Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Accolades To My Favorites. =)

The year 2011 has been very good to me and has given me tons of reasons to celebrate and to feel grateful of my stars. And this is the reason I was thinking a lot lately to find out a good outlet to release some of the emotions by letting the world know. And this is what I came up with. It’s going to be a real lengthy post but please bear with my over-sentimental heart. Like I said, I needed an outlet. And the craving ends here.

(There is no order. And the idea has been shamelessly stolen from Crystal.)

Crystal- I know almost all of you are aware of this prodigy that we have in our blogosphere. Those of you who do not, should go die. Or rather should not waste any further time and visit her blog asap. She is without a doubt one of the most excellent and ardent writers that I’ve ever come across. I am so addicted to your blog. And each of your post leaves me awe-struck. Keep up the good work, Crystal. I will always love you.

Pradeeta a.k.a MSM- Another one of my favourite blogger stars. As her blog name suggests, mystique is her forte and she has got a great command over it. Her stories and posts leave my inner wanderer in search of answers to her questions. I love her a lot as a person as well as a writer. She is a darling. And I am so glad to see her back as it’s been so long that I read any of her amazing works. Missed you!

Fiona- She is also a very famous blogger and has recently created a craze of Fibonacci Sonnet. And many, including me, have been a proud part of this craze. But apart from this, she is a brilliant and an enthusiastic writer too. Oh and how can I forget those amazing comments which I get from her! Trust me, she is such a sweetheart that she can make you jump around in ecstasy by her honey-dipped feedbacks. Very few bloggers take out time to actually read other bloggers work and give a genuine feedback and she is one of them. I am so glad to know you Fiona. Shall keep in touch always!

Red- She is Ms. Anonymously witty and humorous in every possible way. I love the way she writes. Her posts make me smile and laugh a lot. Yes, it happens very rare that I laugh out loud while reading an article but it is definitely not the same with this girl. Her sense of humor brings all the charm. And it is a sheer delight to read her blog. I rarely miss reading her blog. And suggest you the same for a good rib-tickle.

Maithili- She is the master mind behind our all girls blog ‘Darlings of Venus’. Being a lovely story weaver, she grips the readers with her words and fills the void spaces with intense and deep emotions that sometimes it becomes really hard to accept the fact that it is just a story and not some real life incident. She writes many amazing series of love stories at her blog ‘One Such Story’. You have an honest heart, Maithili. Stay the same, always.

Yashi- She is a great friend of mine and is one of the best things that has happened to me in college. But without being biased, let me tell you friends that her writings are absolutely stunning. She is a newbie here but doesn’t seem one if you read her posts. I feel so proud of you Yashi. You are a wonderful writer. And please don’t forget that I always keep my antique watch with me as I wait to read more of your work. *Govinda styled wink*

Phatichar- That is just his blog user name. I know it is weird to refer to someone with that name. But this man has his own way to do things. He mostly writes spooky tales in the simplest form and narrates them in an outstanding manner. And I can guarantee you that he can rip your soul apart with the kind of fear that he creates in the mind of the poor reader. You don’t believe me? Then go read his blog. And one more thing, actually it’s kind of a warning - If you have a soft heart and get scared easily (like me) then do not read his posts AT NIGHT. :P

PeeVee- Okay this girl calls herself Ms. Chocolate Obsessed and has got a huge fan following. Needless to say, she is one of my favorite bloggers. Her short stories are simply awesome. And recently I got to see the abstract side of hers which was, without a doubt, an enthralling piece of literature. I love the way you put your thoughts into words. Smart yet so cute. And I adore you miss, totally!

Shruti- She doesn't write the usual stuff which you can find anywhere on the blogosphere or even if she does then she would never put it in the most usual form. Yes, that is what I have deciphered after reading many of her blog posts. Intriguing and deep! Her words can seep through the strongest wall and can touch your heart with an absolute ease. You are a fantastic writer, Shruti. You have always been one.

Dishita- She is my only Gujju friend in this blogworld. Her posts are simple, smart and quite entertaining too. We have a strong Haiku bond and she carves striking haiku poetry. You should definitely give her a visit because I can assure you that you won't face disappointment. I’m happy to have known you, Dishita. Love you a lot.

The Solitary Writer- I call him Chacha Nehru. Why? Because I am just like his kid sister and he has a soft corner for kids. And so, the name. *Heights of lameness* He was my very first friend here and has seen the transition of the writer in me. A very nice person to have some good talk with and as a writer he just takes you to another world with his heartfelt stories. I've read many of his posts and suggest order you to do the same.

Yvonne- She is one of my newest pals. And I'd like to mention that she has published two books as well. Impressive right?! :) What I like about her writings is the simplicity and those perfect rhyming schemes in her poems. She always leaves me surprised with the kind of poetry she does. I’m so glad to have you as a blogger friend as I learn a lot from you. Keep writing, Yvonne!

Suruchi- We have a Kanpur connection. And this was the first thing which dragged me to read her blog and believe me I haven’t stopped after that. She is the coolest English teacher I have ever seen or will ever see in my whole life. A fun-loving and down-to-earth lady, she is. And oh! her adorably cute daughter Seeya, how can I not mention her! You should definitely read her latest post and I’m sure it would leave a smile on your face.

Stranger- A very interesting blogger buddy of mine. He is also a newbie but that doesn't stop him from gripping the reader with his sharp words, till the end. And I would like to suggest you Mr. Stranger to write quite often because I wait to read your work. Alright? *Crosses arms*

Soumya- Her crisp, striking and candid words carry the charisma of her blog. She is an alluring person and has the caliber to make you lose yourself in her writings. I enjoy reading her blog and it’s absolutely a pleasure to receive her feedback. Love you, Soumya! :-*

Chandana- The girl at First Avenue is definitely a very pretty girl and is a brilliant writer as well. She is a fashion blogger and the best thing about her is that her fashion quotient is suited for everyday wear and not something which is all bling bling and difficult to carry. And apart from this, the simplicity and audacity of her posts never fail to enthrall me. Keep writing friend! :)

Anshul a.k.a Blasphemous Aesthete- (Yeah, I got to know your real name. Finally!) He is one hell of an intelligent and philosophical person. And has just become active from his months long dormancy. A very popular blogger too, he takes you to another land with his writings be it in English or in Hindi. You should never stop writing friend. Make full use of the talent you have.

Writing Bee, Confused Soul, Dee, Sumitra, Keirthana, Rachit, Lizzie, Rahul sirBalqis and Twisha- You people have made me smile a lot many times with your gorgeous writings and kind feedbacks. I so appreciate your presence on my blog and feel blessed to have met you all here on this little platform. Though I’m pretty new to you all, I’m deeply impressed by each one of you. Keep up the good work friends. You all write fantastically.


P.S: Heartfelt apology if I've forgotten anyone's name.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

You'd Be Carl And I'd Be Elle.

Maybe a year is never enough. Maybe what we hear is a lie and what we live is the only truth. And maybe it is just a way to keep the obsession out of our reach. Or maybe I write incessantly when I get a little soppy.

Whatever it is, it is beautiful in every way. It is beautiful even if it is imperfect.

So let us give a goodbye kiss to the year which has been exceptionally good to us and welcome the next one with open arms. Let us relish those days and nights drenched in the most beautiful shades which needless to say, changed our way to perceive life and all other things which came along the way. Let us promise to keep chasing cars and to kiss the flower of our love which has begun blooming to spread its scent. And let us be rock solid forever.

Happy 27th of December!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Perhaps I'm Too Naive.

It was supposed to be happy day. That is what I had thought when I woke up this morning. The morning light which was making its way through beautiful leaves had made me smile with complete awe shining in my eyes as I was gearing up for my exam. But getting into the details of what all happened today wouldn't help me right now.

Because I need to sort other important things. There is this whirlpool of tough chapters gushing in my head. It is colliding hard. And this is novel. Trust me! I have never been an escapist. I have never turned my back to situations which have the strength to make one hide beneath a facade of love and compassion. I have always believed in colouring the greyed walls and not repelling them. But this time, I feel more like an alien or rather an intruder in my own land. Like I might wake up to a morrow that I will never know. That no one would ever know.

And these questions, they are ringing too. Answer me! Will the Sun shine if I close my eyes and believe that it is the only thing in this whole goddamn world that can lighten up the emptied hole? And would it delete some parts which have occurred out of nowhere and caused great trouble to the little mind I have?

And what if I stand on the terrace of that big building and scream out loud something. Something which could easily free me of this unidentified pain by reaching the ears of someone. I don’t know. Would that work?


You know actually, a tight hug from you could work. Yes, that is the thing I want right now. Hey, you are listening right?


Picture source : weheartit

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Is It Bad To Gamble?

For once,
Converse with that dicey turn of your life.
You scared? Don't be. It won’t eat you up darling.
For once,
Open the windows which you turned your back to.
Feel how the winter air feels.
The one that makes a chill run down your spine. Enjoy it!
For once,
Don’t save the blessings,
Untie them. And multiply.
For once,
Face the real you.
You are ugly yet beautiful.
For once,
Just gamble.


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Yabbaa Dabbaa Doo!!!

Dear Flintstones

Where did you guys go? I miss you and your 'Yabbaa Dabbaa Doo' sooooo much. And your other friends Dexter, Road Runner and Scooby Dooby Doo too.

I hope my internet speed remains good and stable. And I'll download you all as soon as my exams get over.
Watch out!

A girl who was born in the 90's.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Let Us Carve a Perfect Day With Our Little Imperfections.

Would you to get me some melted chocolate, just as I love it? Because we have to break the stones of sourness and put the chocolate all over it. I love the smell of dark. I like dark. And so do you, I know.

We have the sparks of your eyes to lighten up the little dream which is being mutually dreamt. And after encumbering the hole where hope is lost, we shall build a castle. You would drape it immaculately with the joyous present and a knot of future and I would watch you with a cherubic smile and tie my hair in a bun. You'd draw circles all around the cloud-cuckoo land while I'd wait for you to step in and tell me stories of the untold mysteries that you know. You'd mould anger, frustration, sadness, and despair and submerge all of it in a pond of rainbow and I would dive into the mesmerizing piece of art that you are crafting. 

And with this, the final curtains of trust and belief would be drawn to cover our little shell and uncover the secrets hidden from the rest. It shall be transparent for us. Always and forever! It might not be as good as paradise but it would resemble a flawless chime of dream and reality. It might end soon but it would be etched in the deepest part of our memory. It is not in its most perfect form, I know. But the beauty of being imperfect yet together is what makes it perfect. Makes us perfect!

Picture Source : weheartit

And I just can't get enough of this song : Close to you by Carpenters

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Refill the void.

Empty the darkness.
Blow out the drab. Make space for
The worthy desires.


Written for : Thursday tales and Haiku heights.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Struggle between True and False.

I count the twinkling stars above my head. One...two...five...eight. The music is good. It’s trance. I have developed a strong passion for it because it is beautiful in every sense. We are having white wine. It smells perfect and also the air above the sea. The sea breeze. It’s a little chilly here may be because it is night time. Eleven...twelve...thirteen. You say something in my ears...something light-hearted because it made me smile and blush.

I close my eyes and feel the tranquility of the breeze kissing my cheeks. My hair is not so long but it is long enough to dance to the tunes of the natural music played by the waves and the soft zephyr together, in a harmony. I hear you counting. Twenty...twenty four.

It’s getting colder now. The music has stopped. My left nostril is all blocked and my eyes are still closed as I don’t want to break the peaceful facade. I call out your name. Twice! But in vain. So I open my eyes. The chilly breeze blurs my vision. I clear it and look around. It seems to be a different place. It is white. All white or rather snowy. There is no one till the farthest end. You are nowhere to be seen. It is like you never even existed. No sign! No clue! And the worst thing is that my companion is silence. My only fear! You remember. Don’t you?

It is oblivious to my presence. It can’t see. But it can feel me and so it stalks! I run to my left to find something or someone for help. But all I have to face is stillness...sheer stillness. And it locks me up like I would never be able to escape. May be it is just in my imagination, may be you would wake me up with a kiss and hold me tight in the warmth of your arms or maybe this nightmare would never come to an end. You said that my fear would make me reach the acme of insanity. Is it that madness hovering in my head or is it happening for real? Are you really gone or am I just too blinded with these unresolved questions?



Dreary fears

In the muteness.

Pours out and surrounds me.

This is silence! Austerely attaches to my life.

With weapons to drown me within and rupture the veins, it plays hard.

This is silence. A sad reminder of the lost voice, the chord untouched but distorted. It is piercing, pinching and hurting.

It chases me. Like a poignant reminder of the chasing dream I had.

The one which made me run for life.

But this is bloody silence.

My only trepidation

Catches creepily



Thirty one...thirty four...thirty five. And your voice echoes in my little head as I come to terms with reality.


P.S : Thanks a lot Crystal and Fiona for being an inspiration to write a Fibonacci sonnet.  :*  ^_^
Picture credits : deviantart

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Light Empowers.

Opulently perched
On the horizon’s vista
There resides light blithely.

Look! How the night sulks,
Accepts the defeat, walks out barefoot,
Genuflects lithely.

This post is submitted for the 96th prompt at Haiku Heights : Light.
(A little late though.)

Picture source : weheartit