Thursday, December 15, 2011

Yabbaa Dabbaa Doo!!!

Dear Flintstones

Where did you guys go? I miss you and your 'Yabbaa Dabbaa Doo' sooooo much. And your other friends Dexter, Road Runner and Scooby Dooby Doo too.

I hope my internet speed remains good and stable. And I'll download you all as soon as my exams get over.
Watch out!

A girl who was born in the 90's.


  1. I used to love Flintstones!! And Scooby- Dooby Doooo and Powerpuff Girls.. And of course Tom and Jerry, the King of cartoons!!! :P

  2. I miss those cartoons.. I hate the crap shows that they have now on all the cartoon channels :/
    "Flintstones, Meet the Flintstones They're the modern stone-age familyyyyyyyyyy" ha! how i love them!

  3. I loved Dexter's, Flintstones, Scooby Dooby Doo, Powerpuff girls. I feel miserable and too sad about the kids of today, they have Crappy cartoons :O

  4. seriously!
    My list continues with i dream of gennie, 3 musketeers, small wonder.

  5. I remember the Flintstones back in the 60s, loved it then and if it were repeated would still watch it.


  6. All of us miss them, don't we? There was something different about the cartoons of our time. Cartoons have changed today. And yes, I don't like the semi 3D graphics of today's cartoons at all!
    Let me know if you're unable to download them. We have all the episodes of Scooby, Dexter and Tom and Jerry shared on our college LAN. I will get them for you when I'll come next time! :)

  7. CARTOON NETWORK used to awesome!!!
    CN sucks :(

  8. Though I was born almost 2 decades before you, I too miss these cartoons, since most of these orginated before even I was born..but then again..*sigh..

    I also love pop-eye :P

  9. Such lovely cartoons! Still love them.. Best of luck for your exams!

  10. A girl born in the late 80s feels the same too :)

  11. Yes, I agree. Cartoons, these days are so YUCK!!!

    Thank you Writing Bee, Chandana, Crystal, Dishita, Red, Rahul Sir. :) I am glad that you all agree with me. HI5 everyone!!! :D

  12. @ Yvonne

    I didn't know that Flinstones has been a hit since the 60's. WOW!! That's so cool. We share a bond through cartoons. :)

    Yep, I too would love to watch it again. If only... *sigh*

  13. @ Tarun bhaiya

    WHAT??? You have all the friggin' episodes???? eeeeeee...ab dekho mujhe nahi lagta that I should waste my khoon pasina by looking for it on the internet.
    So the main question is when will that 'next time' come??? ^_^

  14. @ Phatichar

    Yes yes...Popeye-the Sailor was awesome too!!
    *sigh* Good old days. :)

  15. @ Soumya

    Aww...of course! :) Even those who have watched these cartoons even for once would nod their heads in agreement.

    It was one hell of a golden era in the world of cartoons. :)

  16. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...........!!*jumping jack* Mujhe acchi wali feeling ayi tera post padh ke....:D
    90'cartoons rock....aj kal ki to SCARtoons hai..:/..
    Sorry I kow I ain't no good at inventing words..:/
    Thanks for taking me back to the world of powerpuuf,Dexter,Flintstones and more..!!

  17. @ Yashi

    Hehe.. Janeman meri.. :*
    I'll watch all their episodes again after my exams. Hanji. :)

    And that was really a good word..Scartoons. :P

  18. I smile thinking of The Flintstones, Road Runner and Scooby Doo. Love watching cartoons cos they're so entertaining. It's good to de-stress my mind.

  19. I know. They have this mysterious feel good factor. It can make anyone smile. =)

  20. I couldn't agree more! I downloaded the little lulu show, dexter, garfield and friends and hey arnold.

    I couldnt find a good site to download Flintstones from.
    And jetsons! I loved them@

  21. I am yet to start my hunt over the internet. Will let you know if I find something fruitful. :)

  22. Oh i am a download freak... i downloaded all the episodes of He-Man and The Masters of the Universe.

    Loved Flinstones too. I somehow feel i should start a library of these shows... i have less space n a lot of cartoon stuff!!

  23. Haha...that's great!

    I too have a loooong list to download. =)