Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Magic of 80's

I have always loved or rather enjoyed listening to old Bollywood songs. The ever lasting melodies..specially those of the Kishore Kumar era. Yes! :) And today my day began with few such songs. I am a true nocturnal by heart and soul and to wake up early in the morning (when there is no college) is like a serious punishment for me and it is all the more torturing when I have to wake up early just to pass through a real BAD traffic jam during a journey of four hours to reach a place which is not even of my interest. But thanks to Kishore Kumar. His voice made the today's mind fuck journey a lot bearable.

Anyway, if you listen to a song of 70's or 80's era and compare it with any latest song, what difference would you notice? Okay, please don't give me the lyrical difference because I know that these days 'Chammak Challo' or 'Munni Badnaam Hui' type songs are a hit and that is a different story. (And I so want to dedicate a separate post to highlight this grave issue. But I'm still having second thoughts whether or not to pollute my space with this poignant genre of music that has the capacity to make me lose my senses and run here and there doing ninja and shouting HELP! HELP!) The difference that I am talking about is how I am or we are able to identify that so and so song is of 80's even if it is for the first time we listen? What is it in its music? Or if the technology has shown some advancement then how could the voice of today's singers doesn't at all match with those of our mummy-papa time? I once asked this question to a friend of mine and she got confused regarding the inexplicable change in voice quality of singers and we changed the topic.

Though today, it was definitely a refuge listening to Kishore Da songs, this question kept ringing in my head. I still don't know the logical answer behind. May be you can help! :)

The following song was the one which made me go all chiggy wiggy in the car. But thank god my parents didn't notice.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Chuck The Title, Read The Post!

Okay, Fine! I know it is a lame heading. Like very lame. But I could not think of a better one. My creative cells have taken a temporary off, actually. Please bear with my lameness and randomness friends. Yours faithfully, Vinati. :)

So the quick update for today is that for the first time EVER in my whole goddamn life which means nineteen years to be specific, I baked a cake. Occasion : It's my mumma's birthday. And I wanted to give her the biggest shock surprise of her life. I mean something which could make her go head over heels and leave her jaw-dropped and eyes popped out with that super cute dumbstruck expression. And what could be a better than me making something for her with my very own hands.

Aah! That look. *priceless* =]

And accordingly, I hereby submit a photo of the super delicious and finger hand licking cake with the sole purpose of flaunting. ^_^

(I would like to take the opportunity to thank my neighbor under whose guidance and in whose kitchen I churned my cooking skills.)

To this, my brother said "Don't you love her? How could you give her something to eat which you have made with your own hands?"
Huh. Brothers will be be god. :|


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Birthday Is Just An Excuse!

Novice wings, Unclaimed trust.
Plus few more things gave impetus to our flight.
Swayed, rocked and swung along the way.
Cradled each other
In the whirlpool of life.

Cackled in times of tealed realities,
Fanned crushes with a tag of so-called love.
Shed tears in times of tarnished scenes,
And all of it, nurtured with honey dipped gloves.

Soul sisters, we will always be
Forever and beyond eternity!


Friday, November 18, 2011

Traversed a Vacuum.

Up I went. A little too relaxed.
Swayed like a piece of music,
Under the handsome sky.
Your eyes nattered,
For you were all spellbound.
Baby, I was high. And I loved it.

Up I went. In a vacuum.
Peace abounded.
It made me lose restraints.
It made me drop inhibitions.
Nothing was real.
Nothing was a dream.
Something peculiarly beautiful was all over me.

Up I went. A silhouetted figure of your love.


Lady in Red - Chris De Burgh


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

And I Am Soaked In Your Shades.

The footsteps I trail when I am lost.
The melody I nourish for the resilience of my thoughts.
The cheek bones that turn glum into glee.
The dauntlessness I carry through the picture I perceive.

It is you. It is all you. It will always be you.

Picture Source : deviantart