Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Speak Music to Me and I Will be Your Symphony.

The other day at court, while I was waiting for the proceedings to begin, I indulged in a random conversation with my co-intern. Like always, we had plenty of spare time to look around and wonder how hard it is to pursue a career in litigation. But it was music that we talked about, instead. He asked me about my taste. No, actually before that he asked me whether I listen to music at all. You tell I look like a person who doesn’t listen to music? Duh! So the first name that popped up in my head was that of Coldplay. If you haven’t heard Coldplay, go stand in front of the mirror, introspect for a minute and die. That is what a voice in my head yelled when he asked Coldplay? Is that a band?

Wait...the story didn’t end there. He was alien to every other song I mentioned. After giving him a dumbstruck look I shot the same question at him. It was heart-breaking to listen to a list which included crappiest songs and artists- Akon, Enrique, Pitbull, 50 Cent, Chammak Challo, Honey Singh and in support of which he said ‘Ajkal ke youth ko yehi pasand hai.’ (Today’s youth enjoy this music). But where is the 'music', I wondered. At that very moment, an entirely new side of me came to light. I felt so repulsed by him. It was like a stream of repulsion that was flowing out of his mouth as he spoke of those names. Over dramatic? Am I? Oh c’mon, he disliked Coldplay’s ‘Fix you’.

Still over-dramatic?

I narrated this hopelessly sad incident to a friend who has an impressive choice in this field and he just smiled. For he told me that he has felt the same with many and it doesn’t bother him anymore.

Just like what wise people teach, you grow with time. You evolve with time. You learn to absorb shocks like these with time.

For now, I have got this song which I stumbled upon my song hunting spree last night and the night before. Did I tell you that youtube has a side where every song on the side panel is totally new and it takes you on a  roller coaster ride? People there call it 'YouTube Narnia'. :D

Listen and appreciate quality music:

Sunday, July 15, 2012

In Me, The Universe.

The endless journey
The endless quest has begun
Here is the first step.

I see a mirage.
That which keeps me going forever
Someday, I will reach.

There, right there. Because
That is where the quest will end
In me, the universe.

Written for: Haiku heights
Picture Source: weheartit

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Moments of the Day.

That feeling which you get after pestering your parents so hard to let you drive all by yourself and they, all of a sudden, agree to your request. You turn the ignition on and sit there for a while, trying to realize the actuality of the moment, feeling the rush of blood all through your body. You are so overwhelmed with the thought of driving independently, that you cradle sheer bliss within till you reach your destination - Delhi High Court (yes, it is 'the' thing to brag. :D ) And on returning home safely, you see your parents greet you with a big smile and how you are filled with the feeling of achievement.

And that is when I felt like a grown up, a responsible and a little 'independent' grown up.

That feeling, when after a heavy day you take a nap in the evening and wake up to the sound of monsoon showers. You rub your eyes and just before you know you find yourself standing in the balcony (I run fast...sometimes) with your arms stretched out and eyes tightly shut. To add more to the joy, your adorable dog runs out to you in the rain, wags a little and runs back. Oh! And does the same quite many times. :P

Yes, it is monsoon time in my dear city. And let me take the opportunity to add 'Finally' which is so credited to the long wait.


P.S: I didn't want to spoil my happy happy post so I am asking it in this irrelevant space here. What the hell has happened to Bollywood music? Where is the 'music' in the songs like 'Main hu he nahi iss duniya ki'? FML!! Not that I listen to these pathetic compositions intentionally. But being surrounded by endless Bollywood lovers, I somehow end up giving my ears a bad ache. Every other song is adorned with horribly-raping-the-heart-of-music-lovers lyrics.

Anyway, listen to this song you lovely reader. An old song, I know. But it has got a timeless beauty. :-)