Friday, May 27, 2011

A Tune That Defined Love.

He played their favourite symphony, that day.
The room was small. It had a few lights and all of them were dimmed. She stood there, right in front of the mantelpiece. She had just finished lighting the candelabra which he loved the most and placed it on the table, near the deck. The music filled every nook and cranny of the room. She smiled coquettishly and he smiled back too.

He came closer and inter locked his fingers with hers. Holding by the waist, he took her to a different their cloud-cuckoo land. The symphony was their swing and they both took a ride on it, tasting all the dreams they had weaved together. She swirled around. She was proud and happy! Like a painter’s brush, he moved her artistically. She was his muse and he was carving the most beautiful work of art. The music was going through their each and every nerve. It was all over. It was ubiquitous. Curtains draped on the sides of the window, the floor beneath them, greyed walls all around, played the concerto. It was their time and they both began losing to its beauty. Everything appreciated their love. The whole aura genuflected to its invincible purity and divinity. A new song was being made. A song which could heal a bleeding soul, caress an unloved heart and splash colours to a dried life. Their moves, their feelings and their love were striking. It went on. It never faded. And like their last dance, their love lasted forever and beyond eternity!!


P.S : Do listen to the above link!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I Can Talk of Anything and Everything.

Yeah, the title says it all. Actually, I have nothing special to share with you all today. Well, I know I'm a bore...and trust me, it's good to be one, sometimes though. ;)
Anyway, I just finished watching a movie..In Bruges. It was quite different. Dark Humour, as you call it. I don't usually watch such movies but I did because I had to. And I know, it doesn't make any sense. Right??? Uhh...never mind!!

So, about the movie, there were certain scenes where I had no idea whether I was supposed to to feel sad at the gravity of the situation or laugh at the serious yet unusually portrayed action. My emotions got confused and I ended up being neutral. Hmm...I know...silly me!! But on a whole, it was a good time pass. You can watch it if, like me, you have got nothing else to do and of course, if you want to have a good taste of dark humour.

Now to get over the tempo of the movie, I think the windy weather would help me. I just heard the *bang* of a door in the next room so I should better run outside (in my balcony, I mean) and enjoy the night. =)

Take care, folks!

P.S: And I hate the recently famous Chinese artificial and solar-powered plants that I see in almost every car of Delhi. It irks me to death. I mean, what relief do people get by looking at those constantly popping and dancing leaves in the middle of a traffic jam and that too on a scorching summer afternoon??? Well, I know it was completely out of topic. But as I said, I can talk of anything and everything. Ha.. :P :D

Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Hope-Filled Letter 2

There is something I have to tell you. Trust me, it’s very hard but one day or the other, I have to say it to you. And that ‘something’ is that...... I’ve had enough of you, love. I need a break. I really do. Don’t take me wrong, dear. It’s just that you have no idea how much time I have wasted on you.

I accept that I was addicted to you, met you even thrice a day and spent so many hours, at a stretch with you. You were there for me when nobody else was. But hey, that doesn’t mean that I gave you the steering wheel of my life. So how could you take me for granted? Please don’t think that you can tempt me whenever you want to. You don’t own me and now don’t take me wrong here. It’s just that my love for you is pure but is unfortunately, stagnant too.

Anyway, it’s not your fault completely. I’m also at fault here because it was me who got hooked on to you. I should have stayed in my limits.

I know it’s useless to crib about what has already happened and also, I can’t bring back the time I have wasted but I can surely improve my situation. So from now on I am going to be less dependent on you. I might not even see you for a few days or a few weeks. I need to learn self-control and constructive spending of time. And I think, this should be my first place to begin from. I hope you would understand and co-operate with me. I hope you would not tempt me to visit you or see you every day or after every few hours. I hope you’d help me become a strong girl.

Don’t miss me much, Facebook!!



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Friday, May 20, 2011

10 Things Which Never Fail To Infuriate Me.

1. I hate it when my sneeze stops mid way and I hate it even more when my going-to-sneeze expression apparently catches attention of all those around me. It’s quite embarrassing, you see!

2. I hate listening to out dated dialogues which my relatives never fail to say whenever they catch me in a family function like "Kitni patli ho gayi!"  (Huh, as if I care) or "Kitni badi ho gayi!" (Huh, as if you care). Why don’t they ever come up with something new? Like "Kitni sundar ho gayi" :D

3. I hate it when I see my favorite outfit or bag or footwear worn by some other XYZ person. I so damn hate it. I feel like vanishing from that place or making the other person vanish. And yeah I know, the second option is anytime better ;)

4. I hate it when some people poke their nose into my business just to have some juicy piece to gossip about. Hey c’mon, it’s not my duty to make your pathetically-boring life, extraordinary. Mind your own business, people!

5. I hate it when I want to tell something very interesting and when my turn comes I just go BLANK. And it has happened to me so many times. Why am I so forgetful? I need an answer right now. :/

6. I hate it when I get those unnecessary, unwanted and useless messages of so and so properties. Don't they know that I'm planning to buy a nice cottage in Italy. Give me some information regarding the same, you bloody irksome dealers. *beep* 

7. I hate it when I see ignorant race (And this includes both educated as well as uneducated ones) that wastes or contaminates water or that takes roads as universal DUSTBINS. When are you going to learn basic humane manners. Am I the only one responsible to take care of the world? Hello? Anybody? ............... I guess nobody's there...ahem!

8. I hate it when a teacher asks a question and I prompt an answer which she doesn't listen and when some other classmate says the same answer, she listens. I hate it further when it turns out to be the correct one. “Hey, cheating!! I deserve the accolades because I said it first. It’s not my problem if you have a hearing problem."

9. I hate it when I get "I want to FRANDSIP you" friend requests by random users on Facebook. Seems like self-esteem has become so hard to retain these days.

10. And the last thing I hate is me writing all these things when I should be studying right now. Yeah, my externals are going on and look at me, I’m sitting in front of my pc and thinking of the things I hate the most. I think I really need a life! :P

And her expressions are funny, indeed...ha-ha !!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Color My Life!!

Bring me some Yellow
For it would bring vibrancy in my life
And a little Lavender
It carries a temptation
For which I strive.

Get me some Teal...a shade of Blue
With it, I’d feel swaying with the flow
Beating away all the rocks and thorns
And emerging out with a lasting glow.

With its subtle enigma and astounding aura
The color Green, comes next
Swipes away the blemish beliefs
And brings my mind to sheer rest.

The Crimson sky covers my view
When my sore eyes hunt for you
With budding hopes and a face of fret
Upon me, the sky bleeds Scarlet.

Coral, the colour of soberness
Is what your one look shows me.
A pale Beige expression of my face
Changes into a nuanced glee.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Tainted Soul.

She breathed. She tried hard to cross the fences of gravelled words. Every time she reached there, thorns blocked her soul to escape. Her cuffed hands bled. Tired and dejected. She gathered strength. Shaky legs, weak shoulders and bleeding hands, with these three weapons she battled again. The will to live enthused to her not to fall under the cloud of despair. But the will did not last long. It died. It died the moment she heard him say,

“You deserve it. You deserve every bit of this excruciation, baby. You deserve it because I cared for you, I lusted for you and I loved you with all my heart but what I forgot was that you are different and these priceless feelings are not made for a girl like you. This pain, which is ripping you apart right now, defines you. Survive with it, baby. A tainted soul is what you have carved with my love. Goodbye.”

Friday, May 13, 2011

Shut up, heart!

“Looking at the phone and waiting for that one call is an imprudent thing to do when you know the other person doesn’t give a damn. It’s simply a ‘waste’ of time. You should better invest your time on something constructive.” Her mind said in a strict tone.

“No, but you love him right? So what if he is unconcerned. Love doesn’t come with a ‘conditions apply’ tag. It is not revengeful. Take my advice and call him. Don’t wait for anything. What if he’s waiting for your call? I’m sure he is because his love for you is true.” Her heart said.

“It’s all nonsense. If it would have been so true then he would have kept his promise. He said that he would call whenever he comes back home. And you know he is already home. And Look at the time. It’s pretty late. Of course he doesn’t want to call. He doesn’t care. He never did. Don’t you get this easy thing, you silly emotional fool?”

“You will call, I know dear.”

“No, you’ll not. Remember how he hung up the last time. How he talked and what all things he said to you. How coarse he was. He is not interested in talking to you anymore. Accept this fact.”

“Listen to me and call”



And she picked up her phone, dialled the number and waited for him to pick up.

“Hello?” she said

“Yeah” he replied in a harsh tone. Like really HARSH tone.

“You said you’d call. I have been waiting for so long.”

“I forgot. I was studying since I came back.” The tone was still harsh.

She knew he is lying. He didn’t start studying immediately after coming home as she saw him online on facebook...posting stuff on other friends’ wall. She knew he’s faking. This was not him. He has never been this way before and never been so rude to her. His tone, his words and even his sighs made everything clear to her.

“Oh, I’m so sorry for disturbing you. You continue studying. Bye.” She said in a bit shaky voice.


As she hung up the phone, an evil drop ran down her cheeks, eroding all the colours of her life. And all she thought was that: her mind was right...indeed!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Nightmarish Chase.

“Where do you want to go?” the auto driver asked her as she rushed into the auto, losing her breath completely.
”Bhaiya, take me to the next metro station. Quick” She said hastily.
“But you have to tell me the name of the station, lady.”
“I’m sorry I don’t remember its name. You please start driving, at least. It’s just the next station on this road. C’ fast fast.” She requested in a panicky tone.

A masked man was stalking her. She had no idea who he was or why was he running after her life with a knife in his gloved hands. But after managing a close escape a few minutes back, she had jumped into this three-wheeler. And as the auto started, she managed to gasp out the name of the station but still could not calm her nerves.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, her friend came and sat beside her in the auto. She felt a little content to have a helping hand in this fiery situation. He knew what all has happened and advised her that she should better not board the metro from the next station as it would be the first place where the killer would hunt for her. Instead, he took her to another station which was on the same route but was a little farther.

It had already grown dark and was raining heavily. There was a sense of fear in the air with thunder bolts adding flavour to it. For some time, they took shelter somewhere in a damped place near the station and planned their next move. After the rain subsided, he took her with him and headed outside. There they met some of their college friends but because of the fear that the killer might be watching them from somewhere, they did not inform any of them and simply maintained a calm and composed attitude.While doing the same, she saw one of her college mates receiving a text message from some unknown number. It read:
“She is with you...right?
Okay, I’ll be there in a short while.”

She gathered some nerves and shouted to her friend, “C’mon, we gotta run. He’s coming here. I read a message. I know it’s him. Let’s go. NOW”.

He immediately held her and they both ran and went directly up to the platform. In the hustle bustle, she lost his touch and went to the wrong platform while he, on the other hand stood on the right one. And there she saw that same masked man, stepping out of the metro with a smirk on his face. She stealthily stepped back and ran back to change the platform. She was with her friend now. "I think I'm safe" and before that man could catch them, they both boarded the metro.

“But this couldn’t be so easy. He couldn’t let me go. Something’s definitely wrong and out of place.” She said in a soliloquy.

And she was right. The man was there again. He broke one of the doors and got into the metro. And now she had no one to help her. Her friend disappeared somewhere, leaving her stranded in the hands of her fate or rather in the hands of that masked man. He came forward and she ran in the other direction. After realizing that nothing or no one is going to help her, she gave in. She surrendered. And he stabbed her and pusher her out of the metro, somewhere in the darkness. And she died.


With sweat on my forehead and a mild headache, I woke up to this freaky nightmare, day before yesterday. It was not the first time that I’ve had a chasing dream. But this one was surely one of the most outlandish and nerve-wracking dreams I’ve ever had. God knows, what it signified or who that man with a knife was or why was he chasing me with so much hatred. It was seriously one hell of an experience and so I thought to flush it out of mind, once and for all.