Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Moments of the Day.

That feeling which you get after pestering your parents so hard to let you drive all by yourself and they, all of a sudden, agree to your request. You turn the ignition on and sit there for a while, trying to realize the actuality of the moment, feeling the rush of blood all through your body. You are so overwhelmed with the thought of driving independently, that you cradle sheer bliss within till you reach your destination - Delhi High Court (yes, it is 'the' thing to brag. :D ) And on returning home safely, you see your parents greet you with a big smile and how you are filled with the feeling of achievement.

And that is when I felt like a grown up, a responsible and a little 'independent' grown up.

That feeling, when after a heavy day you take a nap in the evening and wake up to the sound of monsoon showers. You rub your eyes and just before you know you find yourself standing in the balcony (I run fast...sometimes) with your arms stretched out and eyes tightly shut. To add more to the joy, your adorable dog runs out to you in the rain, wags a little and runs back. Oh! And does the same quite many times. :P

Yes, it is monsoon time in my dear city. And let me take the opportunity to add 'Finally' which is so credited to the long wait.


P.S: I didn't want to spoil my happy happy post so I am asking it in this irrelevant space here. What the hell has happened to Bollywood music? Where is the 'music' in the songs like 'Main hu he nahi iss duniya ki'? FML!! Not that I listen to these pathetic compositions intentionally. But being surrounded by endless Bollywood lovers, I somehow end up giving my ears a bad ache. Every other song is adorned with horribly-raping-the-heart-of-music-lovers lyrics.

Anyway, listen to this song you lovely reader. An old song, I know. But it has got a timeless beauty. :-)


  1. The feeling of driving a car for the first time is just beyond words:) Happy driving and welcome to a new world, Vinati! Agree the music in Bollywood is now a cacophony:(

    1. Yes!! It is so beyond words.

      Thank you so much.. :-)

  2. Now that was just such a picturesque scene!!!

    P.S. Tune into 94.3 radio one. Bollywood crap se chutkara :P

    1. Haha...true that. :D

      Thanks for dropping by! *smiles*

  3. Hahaha!! I understand the driving for the first time feeling. Its great isnt it :D

    And doggies are lovely people. =)

    Also, I love Enya! Do listen to her remix of Dido's Here With Me. Impeccable. :)

    Such a feel good post.

    PS: For new music, turn to my blog. :D

  4. Ayeeee...thanks!! =]

    Heard the song.. It's nice. And so are the songs you have posted so far. :-)