Monday, November 28, 2011

Chuck The Title, Read The Post!

Okay, Fine! I know it is a lame heading. Like very lame. But I could not think of a better one. My creative cells have taken a temporary off, actually. Please bear with my lameness and randomness friends. Yours faithfully, Vinati. :)

So the quick update for today is that for the first time EVER in my whole goddamn life which means nineteen years to be specific, I baked a cake. Occasion : It's my mumma's birthday. And I wanted to give her the biggest shock surprise of her life. I mean something which could make her go head over heels and leave her jaw-dropped and eyes popped out with that super cute dumbstruck expression. And what could be a better than me making something for her with my very own hands.

Aah! That look. *priceless* =]

And accordingly, I hereby submit a photo of the super delicious and finger hand licking cake with the sole purpose of flaunting. ^_^

(I would like to take the opportunity to thank my neighbor under whose guidance and in whose kitchen I churned my cooking skills.)

To this, my brother said "Don't you love her? How could you give her something to eat which you have made with your own hands?"
Huh. Brothers will be be god. :|



  1. THAT expression. I know! The change in looks is what makes the whole toiling shoiling worth it. I SWEAAR.
    And did the cake taste yum? Should have. Pyaar jo tha usmey *yes, very cheesy line, I admit
    And happy birthdaaaay aunty. :*
    I love your daughter ;)

  2. Haha... Her daughter loves you a lot more, miss sweet 16 (YES, mujhe pata chal gaya. You are super awesome.)!!! :*

  3. hello Vinati..looks yummy for me..and as what they always say.. it is the thought that matter how simple if it is done with is a treasure that will be cherished forever..passing by ;)

  4. hahahahah awesome brother of urs!!
    the cake luks amazing! My tummy gurglesssssss
    Happy Belated Birthday to ur mommy!

  5. The cake looks delicious! I see that you have decorated it with gems :)
    And you are just 19????????? I didnt know!!

  6. @ Sie

    Such a serene and beautiful thought, it is. :)
    Thank you for dropping by!

    Hope you be back again. :)

  7. @ Red

    I swear! Hehe...thank you!!! ^_^

  8. @ Maithili

    Yep! Actually I wanted to make it 'look' amazing because in case the taste goes a little out of proportion, presentation can gain you some compliments...this is what I'd thought. :P

    Hehe..yes I am. And I think you too are. Right? =)

  9. A very sweet gesture! It looks very tempting :)

  10. Thank you so much, Rahul sir! :)

  11. Hmmmm looks yum..Aunty must have loved it..You're such a darling daughter Vinati..:') the way..My official b'day is on 23rd of December..:P

  12. Woaaah! That cake looks awesome and so tempting. I'm sure it tasted wonderful as well :)

    I'm so much in love with youe header. I haven't seen anything like that before, feels like a mirage :P

    I'm glad to be here :)

  13. I? Wow!! Yay!!

    And what did I hear you say that I'd get an OFFICIAL TREAT on 23rd? Wuhooooo... ^_^

  14. @ Soumya

    Umm..i think it did. Not wonderful but edible. :P

    Hey, thank you so much. I'm glad too! =)