Sunday, April 27, 2014

Where the world stops spinning.

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Like the old times
under the shade of the tree
which stands tall and proud
somewhere in the meadow,
we will hush to sleep
the monsters of our mind
and get wild
within the silence
and drowsy smell of summer,
somewhere in the meadow
till the stars show up
and carve galaxies
beyond the lustful vision
lithely bringing alive
our old and sunken
and rusty dreams
in the wild meadow
we will elude
the daunting lies
and crazy shit
you and i..   
we'll come to life
at the very juncture
where the world stops spinning
where the mess fades
out of our little picture,
we'll come to life
in each other..   
somewhere in the meadow.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

We will always be our heroes

because we die each day in our make believe lives.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Red skies and dull streets.

Today the skies are red,
today the streets are duller.
Long taut wires
from the pole right there,
today I watch them sag
like a love-struck snare.
It's not a game but a crime is it?
when I curse you in love
in the soft hypnotic voice,
like the star that flickers incessantly
when I hem the moon
inside my bent fingers.
The red skies
and the dull streets
eclipse the 2am love making,
unopened for years together
inside one sneaky corner.
Or the technicolored dream
and the never ending verse.
I reach out,
it escapes
faster than my breath
and the hazy rays of the sun that
fail to touch the ocean's deepest bed.
It is shut, it is gone.
The dream is gone.
Because the skies are red
and my mind is beautifully torn
into crumpled dead leaves
by the footsteps on dull streets.
So I curse and smile
with fidgeting fingers across my skin.
I always knew I was a sinner.
I always knew it was a crime.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Twisted Mind

And then he stopped tracing for a while,
the seamless chaos of her twisted mind.
Everything quietened
the howling of dogs,
the chirping of sleepless birds
and the night sky.. it stayed
like a blank thought hovering without words.