Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Nightmarish Chase.

“Where do you want to go?” the auto driver asked her as she rushed into the auto, losing her breath completely.
”Bhaiya, take me to the next metro station. Quick” She said hastily.
“But you have to tell me the name of the station, lady.”
“I’m sorry I don’t remember its name. You please start driving, at least. It’s just the next station on this road. C’mon...fast fast fast.” She requested in a panicky tone.

A masked man was stalking her. She had no idea who he was or why was he running after her life with a knife in his gloved hands. But after managing a close escape a few minutes back, she had jumped into this three-wheeler. And as the auto started, she managed to gasp out the name of the station but still could not calm her nerves.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, her friend came and sat beside her in the auto. She felt a little content to have a helping hand in this fiery situation. He knew what all has happened and advised her that she should better not board the metro from the next station as it would be the first place where the killer would hunt for her. Instead, he took her to another station which was on the same route but was a little farther.

It had already grown dark and was raining heavily. There was a sense of fear in the air with thunder bolts adding flavour to it. For some time, they took shelter somewhere in a damped place near the station and planned their next move. After the rain subsided, he took her with him and headed outside. There they met some of their college friends but because of the fear that the killer might be watching them from somewhere, they did not inform any of them and simply maintained a calm and composed attitude.While doing the same, she saw one of her college mates receiving a text message from some unknown number. It read:
“She is with you...right?
Okay, I’ll be there in a short while.”

She gathered some nerves and shouted to her friend, “C’mon, we gotta run. He’s coming here. I read a message. I know it’s him. Let’s go. NOW”.

He immediately held her and they both ran and went directly up to the platform. In the hustle bustle, she lost his touch and went to the wrong platform while he, on the other hand stood on the right one. And there she saw that same masked man, stepping out of the metro with a smirk on his face. She stealthily stepped back and ran back to change the platform. She was with her friend now. "I think I'm safe" and before that man could catch them, they both boarded the metro.

“But this couldn’t be so easy. He couldn’t let me go. Something’s definitely wrong and out of place.” She said in a soliloquy.

And she was right. The man was there again. He broke one of the doors and got into the metro. And now she had no one to help her. Her friend disappeared somewhere, leaving her stranded in the hands of her fate or rather in the hands of that masked man. He came forward and she ran in the other direction. After realizing that nothing or no one is going to help her, she gave in. She surrendered. And he stabbed her and pusher her out of the metro, somewhere in the darkness. And she died.


With sweat on my forehead and a mild headache, I woke up to this freaky nightmare, day before yesterday. It was not the first time that I’ve had a chasing dream. But this one was surely one of the most outlandish and nerve-wracking dreams I’ve ever had. God knows, what it signified or who that man with a knife was or why was he chasing me with so much hatred. It was seriously one hell of an experience and so I thought to flush it out of mind, once and for all.



  1. Hey, what a dream! I once had a similar dream, but I was stabbed from the front and I did not feel pain. I just, well woke up panting! :| Amazing Piece. Thanks for Following. I am following you too. :D

  2. Oh, so I'm not the only victim huh? :D
    And the worst thing about such dreams is that it's really hard to face the chaser.But once we do it, we end the chase and wake up (without dying :P )

    Well, thank you for sharing your experience! :)