Saturday, December 24, 2011

Perhaps I'm Too Naive.

It was supposed to be happy day. That is what I had thought when I woke up this morning. The morning light which was making its way through beautiful leaves had made me smile with complete awe shining in my eyes as I was gearing up for my exam. But getting into the details of what all happened today wouldn't help me right now.

Because I need to sort other important things. There is this whirlpool of tough chapters gushing in my head. It is colliding hard. And this is novel. Trust me! I have never been an escapist. I have never turned my back to situations which have the strength to make one hide beneath a facade of love and compassion. I have always believed in colouring the greyed walls and not repelling them. But this time, I feel more like an alien or rather an intruder in my own land. Like I might wake up to a morrow that I will never know. That no one would ever know.

And these questions, they are ringing too. Answer me! Will the Sun shine if I close my eyes and believe that it is the only thing in this whole goddamn world that can lighten up the emptied hole? And would it delete some parts which have occurred out of nowhere and caused great trouble to the little mind I have?

And what if I stand on the terrace of that big building and scream out loud something. Something which could easily free me of this unidentified pain by reaching the ears of someone. I don’t know. Would that work?


You know actually, a tight hug from you could work. Yes, that is the thing I want right now. Hey, you are listening right?


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  1. You know, I'm always kind of apprehensive about commenting on abstracts such as these, because i'm kinda scared to say something inappropriate. Not sure if I understood everything right. Nevertheless, hang in there girl, miracles happen when you least expect them!

  2. <- - gives you a *Big tight hug* S-q-u-e-z-e! Did you feel it? :*

    (: ♥ Things will brighten up ♥ :)

  3. Awww a tight, warm hug to you dear :)!!!

  4. You could try screaming into space. It might work. Always does for me.

    You believe in the sunshine, keep that up. It WILL fill the nooks and crannies and make them bearable, slowly but surely.

    And escapism is not always a bad thing. Escapism in a person who's usually not that way is the mind's way of saying it can't deal with it now. Take a deep breath and let it go for now, you can come back later to deal with the demons, big and small.

  5. I hate it when those things happen, you wake up feeling ridiculously happy and await a perfect day and something turns it upside down. Grr :@
    Being an escapist never helps, though sometimes its intelligent to ignore, because some situations yield nothing.
    I wonder if screaming it out'd help.

  6. You could mail me. Please ? :)
    And btw, I realized we have exactly the same taste in music as per our profiles. Well, almost. :*

  7. @ Sumitra

    It happens with me too, sometimes though. :D
    And thank you so very much for your kind words. :* :)

  8. @ Fiona

    Yes yes! I felt it. And trust me virtual hugs DO work. Like this one. <3

    Thank you!!!!

  9. @ Writing Bee

    Thank you sooooo much!! :*

  10. @ PeeVee

    I don't know. I would love to scream but people around might get worried. :P

    And thank you so much for that suggestion. Yes, I can deal with those demons later on.
    Thank you!!! :)

  11. @ Crystal

    I know!!! Such days annoy so much. But in the end it all depends if it's worth it or not.

    Thank you so much dost! :)
    I'll mail you soon.

  12. I blame this weather!! Try going out somewhere, at night. I opt for a long walk on the busiest streets.


    P.S: You were missed at the alumni meet. Do come next time. :-)

  13. I hope you're feeling better now getting hugs from friends. Here's one for you - a tight warm hug!

    Your day will be full of sunshine. Don't worry.

  14. Sometimes a nice hug can diffuse the worst situations! Merry Christmas and best wishes for your exams!

  15. @ Shruti

    Winter often defines glum. But I was a little upset due to some personal problem as well.

    And please don't talk about that. I envied everyone who attended it.
    Credits to my external exams. :|

    But next time, for sure. I keep my hopes high...ALWAYS!! ^_^

    Thanks a lot! :)

  16. @ Balqis

    Thank you so much. You know it gives such a cozy feeling when you have so many friends ready to give you a hug, even if it is virtually. :D :) :*

  17. @ Rahul sir

    Thanks a lot!! :)

  18. Never give up girl! Whatever you are going through will also pass! *Hugs*

  19. @ Keirthana

    Thanks a lot for your support! :)
    *Hugs back*

  20. hey don't worry... things will ultimately be good :)

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