Friday, March 18, 2011

And She Lived..

She saw the curtains in her room sway. Those pale blue pieces of cloth with white beautiful flowers adorned by the small window in her room, rocked slowly. It was dark and silent. She was trying to sleep but just could not. Her mind was pre-occupied with the anxiety because of all the complications which might occur during the course of her surgery (as the doctor had said).

She was uneasy. And what diverted her attention from this fretfulness was a big thunder sound. She looked at her window and saw lightening flash every few seconds. But being pretty tired, she turned her back and continued struggling with her thoughts. Seconds later, the thunderous roar was there it was calling her name, asking her to put her feet forward, keep her worries aside and just live by the moment. And that moment was there, rather HER moment was there. As she always believed that only ONE right moment is required to make you feel that you can break the chain, break the bonds, look beyond the closed boundaries, chase the horizons of your mind and take a step ahead.

She removed her blanket, stood up, opened the door of her balcony and took a deep breath filled with the smell of wet earth. Oh...there was surely some kind of drowsiness in the way serene breeze ruffled through her hair! 

She smiled. She hummed, stretched her arms, shut her eyes and went a step forward.  All her qualms had taken the back seat. The weather veneered the cloud of negativities in her life. She forgot her sickness, her surgery, her minimal chances of survival and that she might have only a few more months. She was deeply lost in the aura. She could feel the lightness in the drops pouring on her palms. She danced to the music played by the trees, by the zephyr, by the dark ghostly and thunderous sound and by the whole amazingly fresh environment. She felt alive and peaceful cause at that particular moment... she LIVED.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Beauty Lies Within! :)

"'s going to be a bad day", I thought to myself as I woke up today at around 12:30 in the morning (I mean 'afternoon'). Yeah I know I'm a late riser and my parents are always after my life because of the same. But what do I do cause I can't really help it. This is like my weakness. I so love to sleep and have made many records of waking up late. :P :D

Anyway, that's not the point. The point is that I had already presumed that it's not going to be a good day. And this feeling was accrued to my bad health and my friends going out without me. I was just recovering from my one week long Viral fever that yesterday, I ended up falling sick again. This time it's some kind of rashes all over my skin and I so so so damn hate them. Huh!! :/ :(
Kajal called up in the morning and asked me if I was in a position to go out with her and Bhumika. I badly wanted to go but this sickness spoiled everything and compelled me to say a "No".

So in a nutshell, I was frustrated. I had no idea what I would do sitting all alone on a Sunday. "Wait...did I say Sunday??? Oh my god, it's a Sunday...yay!!!" And soon I rejoiced over this thought and I'll tell you why.

Every Sunday brings me a piece of quintessential form of quietude. It brings me an insight of my city people and their lives. It brings me a taste of others’ tough situations and how they subdue it. All in all it brings me Soul Curry. The readers of The Times of India must have seen or read this column in the Times Life edition of Sunday Times.

So I was quite elated when I realized that today I would get to read my favorite column. And as I’d thought, the story of Padmini Rao (the writer of today’s edition) did help me in making my day better. How amazingly she described the meaning of beauty. That it’s not just colorful flowers, waterfalls, and lush forests etc. It is something more than that. Something, which lies in a child’s innocence or in chirping of birds. Her portrayal of a small potted plant as a symbol of dauntlessness, resilience and hope amidst the callous surroundings made me think that one is the pilot of one’s own life.

One can always make his own life better. It is not necessary to have positivity all around. What is important is how one, with a sanguine soul, makes the surroundings worth-living. Beauty, not only lies in a pretty landscape or in the magnificence of nature. It also lies in the marvels of a little ant making its way through all the impediments to carry food and in the effort made by Salmon fish to travel back to the fresh water (which is very harmful for its skin and ultimately results in its death) to lay eggs. Beauty cannot be derived from our environment. Our environment is beautiful only when we feel beautiful from within.

And like Rao wrote in her article that beauty, ugliness, heaven and hell are all our creations!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

When We Do It Our Way..

Each morning when I board a metro for my college, I see so many activities going on and on, in every nook and cranny of the city. My twenty minutes ride to the nearest metro station shows me hundreds of people, both male and female walking in a particular direction and going to their work places. All of them, like a herd of sheep, walking with the same expression but not the same thoughts. Every time I see them I wonder how there life would be like. What all things would be going on in their minds as they make their way through the traffic. Same time, same road, same noise of horns and pollution all around, same tempo...everything seems so same and mundane in their life. And then comes my metro ride. The thought conquers my mind again as I enter the metro. There is no difference. The hustle-bustle of a metropolitan city is so prominent here. But then while thinking about others’ life and aspirations, my thoughts take a halt and come back to my own life and aspirations. It seriously gives me chills when I realise that "God, I am too a part of a mechanized world". And this is true. I do nothing different. My day begins with me going to college, attending boring lectures, having lunch, waiting for my friends, coming back home, exhaustion taking over, trying to take some rest and going to sleep. This is what I do every single day. Everything is so dull and grey as all the things fall within my comfort level. But hey, I was not put on this earth to lead a humdrum life like this. There are so many things to do, so many things to experience but I am not experiencing anything new. I am WASTING my life and this is just not done.

I so want to break the conventional norms and do something beyond my comfort zone. Something like breaking my schedule, visiting unexpected places, doing out of the ordinary things, bringing back home some amazing memories and making my life worth living.

Yesterday was one such day. I did something different. I visited a place which, after so long, gave me a taste of peace and contentment. I visited Hauz Khas Village with my ladies.

It was a breath-taking place. There was no crowd and no rush in the air. A place that I had longed to visit for like so many months. From our first step there to our last step, we all were like, “why didn’t we come here before? And how did we miss something like this?” It was so unlike the whole of Delhi. We could see few people relaxing, few enjoying with their friend circle, few taking a stroll by the lake and few exploring the fort. The positive ambience of that place made all of us feel so damn good from within. We felt like we got our dose of gratification.
Though we did not have much time to visit whole of the place cause it was really big and we had to leave early, we managed to make it a memorable day. And it became all the more special cause it was International Women's Day and I was with the best girls in my life..!! :)
Here are some snaps of the same :

This is Bhumika, Kajal and Shivangi in the photo.

This is the lake I mentioned was green yet so serene (aah rhyme! :D )

Kajal, Shivangi and me

Okay I know we are looking insane but we were actually admiring ducks.. :)

Hauz Khas Fort.

And I really really really wish that I get to visit many such places where I feel alive from within. But next time I want Nikita (my another special girl) to be with us and I hope she's reading this. :)