Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Girl Within.

That moment, when I turned around and made a mention of the glint in your eyes and told you how much I loved it. You remember? It is being played at the back of my mind since then. I miss the subtleness of it. Adorable!

And I look myself in the mirror to see how I look. It doesn’t show me my outer appearance. It doesn’t tell me that my hair looks pretty when I leave them lose. Instead, it echoes the voice of the girl inside of me, a distinguished figure turning the pages of the year Twenty Twelve, one by one. It is the soul sitting inside, watching and noticing my conduct. The mirror tells me that things are going good because the girl within is smiling. It tells me to lose myself in the scented air, that Burberry one and kiss the dear life which has now become dearer.  And the best thing is that it is your eyes mirroring the girl inside of me, for me. She is happy. She is really happy. And content too. And so am I.


By the way, I have a good thing to share. - The latter part of the 17th entry on my wishlist came true yesterday and that too in the most amazing manner. Bliss! ^_^

Thank you Life for being a darling.

(And if you do not have the slightest idea of the list that I am talking about, take a look here.)

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Current Song: Feels like home by Chantal Kreviazuk.


  1. wow..I'm so happy for you babe...
    And somehow 2012 is a good year.. *touch wood* :D

  2. Very happy for you 2012 is going to be a great year for you.


  3. This is such a sweet, uplifting post! Penned lovely, as always. Perfect image too :-) Stay happy all through the year! :*

    "The mirror tells me . . ."

    Favourite line!

  4. P.S. ~ One of my favourite songs!

  5. Your posts are getting heady...just like your '17th' wish ;-)

  6. I'm so happy for you :)
    Nice to see that you can identify the inner changes in you. This shows how beautiful life is. Stay blessed, love you <3

    How did the latter part of 17th feel? Intoxicating enough? Or was it the person in front of you :)

    Both ways it was bliss I'm sure.

  7. This is the best feeling one can ever have!To feel happy from within! Wish your happiness stays with you for ever! Well written like always!

  8. @ Yvonne

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment. :) :)

  9. @ Fiona

    And this time too, your comment brought a big smile on my face. Thank a lot! :)

  10. @ Phatichar

    Glad to know that.

  11. @ Soumya

    Actually the person in front of me was more effective than the White wine. :P

    And the experience was cute as well as out of this world. ^_^

    Thanks a lot!!! :*

  12. @ Rahul Sir

    Thank you so much sir. :)
    It means a lot.

  13. Mystical and so pretty!!
    Magical the words sounded!!
    and about being able to try out red and white wine! Hi5!!! I love red wine :D

  14. @ Red

    But I have tried only White wine. :P (latter part, you see)

    Shall try the other one too. =)

  15. Wish list? I have missed much, huh?
    :( And okay, its freaky but a lot of things on thy wish list match mine. :D
    I want to go to London and not Italy though. Its got so much character, and I've read so much abot it too :)
    And though 24 is freaky, I'd like accompanying you on it.
    And gee, this post was cute too. Love bug eh ? Wassup? :D

  16. Whoa...that is superb! :D I now know who I should rely on to be a good company for crossing out the entries on the list. ;)

    And to subdue the I-have-missed-much feeling, just visit my last post of 2011 because something awaits you. <3

  17. now thats an awsome start to 2012. which one did u like white or red?cheers :)

  18. Thanks! But I have tried only the white wine. :)

  19. cool, then try the other and let me know, so i can get it for you when i visit india.

  20. Vinatijee :D I am back ! ;) Oh ! Someone is happy, and that too from within! eh? A very well jotted post. And about your 17th wish. how did it go? (or I may say, with whom did you have it? that's imp, you see!) :D Stay blessed. Missed this place :)

    1. Welcome ji welcome!! :)

      Hehe...umm...let's not get into the details of the company I had. I like to keep a low-profile, you see. :D

      Thanks a lot dost!!