Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Accolades To My Favorites. =)

The year 2011 has been very good to me and has given me tons of reasons to celebrate and to feel grateful of my stars. And this is the reason I was thinking a lot lately to find out a good outlet to release some of the emotions by letting the world know. And this is what I came up with. It’s going to be a real lengthy post but please bear with my over-sentimental heart. Like I said, I needed an outlet. And the craving ends here.

(There is no order. And the idea has been shamelessly stolen from Crystal.)

Crystal- I know almost all of you are aware of this prodigy that we have in our blogosphere. Those of you who do not, should go die. Or rather should not waste any further time and visit her blog asap. She is without a doubt one of the most excellent and ardent writers that I’ve ever come across. I am so addicted to your blog. And each of your post leaves me awe-struck. Keep up the good work, Crystal. I will always love you.

Pradeeta a.k.a MSM- Another one of my favourite blogger stars. As her blog name suggests, mystique is her forte and she has got a great command over it. Her stories and posts leave my inner wanderer in search of answers to her questions. I love her a lot as a person as well as a writer. She is a darling. And I am so glad to see her back as it’s been so long that I read any of her amazing works. Missed you!

Fiona- She is also a very famous blogger and has recently created a craze of Fibonacci Sonnet. And many, including me, have been a proud part of this craze. But apart from this, she is a brilliant and an enthusiastic writer too. Oh and how can I forget those amazing comments which I get from her! Trust me, she is such a sweetheart that she can make you jump around in ecstasy by her honey-dipped feedbacks. Very few bloggers take out time to actually read other bloggers work and give a genuine feedback and she is one of them. I am so glad to know you Fiona. Shall keep in touch always!

Red- She is Ms. Anonymously witty and humorous in every possible way. I love the way she writes. Her posts make me smile and laugh a lot. Yes, it happens very rare that I laugh out loud while reading an article but it is definitely not the same with this girl. Her sense of humor brings all the charm. And it is a sheer delight to read her blog. I rarely miss reading her blog. And suggest you the same for a good rib-tickle.

Maithili- She is the master mind behind our all girls blog ‘Darlings of Venus’. Being a lovely story weaver, she grips the readers with her words and fills the void spaces with intense and deep emotions that sometimes it becomes really hard to accept the fact that it is just a story and not some real life incident. She writes many amazing series of love stories at her blog ‘One Such Story’. You have an honest heart, Maithili. Stay the same, always.

Yashi- She is a great friend of mine and is one of the best things that has happened to me in college. But without being biased, let me tell you friends that her writings are absolutely stunning. She is a newbie here but doesn’t seem one if you read her posts. I feel so proud of you Yashi. You are a wonderful writer. And please don’t forget that I always keep my antique watch with me as I wait to read more of your work. *Govinda styled wink*

Phatichar- That is just his blog user name. I know it is weird to refer to someone with that name. But this man has his own way to do things. He mostly writes spooky tales in the simplest form and narrates them in an outstanding manner. And I can guarantee you that he can rip your soul apart with the kind of fear that he creates in the mind of the poor reader. You don’t believe me? Then go read his blog. And one more thing, actually it’s kind of a warning - If you have a soft heart and get scared easily (like me) then do not read his posts AT NIGHT. :P

PeeVee- Okay this girl calls herself Ms. Chocolate Obsessed and has got a huge fan following. Needless to say, she is one of my favorite bloggers. Her short stories are simply awesome. And recently I got to see the abstract side of hers which was, without a doubt, an enthralling piece of literature. I love the way you put your thoughts into words. Smart yet so cute. And I adore you miss, totally!

Shruti- She doesn't write the usual stuff which you can find anywhere on the blogosphere or even if she does then she would never put it in the most usual form. Yes, that is what I have deciphered after reading many of her blog posts. Intriguing and deep! Her words can seep through the strongest wall and can touch your heart with an absolute ease. You are a fantastic writer, Shruti. You have always been one.

Dishita- She is my only Gujju friend in this blogworld. Her posts are simple, smart and quite entertaining too. We have a strong Haiku bond and she carves striking haiku poetry. You should definitely give her a visit because I can assure you that you won't face disappointment. I’m happy to have known you, Dishita. Love you a lot.

The Solitary Writer- I call him Chacha Nehru. Why? Because I am just like his kid sister and he has a soft corner for kids. And so, the name. *Heights of lameness* He was my very first friend here and has seen the transition of the writer in me. A very nice person to have some good talk with and as a writer he just takes you to another world with his heartfelt stories. I've read many of his posts and suggest order you to do the same.

Yvonne- She is one of my newest pals. And I'd like to mention that she has published two books as well. Impressive right?! :) What I like about her writings is the simplicity and those perfect rhyming schemes in her poems. She always leaves me surprised with the kind of poetry she does. I’m so glad to have you as a blogger friend as I learn a lot from you. Keep writing, Yvonne!

Suruchi- We have a Kanpur connection. And this was the first thing which dragged me to read her blog and believe me I haven’t stopped after that. She is the coolest English teacher I have ever seen or will ever see in my whole life. A fun-loving and down-to-earth lady, she is. And oh! her adorably cute daughter Seeya, how can I not mention her! You should definitely read her latest post and I’m sure it would leave a smile on your face.

Stranger- A very interesting blogger buddy of mine. He is also a newbie but that doesn't stop him from gripping the reader with his sharp words, till the end. And I would like to suggest you Mr. Stranger to write quite often because I wait to read your work. Alright? *Crosses arms*

Soumya- Her crisp, striking and candid words carry the charisma of her blog. She is an alluring person and has the caliber to make you lose yourself in her writings. I enjoy reading her blog and it’s absolutely a pleasure to receive her feedback. Love you, Soumya! :-*

Chandana- The girl at First Avenue is definitely a very pretty girl and is a brilliant writer as well. She is a fashion blogger and the best thing about her is that her fashion quotient is suited for everyday wear and not something which is all bling bling and difficult to carry. And apart from this, the simplicity and audacity of her posts never fail to enthrall me. Keep writing friend! :)

Anshul a.k.a Blasphemous Aesthete- (Yeah, I got to know your real name. Finally!) He is one hell of an intelligent and philosophical person. And has just become active from his months long dormancy. A very popular blogger too, he takes you to another land with his writings be it in English or in Hindi. You should never stop writing friend. Make full use of the talent you have.

Writing Bee, Confused Soul, Dee, Sumitra, Keirthana, Rachit, Lizzie, Rahul sirBalqis and Twisha- You people have made me smile a lot many times with your gorgeous writings and kind feedbacks. I so appreciate your presence on my blog and feel blessed to have met you all here on this little platform. Though I’m pretty new to you all, I’m deeply impressed by each one of you. Keep up the good work friends. You all write fantastically.


P.S: Heartfelt apology if I've forgotten anyone's name.


  1. Oh. My. God. I cannot stop Grinning!!!!!!!! :D :D This post of yours Vi, has made up for all the shit 2011 threw at me. Thank You Thank you! I am honored! :D :D *Hugs* Oh...Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyie!!! :D Yayyyy! <3 Star you called me!! :D

  2. Thank you so very much. Seriously means a lot :)!!! And your writings are short, crisp and very beautiful!! Especially the Gamble one, the cartoon one brought back old memories!! Lovely :)!!

  3. Hmm..what do i write about you. You have been a wonderful addition to my blissful life in Delhi. :) You were a wonderful kid sis which I have found in 2010. I am glad you will always be a special one for me. You are an awesome writer. I have seen this baby grow strong as a writer.I have seen you from your first post. The transistion from a Scribbler to a Storyteller in you has been remarkable. I have always loved your way of writing stories. I remember the College story ,your dedication for me. Love you!! Thank you for this special place

  4. does the *disco 82* dance...*dances a little more* ....And I feel great now..Thank You so so much for being one of the crazy,wonderful weirdos of my life..So glad to have for your writings,I gotta admit,you are a fantabulous writer..brilliant in every sense,in fact,you inspired me to enter into this charismatic world of blogging..Thank you for that again..Keep up the great you jaanemann..;)

  5. Lovely post, you've said some really kind words about everybody. Thanks a ton for mentioning me too, feels great. :-)

  6. W:OW! I'm SO honoured that you included me in your favourites list! Every word has touched my heart deeply and I thank you very much for that! :*

    I feel very blessed to have met you here on Blogger this year. I look forward to all of the brilliant posts that you will undoubtedly create in the coming year!

    Much love and the very best of wishes to you in 2012, Vinati! ♥

  7. You're giving me a very pleasant surprise! I'm so touched cos we're new to each other but you put my name among your favourites, I'm so honoured and so happy to have met you. :)

    You're an excellent writer. Coming here a few times, I could see the your posts are of good read. Keep it up! Happy New Year! :)

  8. Oh what a pleasant surprise to find my name in the list of your likes! I take it as a New Year gift from a budding blogger having tremendous potential! Wishing you the very best in New Year!

  9. Oh my ! Such praises!! I cannot stop blushing :) Thank you madame for the including me in the list of such awesome writers.. Wish you a great year ahead! We wish to see you more on blogger now :)

  10. I felt honoured for you to include me in your blog, it was very kind of you and cheered me up on a dreary winter's morning.

    Happy New Year.


  11. I scrolled down the huge list to see if my name was there...yes it is...yiy yiy yiy....then I scrolled up the list to see if I was praised the most...hehe...You gave me a whole lot credit girl:-)

    Thank you for such kindness towards me and love for Seeya:-) Here's looking forward to knowing you more through this wonderful space!
    Wish u all the joys always:-)

  12. Have you seen a child's expression when it is gifted with a huge box of chocolates? Well, my expression is exactly the same :)

    Thanks a lot Vi and Happy 2012 :)

  13. awww this is soo sweet...and blogosphere sure has introduced me to a lot of lovely bloggers..

    So thank you.. keep writing love :)

  14. =)
    Thank you!

    But one thing still remains, your name, it is still unknown to me :)

    Have a fabulous new year and may each year be more fabulous than the preceding year for you!

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  15. *doing the Layswala samba*

    MWAH <3
    You're wonderful... atleast my crappy year is ending in style thanks to the likes of you, my girl..

  16. Muaaahh Muaaaahh Muaaaaaaaaaaahhhh..

    Thank you so much my lady :)

    You're wonderful and I so love you <3

  17. Honored, V,..honored. :)

    Donno if I deserve all these kind words, though - you're a wonderful writer yourself..and it just gets better each day.

    Thanks so much, and take care. :)

  18. @ MSM

    You are my star. The best of all. :* =]

    @ Writing Bee

    Thanks a lot. I am so happy to know that. And I look forward to know you more. :)

    @ The Solitary Writer

    Aur main phir senti ho gayi. :')
    No matter how many friends I make here, you'll hold that special place always. Glad to have known you! :)

    @ Yashi

    *Joins you in the disco dance*
    Love to too best friend.

    @ Sumitra

    Thank YOU for showering my posts with your kind feedback and motivating me to keep writing.
    And I so look forward to know you more. :)

    @ Fiona

    The feeling is mutual. I feel blessed and happy too. Thank you so much! :)

    @ Balqis

    You name is there because you deserved it, friend.
    Thanks a lot for your lovely words. :)

  19. @ Rahul Sir

    Thank you so much for your kind words. You have always motivated me to write more. :)

    @ Maithili

    You are an awesome writer. No doubt about that sweetheart. :*

    @ Yvonne

    See I told you! And I am glad that this post was of some use to you. *smiles*

    @ Suruchi

    How could I not mention you? I told you Kanpur is very special to me and so the benefit is all yours. :D

    @ Keirthana are so sweet. =)

    @ Confused Soul

    *grins widely*
    All my pleasure! And I look forward to read more from you.

  20. @ Anshul

    Thank you so much! And my name is Vinati.
    Take care! :)

    @ PeeVee

    Lots of love to you friend. And don't worry 2012 is going to be jhakaas (according to my instincts)

    @ Soumya

    Dher sara pyar apko bhi.. :* <3

    @ Phatichar

    The pleasure to have you as a blogger friend is all mine. :)
    And I still feel very weird to address you with that username of yours. :|

  21. @ MSM

    Okay now stop being so doll-like cute! :*

  22. Sooooooo cute of you!! really!!I am grinning like a fool!!!
    Inspires me to write better, so that I can actually deserve those words.
    May 2012 be beautiful for you!

  23. I have said it once and ill say it again.. you are one of the sweetest people I have met on blogosphere! :)
    I may not comment on every post of yours but I really really admire your writing. You create such a deep meaning with such simple words, not many can do that! Its an art! :)

    Thank you for all the praises.. Its things like this that push a person to do better and better!
    Happy 2012! Much Love!

  24. @ Red

    Hey you are an amazing writer and that is mainly because you are a gem of a person. And I so mean it.

    Happy new year!! :)

  25. @ Chandana

    You have always been among my favorites and thanks a lotttt. YOU MADE ME SO HAPPY!!!

    And oh, happy new year to you too darling and I love that Cheetah print coat. ^_^

  26. That's so nice of you.
    Needles to say i am glad to be your follower, your posts are quite refreshing to my eyes and thoughts.
    Have a great 2012. Sorry been out of power past week, so couln't revert back earlier.

  27. @ Dishita

    And I am glad to know you, friend! :)

    Happy 2012 to you too.
    Lots of love! =)

  28. Bingo ! After all the fucking life has done with me in recent days, this is the first time I am actually Happy in this new year :D Thanks a ton , girl ! You made my day ;)
    About updating frequently thing, trust me, I haven't even viewed my own blog since 3 weeks. I am just stuck among infinite problems. But yeah, I will be back ! I have to !! :)
    Stay blessed, Dear Mirage.

  29. @ Stranger

    =) It feels so good to make people happy.

    And for that troubled part, I can only hope that it gets over soon and that you be back with many more good posts. :)

    Take Care and Happy 2012!

  30. Aw! Thanks, Vinati :-)

    This was just so awww...

  31. @ Shruti

    Haha! I like doing 'aww' things sometimes. ^_^

  32. Oh..Im glad my name is here :D
    I love the way u write <3 Keep writing! :D

  33. awwwww omgosh I am so glad to see this :) thankyou so so much dear for such kind words :) :)