Friday, January 27, 2012

When I Live a Dream, I Make It My Reality.

One sense of belonging
Satiated up to the brim
And I remember standing with a bottle.
When my vision jailed the starred silver
With its shyly placed charm
Overpowering the entire gray.
And then I got the calibre to construe.
What that one night had to say.
That, what I knew, was novel and true.
That, it isn’t always dark after all
When I lived, it was luminous
And that it left me with an impact so infectious.
In the final analysis, it impeded the emancipation
It impeded the opening of doors.
For I repel falling from the myriad vistas
Into the actual nothingness.
For when I live a dream, I make it my reality.

I never knew the feeling to strike off more than one entries on the bucket list, until now.

Picture Source: weheartit


  1. This post of yours is so different than others that i have read so far. To my engineering mind, the words repel, impede, calibre, luminous, analysis etc.. just pop out and i have lost what you could have meant here and have started relating to some phenomenon.

  2. WoW! Beautiful and profound writing! I always think of you and Crystal being in the same 'league' of exquisite writers :* Loved the image too!

  3. I like your stance, living a dream and realise it. That's really nice! And your poem is awesome. :)

  4. The calibre to construe.
    Work of a genius, aint it? :)

  5. Beautifulll Mirage :D Loved every bit of iiiitttt..!
    Loved the title. EVrybody should abide by it.

  6. Baap re, dictionary/thesaurus leke baithna padega aapke posts ko padhne :P

    Wonderful, as usual. :)

  7. Too Good have adorned this poem with words and aww i am so happy.Sorry I had been too busy these days .So I have decided to take some time and read all your posts.. :)

  8. ^_^

    Yayayayayayay.....THANK YOU BADA WALA!!!!! :D