Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Color My Life!!

Bring me some Yellow
For it would bring vibrancy in my life
And a little Lavender
It carries a temptation
For which I strive.

Get me some Teal...a shade of Blue
With it, I’d feel swaying with the flow
Beating away all the rocks and thorns
And emerging out with a lasting glow.

With its subtle enigma and astounding aura
The color Green, comes next
Swipes away the blemish beliefs
And brings my mind to sheer rest.

The Crimson sky covers my view
When my sore eyes hunt for you
With budding hopes and a face of fret
Upon me, the sky bleeds Scarlet.

Coral, the colour of soberness
Is what your one look shows me.
A pale Beige expression of my face
Changes into a nuanced glee.


  1. simply marvellous.the best part is that you can really feel the impact of the poem on your mind..makes you really appreciate the effect of colours in ones life..your best poem yet:) reading this poem is like a therapy for your mind and soul :D

  2. Thank you so much for appreciating my work, Divyank!
    Really means a lot to me.. :)