Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Struggle between True and False.

I count the twinkling stars above my head. One...two...five...eight. The music is good. It’s trance. I have developed a strong passion for it because it is beautiful in every sense. We are having white wine. It smells perfect and also the air above the sea. The sea breeze. It’s a little chilly here may be because it is night time. Eleven...twelve...thirteen. You say something in my ears...something light-hearted because it made me smile and blush.

I close my eyes and feel the tranquility of the breeze kissing my cheeks. My hair is not so long but it is long enough to dance to the tunes of the natural music played by the waves and the soft zephyr together, in a harmony. I hear you counting. Twenty...twenty four.

It’s getting colder now. The music has stopped. My left nostril is all blocked and my eyes are still closed as I don’t want to break the peaceful facade. I call out your name. Twice! But in vain. So I open my eyes. The chilly breeze blurs my vision. I clear it and look around. It seems to be a different place. It is white. All white or rather snowy. There is no one till the farthest end. You are nowhere to be seen. It is like you never even existed. No sign! No clue! And the worst thing is that my companion is silence. My only fear! You remember. Don’t you?

It is oblivious to my presence. It can’t see. But it can feel me and so it stalks! I run to my left to find something or someone for help. But all I have to face is stillness...sheer stillness. And it locks me up like I would never be able to escape. May be it is just in my imagination, may be you would wake me up with a kiss and hold me tight in the warmth of your arms or maybe this nightmare would never come to an end. You said that my fear would make me reach the acme of insanity. Is it that madness hovering in my head or is it happening for real? Are you really gone or am I just too blinded with these unresolved questions?



Dreary fears

In the muteness.

Pours out and surrounds me.

This is silence! Austerely attaches to my life.

With weapons to drown me within and rupture the veins, it plays hard.

This is silence. A sad reminder of the lost voice, the chord untouched but distorted. It is piercing, pinching and hurting.

It chases me. Like a poignant reminder of the chasing dream I had.

The one which made me run for life.

But this is bloody silence.

My only trepidation

Catches creepily



Thirty one...thirty four...thirty five. And your voice echoes in my little head as I come to terms with reality.


P.S : Thanks a lot Crystal and Fiona for being an inspiration to write a Fibonacci sonnet.  :*  ^_^
Picture credits : deviantart


  1. ur poem is really very deep and good..keep writing!

  2. :O M G!!! *Tries to lift jaw from the floor* ~ I am speechless! To say that you did a fantastic job is an understatement!!!

    There is brilliance in your writing ~ this entire post is superb! Definitely the best Fibonacci I've read since my challenge commenced!

    Thank you so much for participating and for mentioning me and my most awesome soul daughter on this entire planet, Crystal! :) Oh, and THANKS for being the one to elevate me to the **century mark** on my readers list! I'm ecstatic!!! :D

    P.S. ~ Love the shape of yours also. You managed to insert the 21 words in one line ~ bravo!

  3. @ AS

    Hey thank you so much! I'm glad. :)

  4. @ Fiona

    Okay, a quick confession. I read your comment four times. Not that it was hard to decipher but because it was so good that I could not help but read it again and AGAIN. *smiles again*

    So thanks a LOT for giving me the silliest smile of the day! :P
    *dances on cloud nine*

    And you two are awesome writers. No doubt about that! =)

    And for that shape, I had to change the width of my blog just to let the whole design fit in properly. hehe.. :P :)

  5. just stumbled upon ur blog
    ur poem is majestic
    "silence does speak" through your words

  6. Oh my Freaking GOD!!

    This was abso-fucking-lutely AMAZING. A solid piece of work that tugs straight at the heart.

    I don't do this normally but hats off to you for this one. *Bows down*

    Now I go back to reading it again. Beauty it is.

  7. Very moving to read, thanks for sharinng with us,


  8. Vinati- You took up Lady Fiona's challenge and did such a lovely poetic creation with an equally amazing write up! You also are now following me! What more can one ask! To have someone write so well and follow you! My best wishes for you to be a great writer and a lot of power to your pen..

  9. Wow! This is so beautiful and excellent! Loved it.

    Congrats to you! It's really nice to see friends participating in this challenge. Fiona brings us to another level of poetry writing. :)

  10. *BIG SMILES* to hear that you read the comment four times!!! You're most welcome and I do get a bit carried away with the exclamation marks ha ha! I just get so excited about things and I have to convey that with 'something' via this text we communicate with! :D

    Thanks for the awesome writing comment, takes one to know one ;)

    Ohh, that is funny about you expanding the width. I thought about doing that too and then I realized I would want to decrease it in the future which would mean it would look all messy if someone decides to read it later on :D

    Have a great day and KEEP SMILING BIG!!!

  11. @ Rohit

    Thank you so much for dropping by with your kind words. :)
    Hope you be back again!

  12. @ Soumya

    hey, THANKS A LOT for your abso-fucking-lutely comment.. I'm all over-whelmed! ^_^ :)

  13. @ Yvonne

    I love to share my writings with all lovely people like you who show keen interest. Thank you! :)

  14. @ Rahul sir

    Thank you so much sir for your kind words. I'm really glad you liked it! :)

  15. @ Balqis

    Firstly, thanks for dropping by and following my blog. :)

    And yeah, many are inspired to write this kind of poetry. It's really good! :)
    Thanks a lot! :)

  16. I don't see myself worthy enough to comment on something as brilliant as this.

  17. @ Fiona

    Oh that feeling to convey a lot just through a text message...I can understand..but it's okay dear! :* :)

    And I didn't think much about decreasing the width in the future..I just wanted it to look perfect right now! :P :)

  18. @ Anuranjani

    Firstly, thank you dost! :* :)
    Now let me be a little honest here..I'm not that good because this was just my first try. But I'm really motivated by the support I got here from you all. So THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

    And you should also take part in this challenge. You'd enjoy doing it..pakka! =)

  19. deep..meaningful.....fantastic....brilliant.....

  20. Thank you so much Rahul for these lovely adjectives.. :) :)

  21. ohh lalala... it made me rhyme.. it has the power :)

    Weakest LINK

  22. @ Rachit

    Hehe...Did it?
    Great..!! :)

    This was ingenious. Pure, unadulterated ingenious. There is no freaking way anyone could have done it better. **This is a silence .. A sad reminder ..
    Oh My God, this part was such a beauty. Silence can be deafening, shocking and scary. Its also eerie.
    I agree with Finny, this is one of the best Fibonacci sonnets I've read too. Tu kamaal hai.-.-

  24. @ Crystal

    eeeeeee....*jumps around in ecstasy*
    THANK YOU!!!!!

    I'm all pleased. And happy. And very happy! :* ^_^

  25. how come i never know this blog is exist?
    this Fibonacci is great. thanks to Fiona for connecting us.

    i shall come back to read more amazing writing from you. thanks for sharing :)

  26. @ Inspector Saahab

    Thank you so much for dropping by. It's good to have new readers around because one gets to read amazing work of different people.
    And I'm glad you liked my space! :)

  27. wow Mirage now I am so shy hahaha..your fibonacci is excellent..nothing to what I did hahaha..I felt your emotions here..thank you for visiting my site and both of you really write well ;)

  28. Awesome piece of work..Probably the best one from your blog..Keep up the great work..In love with it totally..:)

  29. feeling and detailed observation of what you sre writing is what i feel sign of a good writer.
    your article made me feel the things and the mood you would be writing in.....its good....the smooth flow of what is being felt is great....i loved the deep narration style.

  30. @ Sie

    No no don't say that. I'm just a naive. And trust me, I loved your sonnet. Simple and beautiful. =]

    And thank you so much for your lovely comment. :)

  31. @ Yashi

    Yay!! thank you Janeman! :*
    And I still look at my antique watch and wait for your update.. :P

  32. @ A guilty conscience

    I am so pleased to know that you liked my work. Thank you so much for your kind feedback! :)

  33. the post followed by the Fibonacci is just frigging brilliant... loved every bit of it... Love the final result.. Go Mirage go :D

    P.S> thanks for dropping by my blog! :)

  34. Hey thank you so much for your sweet comment!! :) :)

    I'm glad you liked it.

  35. Wow..If I need one word to describe this then I guess it would be ..umm.. EXOTIC ! Romantic would do as well but still, this is something beyond romance. Damn ! I am late everywhere. Somebody blast my office :'( Good one girl !
    P.S. your profile pic is awesome !! (Not that previous one wasn't! ;))

  36. ^_^

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for your lovely feedback!!!

    And good that you mentioned about the previous pic. You're saved! *evil smile*

    What? A blast? Hope that didn't blow your mind off. :P
    (PJ, I know.)