Sunday, June 24, 2012

Don't Go Back to Sleep!

Do you see?

How the big white ball on that dark sheet covered with stars is skulking behind clouds? And look how the clouds manoeuvre past the zillion stars. They are playing a silent symphony to you. You know why? Because you are special. You are special as the world offers you its incredulous beauty. Traverse it like it is a part of you. Traverse it like you traverse your soul. And everything around shall speak endearments into your ears.

On the colossal canvas formed by a whole pack of myriad thoughts, take a stroll on a path and wander through it. Be free and free your soul! You see a young girl, there. See how her eyes gleam as she looks out of the small window. She is agog at dark grey clouds that greet her with a loud thunderous sound. She absorbs all that the nature has to offer and runs out to be a part of it. The sight is pleasing. Does it remind you of your unfathomable longing to soak up the first shower of the season?

It does, to me!

For all that is relevant is out there in open. For all that is worth a try is free of complications and doubts. Just like what Rumi says:

“The breezes at dawn have secrets to tell you
Don't go back to sleep!
You must ask for what you really want.
Don't go back to sleep!
People are going back and forth
across the doorsill where the two worlds touch,
The door is round and open
Don't go back to sleep!”

Picture Source : deviantart

Saturday, June 9, 2012

When It's All About Searching an Outlet.

It is bad. Everything around me is changing. 'Thing' not people. And why in the world does it make me swirl in disbelief that many of my favorite though mundane activities, are confronting their end? I don't want to sound typical when I say that things change or time change. But I do. I PMSing or what? :|

The past two months i.e., April (the worst) and May greeted me within sudden ups and downs. They kept me busy with nth number of things. And now as I have put my feet in the month of June, Miss Life doesn't seem to be satisfied with a whole list of changing things. *Grumpy look* To begin with, my teenage ended. Though I don't miss being a teenager...AT ALL,(Gosh, I am a 20something blogger. Wuhooo!!!) it is undoubtedly a part of why I am being this way. 

Moreover, I am shifting to a new city i.e., Delhi. Now before you read further it is my duty to inform you that I AM a 'Delhi wali' by birth, heart, soul and by my whole khandaan (clan, to be clearer). Actually, I lived, not in Delhi but in NCR. So theoretically, in a few days, I would be lazying around at a new home in an entirely new city but practically, it doesn't matter. Phew! What matters is that my life here, in this little peaceful city is nearing its end. It makes my heart ache, big time, to bid goodbye to a whole era of my school and memories and friends and so on. It is usual to behave this way when something like this happens, I know. Because it is totally worth to feel sad about. The people here deserve it. Don't they? And so, this reason tops the list.

Moving on, my parents will complete 25 years of their togetherness in less than an hour. And I am so more than happy! Of course, I am. I have this whole surprise thing ready to be delivered early morning. All geared up for that. Oh by the way, this is totally unrelated to the not-so-important discussion about why I am so irked these days. I just thought to share. Ha!

So, the next thing which is irksome is the fact that I am not able to take off to some place cold while the temperature is soaring beyond its stupid limits. I have made some desperate efforts to convince my parents as well as my friends to make a trip. So far not so good. Sigh!

Well, this is it. The whole grumpy me has got a good little outlet. And I am all excited to celebrate the Silver Anniversary of the two most adorable people in my world.

See you later!

P.S: I will try to be more regular, my very sweet reader. Pinky swear! If I am not just know that I am PMSing again. *I am such a girl*. XD
And Cancer is a bitch. 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Be a Bird.

Be a bird. Be unfettered and carry me on the wings.
Share the laughter, the mesmerising glee
Lock me up in your arms,
And dive away from the heat
Be a bird. Carry me within you.
With flowing dreams, talk to me the beliefs of love and beyond
Watch the evanescence of the day
And in a natural manner, make me uncover the woven song.

Lose your inhibitions. Be a bird.