Sunday, January 29, 2012


Metal souls at war
Fed on bullets and dressed with
That crimson water.


Written for: 104th prompt at Haiku Heights.
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Friday, January 27, 2012

When I Live a Dream, I Make It My Reality.

One sense of belonging
Satiated up to the brim
And I remember standing with a bottle.
When my vision jailed the starred silver
With its shyly placed charm
Overpowering the entire gray.
And then I got the calibre to construe.
What that one night had to say.
That, what I knew, was novel and true.
That, it isn’t always dark after all
When I lived, it was luminous
And that it left me with an impact so infectious.
In the final analysis, it impeded the emancipation
It impeded the opening of doors.
For I repel falling from the myriad vistas
Into the actual nothingness.
For when I live a dream, I make it my reality.

I never knew the feeling to strike off more than one entries on the bucket list, until now.

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Loosen Up a Little. Pretty Please?

Oust the fret outside the gates
You look better with that killer spark.
Embrace all that I have to make you smile
For your smile surpasses the darkest of the dark.


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Current song: Send me an angel by Scorpions.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Girl Within.

That moment, when I turned around and made a mention of the glint in your eyes and told you how much I loved it. You remember? It is being played at the back of my mind since then. I miss the subtleness of it. Adorable!

And I look myself in the mirror to see how I look. It doesn’t show me my outer appearance. It doesn’t tell me that my hair looks pretty when I leave them lose. Instead, it echoes the voice of the girl inside of me, a distinguished figure turning the pages of the year Twenty Twelve, one by one. It is the soul sitting inside, watching and noticing my conduct. The mirror tells me that things are going good because the girl within is smiling. It tells me to lose myself in the scented air, that Burberry one and kiss the dear life which has now become dearer.  And the best thing is that it is your eyes mirroring the girl inside of me, for me. She is happy. She is really happy. And content too. And so am I.


By the way, I have a good thing to share. - The latter part of the 17th entry on my wishlist came true yesterday and that too in the most amazing manner. Bliss! ^_^

Thank you Life for being a darling.

(And if you do not have the slightest idea of the list that I am talking about, take a look here.)

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Current Song: Feels like home by Chantal Kreviazuk.

Monday, January 2, 2012

I Am The Melange. And I Shall Forever Be.

The embers of dying fire have allured me, always. The sparkling and the glinting look of those little pieces of coal that displays an affective rage are an absolute charm to look at. They are not surreptitious. To be clearer, they are not covert. They fly around resembling a kind of reminder of the radiance they once caressed, the radiance that has now sadly, caved in. I like it. And this song on my current playlist, Blue velvet by Bobby Vinton, it is pretty good. The name Bobby sounds gay. But the song has some pleasant essence. Or it is ineffable, may be. Period.

Anyway, I don't really want to blabber about the unimportant stuff. What is important is the realization of a few little things. It is 2012, you see. There has to be a beginning of new chapters. I do not know whether it is the weather outside (it is raining and the earth is all scented) that has made me drown in weird thoughts or the music which is on my playlist. But I am at peace.

And the peace has abounded me. So I won’t tell you that there are rocks along the way. And that the thorny path might compel you to retreat. I will tell you that water flows majestically through that stoned path. It seeps through those rocks and gives a smirk as it walks past them.

I won’t tell you that the scorching heat might burn your feet. Rather I will turn your head towards the shades that are ready to hold you close to the bosom.

I am not the one who will make you forget the reality just for the heck of it and let you fly high. Instead I will mirror the truth and keep you too firm to fall.

And yes, I won’t let you develop a taste of this mad world’s sour side. I will be the requisite impediment. I will be the mirage.

Because a mirage doesn’t always lead you into nowhere. It makes your journey easy by implanting a seed of hope within and making you trail the toughest of the tough. Even if the seed is ruptured, you can look back and realize that the distance has already been covered. And THAT shall be the fruit. And that is how I shall be.


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