Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Tainted Soul.

She breathed. She tried hard to cross the fences of gravelled words. Every time she reached there, thorns blocked her soul to escape. Her cuffed hands bled. Tired and dejected. She gathered strength. Shaky legs, weak shoulders and bleeding hands, with these three weapons she battled again. The will to live enthused to her not to fall under the cloud of despair. But the will did not last long. It died. It died the moment she heard him say,

“You deserve it. You deserve every bit of this excruciation, baby. You deserve it because I cared for you, I lusted for you and I loved you with all my heart but what I forgot was that you are different and these priceless feelings are not made for a girl like you. This pain, which is ripping you apart right now, defines you. Survive with it, baby. A tainted soul is what you have carved with my love. Goodbye.”