Friday, March 18, 2011

And She Lived..

She saw the curtains in her room sway. Those pale blue pieces of cloth with white beautiful flowers adorned by the small window in her room, rocked slowly. It was dark and silent. She was trying to sleep but just could not. Her mind was pre-occupied with the anxiety because of all the complications which might occur during the course of her surgery (as the doctor had said).

She was uneasy. And what diverted her attention from this fretfulness was a big thunder sound. She looked at her window and saw lightening flash every few seconds. But being pretty tired, she turned her back and continued struggling with her thoughts. Seconds later, the thunderous roar was there it was calling her name, asking her to put her feet forward, keep her worries aside and just live by the moment. And that moment was there, rather HER moment was there. As she always believed that only ONE right moment is required to make you feel that you can break the chain, break the bonds, look beyond the closed boundaries, chase the horizons of your mind and take a step ahead.

She removed her blanket, stood up, opened the door of her balcony and took a deep breath filled with the smell of wet earth. Oh...there was surely some kind of drowsiness in the way serene breeze ruffled through her hair! 

She smiled. She hummed, stretched her arms, shut her eyes and went a step forward.  All her qualms had taken the back seat. The weather veneered the cloud of negativities in her life. She forgot her sickness, her surgery, her minimal chances of survival and that she might have only a few more months. She was deeply lost in the aura. She could feel the lightness in the drops pouring on her palms. She danced to the music played by the trees, by the zephyr, by the dark ghostly and thunderous sound and by the whole amazingly fresh environment. She felt alive and peaceful cause at that particular moment... she LIVED.


  1. Wow..I loved this post..I could easily visualize each word..Well done !!

  2. I'm glad you liked means a lot when my readers appreciate my work..!!
    Thank you. :)

  3. :):) i love new bloggers...the work is soooo fresh, refreshing...
    so welcome:):):) n wish you a lovely journey:))

    about this post: loved the narration..simple..true to life...with a great embedded msg is a celebration:D

    i love your template:) its super aww!
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  4. Hi Divsi
    Thank you so much for dropping by....really sweet of you!! :)

    And yeah...HAPPY HOLI!

    P.S: I loved your are an amazing poetess..!! :)

  5. sweet. short. unfortunately this genre of short stories is not entirely my forte anymore. but it was sweet.

  6. finally she started taking pride in her pain, the only truth which can curb the fictitious pain.
    well jotted.
    and its a nice blog vinati :)!

  7. "to live wen u r alive and to die only wen u r dead"

    loved the post..its a feel-good one..although a girl as a protagonist.

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  10. Decisions of life and death aren't decided after deep ponderings, but on the spur of the moment. So true, she lived and how, she'll live long!

    Nice post.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  11. hey Vijay
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  12. Blasphemous Aesthete..

    such little moments make life worth living

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