Friday, April 29, 2011

Law can be fun too! ;)

Today, I had my first mock trial of a moot court. It was amazing. I and my three other team members had a real gala time performing our fictitious roles. Oh! I should first tell you about this activity which every law school has. Moot court is just a dummy court where we are given fictitious cases and we have to fight them like 'real' lawyers do. One team being the plaintiff and other being the defendant. No, I won't go into the details of the same as it would become really boring for you guys.

So in the today's case, I was the counsel of defendant. The case was not that tough and what added to the whole thing was the hilarious act done by all of us. The bench for today actually laughed their ass out. My client was an old lady fighting with her daughter over some property issues and the role was played by my very dear Divyank and so it was bound to be a rib-tickling show. From the first line to the last, this dude was absolutely in character. was a total FUN :D

And yeah, I did well too....*I think* :)

Anyway, this is it for today. I feel relieved that one week long hard work paid-off. And Frodo is going nuts. I don't know why. I think I should better go and calm him down.

Take care folks!

.....hey...Frodo....wait...NO... and *he took my shoe* :P

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