Saturday, December 10, 2011

Let Us Carve a Perfect Day With Our Little Imperfections.

Would you to get me some melted chocolate, just as I love it? Because we have to break the stones of sourness and put the chocolate all over it. I love the smell of dark. I like dark. And so do you, I know.

We have the sparks of your eyes to lighten up the little dream which is being mutually dreamt. And after encumbering the hole where hope is lost, we shall build a castle. You would drape it immaculately with the joyous present and a knot of future and I would watch you with a cherubic smile and tie my hair in a bun. You'd draw circles all around the cloud-cuckoo land while I'd wait for you to step in and tell me stories of the untold mysteries that you know. You'd mould anger, frustration, sadness, and despair and submerge all of it in a pond of rainbow and I would dive into the mesmerizing piece of art that you are crafting. 

And with this, the final curtains of trust and belief would be drawn to cover our little shell and uncover the secrets hidden from the rest. It shall be transparent for us. Always and forever! It might not be as good as paradise but it would resemble a flawless chime of dream and reality. It might end soon but it would be etched in the deepest part of our memory. It is not in its most perfect form, I know. But the beauty of being imperfect yet together is what makes it perfect. Makes us perfect!

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And I just can't get enough of this song : Close to you by Carpenters


  1. Your words are so pretty, lady! Makes me go all dreamy-dreamy :)

  2. The first line! Aaaw. It was straight out of some novel by some prolific writer.
    And this song, I shall hear it. I am in love with Jar of Hearts these days though.

  3. This is so well-written. Could almost picture it and wow a pretty sight! Nicey nicet :)

  4. still striving for perfection???

    imperfection is far more fascinating....i thought

  5. @ PeeVee

    Thank you so much. I am HAPPY to know that. :)

  6. @ Crystal


    Thanks a lot! And yep I've heard that song. It's good. :)

  7. @ Confused Soul

    Hey I'm so pleased to know that you could almost picture it. Thanks a lot! :)

  8. @ Makk

    I would suggest you to go through it once again. As it seems that you didn't get the picture clear.

    And thanks for dropping by!

  9. may be I am not able to see...what you are enjoying in those words.

    keep Njoying.

  10. I appreciate your effort though. Thanks. :)

  11. So amazingly described-you made me join you guys in weaving the dream and imagine you in all the beauty of your heart with pure content on the face!

    I loved the closing line-only in imperfection there is space for more:-)

  12. This seriously was a flawless chime of dream and reality.

    Beautiful, loved it!

    And this song? Damn, my first ever "our" song :)

  13. I hope you never tire of me telling you that there is such *brilliance* in your writing! Loved the title and every single word afterwards!

    The last line of the first paragraph ~ ahh, poetic beauty!

    The last line of the second paragraph ~ ties it all together in the most beautifully crafted 'bow'!

    Now it's waiting for the next reader to until the bow and unwrap the glorious gift of your words!

    LOVE this writing and also the song! I've always been a fan of the Carpenters. In my opinion, Karen was truly the epitome of vocal perfection in the 70s. Sadly, it was that driving force of perfection that killed her ... her story and your words, ironically, send a message of imperfection as being acceptable, beautiful and human :)

    P.S. ~ Love the name change but I didn't recognize you at first he he! Thought I had a new reader ;)

  14. Your words are like a summer's dream.. it sways and floats and drifts and lingers on.. what a lovely effect! :) There is so much beauty in imperfections.. if only ppl could see.. its what makes it perfect!

  15. @ Suruchi

    Hey thank you dher sara wala!!

    Weaving dreams is like taking a refuge from your monotonous life. And it's a GOOD pastime!! :)

  16. @ Soumya

    You are so sweet. Thanks a LOT! :) <3

  17. @ Fiona

    You are truly awesome when it comes to giving a wonderful feedback and making the person jump around like a chimp in ecstasy. (No, I didn't look like a chimp) :D
    You notice all the minute details and it means a lot. THANK YOU SO MUCH! :*

    And I love her voice too. And this song so easily flows through my veins like a rush of blood. It makes me sing karaoke in the loudest of voice, though I control my emotions because I don't want my mum to get worried on hearing strange noises coming from my room. :P

  18. @ Dee

    OMG...thanks a lot!! I'm glad to read your lovely comment. Mwah!! :)

  19. Enjoyed your lovely choice of words! It was like weaving a dream..

  20. Thank you so much for the appreciation. Means a lot. :)

  21. Your writing has matured so much. Wonderful imagery there.. :)

  22. And I'd agree with you on this point because you are among those who have observed the transition in my writings. Thanks a lot. =)

  23. Hey, welcome here!! :)

    I'm glad you found it beautiful. Thank you so much! :)