Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I Can Talk of Anything and Everything.

Yeah, the title says it all. Actually, I have nothing special to share with you all today. Well, I know I'm a bore...and trust me, it's good to be one, sometimes though. ;)
Anyway, I just finished watching a movie..In Bruges. It was quite different. Dark Humour, as you call it. I don't usually watch such movies but I did because I had to. And I know, it doesn't make any sense. Right??? Uhh...never mind!!

So, about the movie, there were certain scenes where I had no idea whether I was supposed to to feel sad at the gravity of the situation or laugh at the serious yet unusually portrayed action. My emotions got confused and I ended up being neutral. Hmm...I know...silly me!! But on a whole, it was a good time pass. You can watch it if, like me, you have got nothing else to do and of course, if you want to have a good taste of dark humour.

Now to get over the tempo of the movie, I think the windy weather would help me. I just heard the *bang* of a door in the next room so I should better run outside (in my balcony, I mean) and enjoy the night. =)

Take care, folks!

P.S: And I hate the recently famous Chinese artificial and solar-powered plants that I see in almost every car of Delhi. It irks me to death. I mean, what relief do people get by looking at those constantly popping and dancing leaves in the middle of a traffic jam and that too on a scorching summer afternoon??? Well, I know it was completely out of topic. But as I said, I can talk of anything and everything. Ha.. :P :D


  1. Watched 'In Bruges' - you're right, it falls flat in the end (just like the older man's character). 'The American' also came under the same category. But there are some movies such as the coen brothers' (fargo, barton fink, miller's crossing, blood simple...the list goes on) that are dark, yet extremely engrossing. Watch a few, you'll like. :)

    If you're not bored, that is.. ;-)

  2. hey thanks for suggesting me some good movies. I can't guarantee to watch all but yeah, will definitely watch few of them...because as you said.. 'dark humour' is engrossing..indeed! =)

    Thank you so much for dropping by!!
    Take care.

  3. LOL, yes you can talk of anything and everything. Don't know about the movie, but about the artificial flowers, are they chinese? Really? :P

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  4. Haha...yeah! Such amazing things always come with a 'MADE IN CHINA' tag. :P

  5. being confused with many emotions is an emotion in itself.