Friday, April 29, 2011

Law can be fun too! ;)

Today, I had my first mock trial of a moot court. It was amazing. I and my three other team members had a real gala time performing our fictitious roles. Oh! I should first tell you about this activity which every law school has. Moot court is just a dummy court where we are given fictitious cases and we have to fight them like 'real' lawyers do. One team being the plaintiff and other being the defendant. No, I won't go into the details of the same as it would become really boring for you guys.

So in the today's case, I was the counsel of defendant. The case was not that tough and what added to the whole thing was the hilarious act done by all of us. The bench for today actually laughed their ass out. My client was an old lady fighting with her daughter over some property issues and the role was played by my very dear Divyank and so it was bound to be a rib-tickling show. From the first line to the last, this dude was absolutely in character. was a total FUN :D

And yeah, I did well too....*I think* :)

Anyway, this is it for today. I feel relieved that one week long hard work paid-off. And Frodo is going nuts. I don't know why. I think I should better go and calm him down.

Take care folks!

.....hey...Frodo....wait...NO... and *he took my shoe* :P

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Look through my eyes!

"I can see a big screen up there. And this whole place is covered with see-through walls but of a different kind. Like, ummm, transparent for us as we are inside and not for those who are outside. Something like we can see them but they can't see us. Or better, even we cannot see them because that would be a distraction, I think. So cut the transparent thing. Yeah! Also, it has a mild shock system so that nobody gets through it."

"And on that big screen, a very calm movie is being played along with a restful music in the background. And it has got a starry ceiling with some clouds all over."

"Hmm...that adds to the ambiance. And there are low-rise couches placed on the floor, across the screen. Nice and soft leather couches with stuffed cushions and on the corners there are small antique lamps and some scented candles. And the lights are dimmed."

"Oh it's looking good. We can surely have a good sleep here."

"Yeah, definitely. But one more thing. Here in this little space, one minute is equivalent to one hour. Like some kind of a parallel universe. So if we spend one hour here we would just miss a minute and thus it would save our time."

"Aah...that's pretty cool. Huh!"

"I know.", and we both smiled.


Well, I had this conversation, today with one of my 'very dear' college mates while sitting at Rajiv Chowk metro station. It is 'The most crowded' metro station of Delhi and because we had to wait for another friend and had nothing to do, we both started churning our imaginary cells and came up with this. Weird right? :P :D

P.S : And I don't know why I've put this photo. I just liked it. It's quite different actually. :)

P.P.S : And about my little, cute, adorable labrador, Lupus is the name I have decided (thanks to the same dear person). And he is truly a darling!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Now this is 'something'..!!! :)

Yesterday, when I woke up in the morning, my mom called me and gave me a very very very good news. It was related to my brother's upcoming birthday. She told me that his birthday gift has been decided and that we would get it in a few days.

"But what's the gift?", I thought.

My inquisition level reached its top and in my mind, I immediately began thinking about different possibilities. About all the usual birthday surprises which are given with slight variations every time. But now I know that all those possibilities stand in complete vain because the gift is definitely not the usual one.

It's a 40-days old Labrador Retriever. And the best part, we just brought him home yesterday.
Yayyyyy..I am super-super happy!!! :) :)

My brother would be coming here on 30th of this month. So he would be getting his gift on the very same day. I am sure he would love the gift as it was his childhood dream to have a Labrador as pet. God, I can't wait to see his priceless reaction. :)
For you all, here are a few snaps of the new being of our home. 

And we are yet to decide a good name. Friends, help me out with this name thing. I am really confused.
Suggestions are highly welcomed!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Looking beyond the Four Walls.

With college mates, I'd never thought that my life could turn out to be one full of surprises. A life in which every day comes with a packet full of goodies and a little tinge of adventure. Few months back, I had never thought that college could be so much fun. And such a pessimist belief was bound to enter my mind after having a boring start and it was totally attributed to my so-called 'professional course'. I remember feeling completely out of place amidst the college crowd in the initial days. But, it's not the same anymore. Thankfully! I have settled now. I have found some very good buddies...with whom I feel safe and warm. With whom I don't hesitate to bring out my 'crazy' self (not that I feel shy in front of others....but it's just a way of saying, you know! :P ). Anyway...I should not deviate.

As I have already mentioned in one of the earlier posts how I wish to enjoy my life, I have instilled a slight change. I'll tell you how. Earlier, my schedule was - getting up early, getting in the car, boarding the metro, going to college, and directly heading back home. But now...I get up the car...metro EXPLORE different places and then head back home. And today was no exception!

In the morning, I had my History test and believe me friends; Legal History is so not interesting. But somehow the paper went well. :) It was 11 in the morning; we were already through with our test and had the whole day in hand to spend judiciously (And hey, I realize that this professional thing is getting in me now :D ). So Yashi, Divyank, Anuj and I decided to go to Connought Place. More often than not, we all four are contemplative. It’s not possible for any of us to decide something beforehand. We don’t sit down and think of our plan of action. We just do it when it clicks us. Like today, we had no idea why we kept sitting outside the Central Park for like an hour or so. Please mind that the Central Park was closed. And after spending some really good time outside the closed gates, we all thought of visiting the ‘Ugrasen ki Baoli’. Why? Because we are The Vellas, always free and willing to experience something new...something novel and Ugrasen ki Baoli is a very calm place to visit, especially when you come from a super-duper dusty and noisy area. We unwound ourselves and spent much of our time there sitting and chatting and laughing and enjoying each others’ company. Just when our exploratory mind became restless again, Yashi told us about some ‘haunted building’ nearby. Having nothing else to do, we all immediately stood up in full enthusiasm and headed towards it.

                                             (Ugrasen ki Baoli...nice na?)

                      (Now this was truly mesmerizing...I'm glad I captured it.)

 The ‘haunted building’ was nothing but a 14-storeyed, under-construction building. Its construction has been seized due to some legal dispute over the same. Sounds very ordinary...isn't it?

But things become a little spooky when you read ‘COME UP’ scribbled in bold on the wall of the 14th floor and that too in an inexplicable manner. Like an open challenge. And it became spookier when we four went inside the building and sensed something really negative in that place. Yashi and Divyank even had a strong repellent feeling. Of course, none of us dared to go to the top floor (marna nahi tha :P ) and I'm sure that it was just our mind, playing games but the whole tempo gave us chills down the spine.

                       (There it is...scribbled on the wall...COME UP!!)

                  (This is Divyank, Yashi and Anuj...entering the 'haunted building')

Next stop? It was the Cha Bar at the Statesman House...just across the road. I'm seriously in love with this place. It has been also glued to my list of the most favourite places in Delhi. Tranquil. Positive. Coffee shop. Books. This is how I describe it.

Well, the day has ended. I have come back home. I’m pretty exhausted now. Hungry too! I should better eat something and take some rest. Oh God, I have to study Economics. Urggghhh...!!! Law is tough. Nothing is easy, actually. Anyway...I’ve already wasted a lot of time or I think I should use the word ‘lived’ for describing this day as it was beautiful. :)

And like always, I hope to spend my coming days in a similar fashion and enjoy the enthralling randomness with my amazing trio. :)

Signing off!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Beautiful Father-daughter Poem!!

P.S : Few days back, I came across the following poem and was seriously touched to the core. So I thought to share it here, on my blog. Kudos to the one who wrote it! :)

Her hair was up in a ponytail
Her favorite dress tied with a bow
Today was Daddy's Day at school
And she couldn't wait to go.
But her mommy tried to tell her,
That she probably should stay home.
Why the kids might not understand,
If she went to school alone.
But she was not afraid;
She knew just what to say.
What to tell her classmates
Of why he wasn't there today.
But still her mother worried,
For her to face this day alone.
And that was why once again,
She tried to keep her daughter home.
But the little girl went to school,
Eager to tell them all.
About a dad she never sees,
A dad who never calls.
There were daddies along the wall in back,
For everyone to meet
Children squirming impatiently,
Anxious in their seats.
One by one the teacher called,
Each student from the class.
To introduce their daddy,
As seconds slowly passed.
At last the teacher called her name,
Every child turned to stare.
Each of them was searching,
For a man who wasn't there.
"Where's her daddy at?"
She heard a boy call out.
"She probably doesn't have one"
Another student dared to shout.
And from somewhere near the back,
She heard a daddy say,
"Looks like another deadbeat dad,
Too busy to waste his day."
The words did not offend her,
As she smiled up at her mom.
And looked back at her teacher,
Who told her to go on.
And with hands behind her back,
Slowly she began to speak.
And out from the mouth of a child,
Came words incredibly unique.
"My daddy couldn't be here,
Because he lives so far away.
But I know he wishes he could be,
Since this is such a special day.
And though you cannot meet him,
I wanted you to know.
All about my daddy,
And how much he loves me so.
He loved to tell me stories
He taught me to ride my bike.
He surprised me with pink roses,
And taught me to fly a kite.
We used to share fudge sundaes,
and ice cream in a cone.
And though you cannot see him,
I'm not standing here alone.
Cause my daddy's always with me
Even though we are apart.
I know because he told me,
He'll forever be in my heart."
With that, her little hand reached up,
and lay across her chest.
Feeling her own heartbeat,
Beneath her favourite dress.
And from somewhere in the crowd of dads,
Her mother stood in tears.
Proudly watching her daughter,
Who was wise beyond her years.
For she stood up for the love
Of a man not in her life.
Doing what was best for her,
Doing what was right.
And when she dropped her hand back down,
Staring straight into the crowd.
She finished with a voice so soft,
But its message clear and loud.
"I love my daddy very much,
He's my shining star.
And if he could he'd be here,
But heaven's just too far.
You see he was a fireman
And died just this past year.
When airplanes hit the towers
And taught Americans to fear.
But sometimes when I close my eyes,
It's like he never went away."
And then she closes her eyes,
And saw him there that day.
And to her mother's amazement,
She witnessed with surprise.
A room full of daddies and children,
All starting to close their eyes.
Who knows what they say before them,
Who knows what they felt inside.
Perhaps for merely a second,
They saw him at her side.
"I know you're with me Daddy."
To the silence she called out.
And what happened next made believers,
Of those once filled with doubt.
Not one in that room could explain it,
For each of their eyes had been closed.
But there on the desk beside her,
Was a fragrant long-stemmed pink rose.
And a child was blessed, if only for a moment,
By the love of her shining bright star.
And given the gift of believing,
That heaven is never too far.