school?

10. Worked at a fast food restaurant?

11. Been fired from a job?

12. Done something you regret?

13. Laughed so hard a drink came out of your nose?
Guilty :P

14. Kissed in the rain?

15. Sat on a rooftop?

16. Kissed someone you shouldn’t?

17. Sang in the shower?
Guilty (la la la la....)

18. Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on?
*scratches head* Guilty

19. Shaved your head?

20. Slept naked?

21. Made a boyfriend/girlfriend cry?

22. Donated blood?

23. Eaten alligator meat?

24. Eaten cheesecake?
Innocent (I will be guilty soon. :D )

25. Still love/like someone you shouldn’t?

26. Have a tattoo?

27. Been too honest?

28. Ruined a surprise?

29. Erased someone in your friends list?

30. Dressed in the opposite gender’s clothes?

31. Joined a pageant?

32. Been told that you’re handsome or beautiful by someone who totally meant what they said?
Guilty *_*

33. Had communication with your ex?

34. Get totally drunk one night and you have an important exam tomorrow morning?

35. A total stranger treat you by paying your bus/taxi fare?

36. Get totally angry that you cried so hard?

37. Tried to stay away from someone for their own good?

38. Thought about murder?
Guilty (Hell yes!)

39. How bout mass murder?

40. Rode in a stranger’s vehicle?

41. Stalked someone?
Guilty *not ashamed*

42. Been so drunk that you forget things that happened while you were intoxicated?

43. In love?

And I tag Dishita and Divyank. =]

Monday, July 18, 2011


Laced up together
Materialistic strings
Beneath Love's veneer.


Written for: Haiku Heights
Image courtesy: We heart it

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Paroxysm of Terror.

Smithereens of mourning souls
Fell numb on coarsened crimson coal.
No bird chirped.
Breeze did not blow.
People panicked.
The smile on her face no more glowed.
Her head was bleeding.
Deep wounds!

With burnt skin and broken glasses,
In a pool of blood, she lied there.
I feared the look I saw in her eyes,
It said, “Paroxysm of terror.”
Smithereens of mourning souls
Fell numb on coarsened crimson coal.

Havoc had broken under the blue shade turned grey.
Ugly, it seemed. “Yes, Death stinks!”
The air was venomous.
Toxic tears trickled.
Forget the bliss.
Those eyes did not even blink.
Smithereens of mourning souls
Fell numb on coarsened crimson coal.


It was very heart-wrenching to know about the serial blasts in Mumbai, yesterday. Like always, the common man suffered. I don't know how many people died, may be 20 or so but the result of those few deaths is magnification of fear all over the nation. Such incidents have happened in the past and will continue to take place in the future too. All we can do is just hope that we do not suffer next.

Rest in peace Mumbai blast victims.

Monday, July 11, 2011


Her endearing voice
Sprouted and watered the seed
Of infatuation.


Written for: Haiku Heights
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Saturday, July 9, 2011


With blended flavours,
Zephyr, clouds, showers and wet earth
Fragranced fall is here.

Gravels soaked in drops of palette
Splash! “Oh dear, I’m drenched”
Like music, it fills me. Smiles and says,

“Hold its hand, hug it tight,
 Feel the ecstasy 
 with gleaming eyes.”

P.S: Haiku style of poetry has been used in the first three lines.
        Yay, I'm learning something new! ^_^