Friday, May 27, 2011

A Tune That Defined Love.

He played their favourite symphony, that day.
The room was small. It had a few lights and all of them were dimmed. She stood there, right in front of the mantelpiece. She had just finished lighting the candelabra which he loved the most and placed it on the table, near the deck. The music filled every nook and cranny of the room. She smiled coquettishly and he smiled back too.

He came closer and inter locked his fingers with hers. Holding by the waist, he took her to a different their cloud-cuckoo land. The symphony was their swing and they both took a ride on it, tasting all the dreams they had weaved together. She swirled around. She was proud and happy! Like a painter’s brush, he moved her artistically. She was his muse and he was carving the most beautiful work of art. The music was going through their each and every nerve. It was all over. It was ubiquitous. Curtains draped on the sides of the window, the floor beneath them, greyed walls all around, played the concerto. It was their time and they both began losing to its beauty. Everything appreciated their love. The whole aura genuflected to its invincible purity and divinity. A new song was being made. A song which could heal a bleeding soul, caress an unloved heart and splash colours to a dried life. Their moves, their feelings and their love were striking. It went on. It never faded. And like their last dance, their love lasted forever and beyond eternity!!


P.S : Do listen to the above link!!


  1. wow..this is simply beautiful.. I just felt lost in this song of love :) this is one of the best prose I have read I can rightly say :)

  2. thank you so much, Maithili..!! :)

  3. beautiful! u have a way with could really sense the passion in this article..

  4. *a big fat smile*

    Thanks a lot, Divyank!!

  5. graceful..:) you don't know how much i got into this.You never cease to make me proud dearie. I rate you amongst the best of the writers :)

  6. Wow...Chacha Nehru..I'm so gald to see you here. And thank you so much. It really means a LOT to me. =)


    Do come back! :)

  7. Interesting read. The dance steps and the closeness of two lovers, reminds me of the song by Don Williams, Dance, like no one's watching. (On You tube :P)

    Really nice read.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  8. Thank you so much!! :)
    And for that youtube thing....I'm taking it as a compliment. :P :)

  9. Beautiful, intense and soulful :)

    Are you into dancing; Salsa or Jazz? Somehow your words and that video made me curious to know this.

  10. wonderful read... glad to have stopped by :)

  11. Soothing, beautiful and lovely... three wonderful words to describe one amazingly interesting post. wow :)

  12. @Sourav...

    Thank you! :)

    And whoa..that was a wild guess! I am into dancing. I have learnt both Salsa and Jazz and a few more dance forms along with Kathak. :)

  13. lines n shades...

    Thank you so much!! Hope to see you around more often. :)

    Take Care!

  14. Thanks a lot, Rachit!!

    It feels great to receive such wonderful appreciations from my readers. :)

  15. You know, there was a very interesting form of art once - a vocalist would perform, and a painter would paint to that tune, right there on stage. The outcome would be breath-taking at times.

    This post reminded me of that, as I was reading (and listening to the music). Thanks for the nostalgia - wonderfully evoked. :)

  16. Oh wow..that's interesting!! Thanks for telling me about it.
    I'm glad that you liked this post! :)

    Thank you!

  17. a lil girly in the end ,,don u think ??..!!
    but saucy ,!!!
    post realli drags u in ,,!!
    i liked it ,,

  18. Well it's ought to be see :P

    Thank you so much for dropping by and sharing your views! :)

  19. Nice! It was not a wild guess, actually I was into Salsa too and your post made it too apparent to me :)

    You are from Delhi? Okay, this would be a wild guess too you took your classes in GK II? :p

  20. Not all your guesses would turn out to be true! :P :D
    Well.. I'm from Noida and I did not take classes in GK-2

  21. You see one never entirely knows. We guess, blankly at times. We may be wrong, but we take leap after leap in the dark ;)

    And yes, I'd sent you a message over fb, chatting here doesn't seem such a good idea! :p

  22. That’s sweet n romantic..
    Perfect rendering for a love-ly duo in love

  23. @deeps

    thanks a lot for sharing your views!! :)

  24. Awesome. . . The post mad me visualize and feel the situation...

  25. @Sai

    Thanks a lot for dropping by and following my blog! :)