Monday, December 31, 2012

Twenty Thirteen.

I wait and watch
As the clock tik tok
Step by step
Closer to be held
Held tight by you
On this cold winter night
With biting shivers
In a while, it'd be true
You get sweetness
I'll get spice
Oh dear twenty thirteen
Hug me tight!

How I felt like a kid as I wrote it.  =)

New Year wishes to you dear reader.

Picture Source: wehearit

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The to and fro.

I find, I lose
In the joy
Of crushing to death
The dead leaf
On the cold road.

The momentary satisfaction
From the crispy sound
That I hear
There I find, I lose

In the comfort
Of staring into nothingness
The charm in staying still.
Staying there
Right there in space

Yet gliding through thoughts
And chasing back to the start
In the sunshine
In the color yellow
And in the song
I find, I lose

That momentary satisfaction.

News of the month, or year: I received three complimentary copies of my first publication a few days back. It's a literary magazine, kind enough to publish my poem (Haiku) Light Empowers which I wrote a little more than a year back. Needless to say, I am ecstatic beyond limits! =]

Here is a picture for you.

Now waiting for the next one to launch. It is almost hard to believe what I'd dearly wished a few months back has come true so soon. Like my wishes were strongly heard. #Touchwood

Time to strike off another entry in the list. BLISS!
Image source: Phone camera. Picture quality makes it pretty clear. :P

P.S: Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Live it Sweetheart. Don't Just Survive!

I have heard people say that one should live each day to the fullest. I have heard dialogues in inspirational movies guiding us to make every day count, for life is too short. And as a child, teenager and an adult too, I have always had this strong will not to have any regrets in life. That regrets wouldn't fall on our way if we do what our heart seeks and if we give every little opportunity a shot to comfort us and to immaculately craft new memories for us.

And as I write this post, all I have is sheer amazement in my heart. I am amazed how immensely my belief is now resting in the most unfathomable part of me.

There is a huge difference when you hear such heart-warming teachings of life from just another person and from someone who is facing death right in the face. The impact is deep! So much so that it makes you feel pretty small and all you can do is admire the person's strength and caliber while innocently trying to grab a look at life from his mettle eyes.

And he says that even if he has a year left, he can make every day count and live longer than those who die at 80 or 90. Because 'it's not the years in life, but life in those years that counts'. He says that one should not fall in love with one's body but with one's soul, the beauty that prevails forever. For his soul shall always be with his loved ones.

He is not afraid of life or death. He is not afraid of anything! For he has stepped onto a higher level where he is able to comprehend the absurdity in chasing the shadows of dented desires. The dented desires which we all keep on bringing out from our baggage, thinking that this is what we are supposed to do, uncovering the disturbed thoughts and cursing the life. I too get indulged in issues of everyday that I forget my own pledge. And this is what I have planned to change. Not that I am going to give up my studies and go on a world trip right away. But I will definitely work on things like me getting too much affected by stupid little matters.

I will smile more, laugh more and love more. All in all, I'll live more. And this is the final plan.

Because I too want to step onto that higher platform where my brother believes that trivial qualms cannot penetrate the walls of peace, where he has gathered contentment with the undying and unflinching support of his wife and where he smiles when he watches his little daughters sketch some amazingly gorgeous pictures, telling him how much they love their father who is but a hero.

So the next time if somebody asks me have you ever met a real life hero....

Sunday, November 25, 2012

And The 100th Post Says It All.

Beautiful sunshine
Radiating from your face
Enlightens my life.

Just a small update dear reader: This is officially the 100th post of Mirage. YAYYYIIEEEAAAOOO! =D And I am more than delighted to share that this perfect haiku is not the articulation of my thoughts but someone whom I have adored for so long. The person took an effort to step into my shoes and enjoy what I enjoy and presented me with this gorgeous surprise, perfectly packed in three lines. Thank you my dearest friend. It means a lot.


Picture courtesy: weheartit

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What Diwali Brought Me This Year.

I am not amazed at the falling apart of uncased pieces which hung in symmetry for so long. I am astounded at the fact that all this time, they were hanging in the void baselessly. There was not a single string attached. I am astounded how imbecile someone can make you feel under the facade of honestly and mush. The change of the whole picture is absolutely horrendous. And all I could wonder is when did this happen. Ha...imbecile, I really am! It was a slow and gradual process, I know. But the late realization makes it extremely tough to adapt, extremely tough to blend with true colors.


There is a lot of betrayal going on in this world. Beware people!

Diwali always comes with novel things, be it materialistic or not. This year, it brought along some realizations,  very hard though. I don't have any grief because whatever happens, happens for the best. And this is one thing which can never lose its meaning nor it can be deprived of my belief. So I am not going to indulge in sadness and caress pain and hatred. Instead, I will make use of these realizations and mend some mismatched pieces.

Thus, I will make my Diwali good. Like it always is and it always will be.

For it's not about the colors I have lost, it's about the picture that has been formed in the process of losing them.


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Escapism, Not now.

It is pungent.
The after smell of escapism.
It sways all around.
Teases, smirks and plays.
But oh it attracts. Strongly!
Some artificial sweetness.
Should I give in?
Who knows? The greened breaths? Nah!
Act smart and forget it.
You are not a bitch, dear life.
So don't be one.

Nothing much to say. Surrounded by bliss and gloom at the same time. Total confusion. And thus the above lines. Mere lines! Haphazardly crawling in indecipherable patterns. confusion.

Monday, October 15, 2012


This is one moment when I don't have any parallel and decipherable words or manner to define and epitomize the strong emotions that are racing in my veins.

In my hand are some of my Naani ma's poems (maternal grandmother) which were published around a decade back. I have known her mostly either in praises or in idiosyncrasies and incidents narrated by my mother. The beautiful and dynamic woman, born in Pakistan, had everything it takes to reside permanently in the heart of people around. There is not a single strand of her that doesn't enthrall me and make me feel proud to be a part of her. For she was an aesthetic blend of simple mannerism adorned with an incomparable charm that I can not find anywhere else. Not even a bit close!

And just like the exotic breeze that kisses your cheeks on a late night, like the winter sun that hugs you oh-so warmly and like that one careless laughter which somehow rests in your memory cage forever, her thought brings a smile on my face.

Because she is the gorgeous feeling of compassion and wisdom which I experience as I fathom her thoughts concocted in beautiful Hindi poetry, in yellowed pages of love and beyond.

पथ एक यहाँ अंतर इतना 
तुम गुज़र रहे मैं गुज़र चूका 
है नज़र नज़ारा एक यहाँ 
तुम देख रहे मैं देख चूका 

जीवन का पथ है एक साथी  
घट से मरघट को जाता है 
इस पथ की परम रंगीनी में 
जीवन सबका भरमाता है 

हर प्राणी इसमें डूबा है
हर जीव यहाँ बह जाता है
अंतर इतना बहते ही रहे तुम 
कूल सुहाना पा मैं चूका 

- शकुंतला कोहली 

(A few lines from one of her poems which I fell in love with. I would have posted the whole piece but it's too long.)

P.S: 1. Anubhuti means to feel, perceive or experience. It is the title used by Naani ma for her huge collection of poetry.
2. Two of my poems have been selected by a publishing house. Whupiiee! Yes yes..I know..'main naani ma pe gayi hu'  Yay! ^_^

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Alien In Me.

Like a fatalistic pit, I see a hole forming in the heart. There are fragments of ugliness and of scarred words. Is the hole black? No! Sadly, it projects no colour, no hue. It is impassive and stoic. It doesn't respond to emotions, to love and gladness, to aggression and pain. It lacks each one of them. And in the process of recovering from the jolt of revelation, the mind doodles various patterns of the ever most random questions and doubts. I am absolutely horrified the way it is engulfing me in a lethal trap of mistakes, wrong decisions, and dominant anger. And the worst part, I cannot pull myself out of it. Out of the unwanted part which I am afraid, might swallow all of me.

Because I have this strong feeling pertaining to ignorance. Because I don’t know how the alien incepted. And I am blinded because I did not witness the incessant growth of the hole.

Tell me that it is a hoax. That it doesn't own perpetuity.
Because perhaps it intricately concatenates the girl I thought I am and the girl I actually am. Or perhaps the drawbridge is weakening as the impassiveness hikes. The beliefs I proudly caressed are being shadowed, like they never belonged to me. And I am scared. I am scared of what I am turning into.

I have never felt this vulnerable. The road was always clear and unambiguous. There was no blurry or misty vision which could divert me from knowing myself, from introspection. I knew what my heart had to say. The morals it had on which every block of decision was kept were distinct in my mind. Every little belief was due to the awareness of who I am and what I seek.

Have I depreciated? Maybe. This ignorant girl doesn’t have an answer. There is a lot of sadness which I could have resisted. I know. It’s just that I could have however I did not. I could have not acted or behaved the way I did. I could have been more considerate. I know I could have however I did not.

And what it seems now is that yes, this is a gradual process of depreciating. That it is but the time and the situation mirroring the real image I never knew I owned. The efforts, I fear, are going in vain. I fear seeing myself within the walls concocted of repentance, of undying regret, and of sabotaging hatred for not being able to lift myself to the level of righteousness. I fear the fatalistic pit. I fear this novel part of me, the alien, which is emerging. And yes, this time, I do...I do fear me.

Picture source: deviantart

Blinding Light.

Losing the senses
There she stood in solitude
Blinding light of anger.

Written for: Haiku Heights #Day20

Saturday, September 15, 2012


Crazy things have happened lately. I came to know about a very devastatingly shocking news that an old batch mate of mine is getting married this November. I cannot put into exact words how I felt and why I gulped down my tongue, let alone saliva, on confronting the news. It was HUGE. (Just capslock was not enough, you see.)

The girl is, by birth, a year older to me. But this fact did not bring me any morsel of relief. I was paranoid for the whole day. Not that it is any wrong of her to get married. It's her life after all. What worried me was to digest the realization that we both were classmates, once upon a time. So if she is getting married then that means I have really grown up to the age where people get married.

And if this thought was not enough to ruin my day, my mother stepped in to make it worse. Being abso-effing-lutely dumb, I told the news to my mother, not taking note of the possibility that it could ignite a similar thought in my fickle-minded mother's head. So here comes the bigger part. She, very politely, presented the thought, which according to her was flawless. And it was to get her sweet little daughter (Me, you dumb ass!) married to some pretentious douche, AS SOON AS THE GRADUATION IS OVER.


I so thank god for having been blessed with an uber smart and caring elder brother who came to my rescue that day and not some guy on a white horse. (Taylor Swift has surely stained some pure innocent minds.) He gave my mother a good lecture embellished with reasons on why I shouldn't be forced to get married while I, during the whole drama, was running after Frodo for he had some unknown object in his mouth (And I don't know why Mr. Frodo is staring at me right now, all drenched. Is it raining? No, I think he has taken a bath.. .Finally!)

Though the good talk between my mother and brother came to an end, I have tiny little teeny weeny embers of the fiery thought flying in my head. They make me think that do my parents too believe in the age old cliche that we girls should be given to another family as soon as we step into our twenties? I am aware of the fact that they can't go against my wish or they can't force me. But what if I cave in to their wishes and demands out of societal pressure? Out of pressure of my whole khandaan (clan)? What if?


P.S: 1. If you find me babbling anywhere in the post or throughout the post, then not my fault because like I said I am totally freaked out. :P
2. I came to know that some xyz Punjabi aunty developed an interest in me for some guy in her family owning a BMW. Yes, that was his qualification. Huh! >_<

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Sketch some symphonies
Intrude them and paint them bright
For they are but yours.

Sketch some symphonies
Aloof from the world's madness
For they are but yours.

Written for: Haiku Heights #Day 13

Monday, September 10, 2012


Peppering all over
Happy and sad, Laughter and tears
On the sheet called life.

Written for: Haiku Heights #Day 10

P.S: The word 'pepper' has been used to denote sprinkle or diffuse.

Sunday, September 9, 2012


Look at the suave chase
Little drops dancing on glass
In glossy patterns.

Written for: Haiku Heights #Day 9
Picture Source: weheartit

Monday, September 3, 2012

When Cancer Frowns, We Smile. Smile Big!

“Switch off the lights when you walk out of the room. We have to save money for Papa’s treatment.” His nine year old daughter told the three year old one.

April 2012

It was a juggle among thousands of crawling seconds. Heavy! Every minute fraction was adding to the anxiety and apprehension. Prayers kept swaying. We knew nothing bad could happen. We were not hoping, we were confident. Things could go a little off the way. But not much. This is what each one of us kept telling to ourselves. With fingers crossed, all portions of love and faith concatenated to God.

However, the worst nightmare came true. It was Pancreatic Cancer.

You know there are times when you try to step into the shoes of someone else so as to experience what he might have experienced. And you just cannot. But when it happens, you’re so overwhelmed with grief and angst that all of the jumbled pieces of doubts sprinkled and scattered in your mind, align in a portrayal of a clear and distinct picture. Needless to say, that was one moment.

The world indeed crushed down to crumbles of sorrow and misery and encompassed us within the thorny walls of unpleasing reality. If it was tough for us, it was much beyond for the man, much beyond the sweep of our thoughts which are filled with trivial and insignificant qualms. It was but inconceivable. It took only a few seconds for life to come to a halt, to a sudden halt and jolt us all with a rough hand to confront the unfathomable truth.

In the initial days of the long journey, believing that the worst nightmare came true was the hardest thing. Let alone gathering strength to begin the battle. I remember watching him on the day the news broke. He had lost quite a lot of weight and looked fragile. My eyes were wet. I smiled and he smiled back. There wasn’t much to say. There wasn’t anything to say.

More than four months have passed since that fateful day. Cancer is now a settled part. We have acquiesced to its presence. But the fight hasn't stopped becuase the man knows that he has to kick cancer’s ass. To say that he is positive or has a strong will, would definitely be an understatement. He has a zest for life. He always had, even before this whole thing came to light. He is one of the few persons in my life who ‘actually’ believes in relishing the present and not getting caught in the web of inane expectations. He is passionate. I see him battling the disease with commendable positive attitude filled with wondrous moments of laughter and glee and tied on a sturdy hook of an amalgamation, of unflinching faith and love.

And somewhere down the line we all are quite affirmative that things are going to be back on track. That this is just a bump on our way to a higher journey. That it wants us to hunt down the real meaning of life which usually lurks somewhere behind the loose notes of a facade. That when it is all over, he will rise up with much stronger wings, teaching us with his grandiosity, to add meaning to our lives.

Because no matter how hard this journey seems now, in the end it will be worth the fight.

(Proudly stolen from his Facebook wall.)


P.S: 1. I am glad to have gathered strength to vent out the brimming respect which I have for this man, my cousin, my brother.
2. No pity please.
3. I missed Mirage's second birthday. Uhh..what a doofus I am. Ahem! C'mon people, wish it now.
4. And smile for heavens sake. :-)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

These Rains.

Beneath massive thunderous clouds
I gape like a five year old
At the charm of yellow lights,
As they hung in dark spaces
Hugged by breathtaking zephyr
And mesmerizing pearls of water.

Beating fatalistically,
Those little drops
Cackle into a rhythmic sound
On numerous little puddles
On their surfaces
Forming patterns, captivating patterns!
Yet they fail to preclude the quietude.

And I smile at their naivety
How they, in an episodic performance
Long for perpetuity.
Mesmerizing pearls of water 
As I gape like a five year old
Beneath those massive thunderous clouds.

Picture Source : weheartit

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Come, Stumble Here.

I have an extremely interesting thing for you, dear reader. What you have to do is just click on the following link obediently and you shall be regaled by the head-scratching-jaw-dropping-eyes-popping video.

Pinky swear! 

QUESTION: Do you believe in time travel? Sshhhh...I will not tell you anything. Just click on it. CLICK!!!

P.S: I did not have time to write much. Going through a bad internet phase. Thus, only the link.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Speak Music to Me and I Will be Your Symphony.

The other day at court, while I was waiting for the proceedings to begin, I indulged in a random conversation with my co-intern. Like always, we had plenty of spare time to look around and wonder how hard it is to pursue a career in litigation. But it was music that we talked about, instead. He asked me about my taste. No, actually before that he asked me whether I listen to music at all. You tell I look like a person who doesn’t listen to music? Duh! So the first name that popped up in my head was that of Coldplay. If you haven’t heard Coldplay, go stand in front of the mirror, introspect for a minute and die. That is what a voice in my head yelled when he asked Coldplay? Is that a band?

Wait...the story didn’t end there. He was alien to every other song I mentioned. After giving him a dumbstruck look I shot the same question at him. It was heart-breaking to listen to a list which included crappiest songs and artists- Akon, Enrique, Pitbull, 50 Cent, Chammak Challo, Honey Singh and in support of which he said ‘Ajkal ke youth ko yehi pasand hai.’ (Today’s youth enjoy this music). But where is the 'music', I wondered. At that very moment, an entirely new side of me came to light. I felt so repulsed by him. It was like a stream of repulsion that was flowing out of his mouth as he spoke of those names. Over dramatic? Am I? Oh c’mon, he disliked Coldplay’s ‘Fix you’.

Still over-dramatic?

I narrated this hopelessly sad incident to a friend who has an impressive choice in this field and he just smiled. For he told me that he has felt the same with many and it doesn’t bother him anymore.

Just like what wise people teach, you grow with time. You evolve with time. You learn to absorb shocks like these with time.

For now, I have got this song which I stumbled upon my song hunting spree last night and the night before. Did I tell you that youtube has a side where every song on the side panel is totally new and it takes you on a  roller coaster ride? People there call it 'YouTube Narnia'. :D

Listen and appreciate quality music:

Sunday, July 15, 2012

In Me, The Universe.

The endless journey
The endless quest has begun
Here is the first step.

I see a mirage.
That which keeps me going forever
Someday, I will reach.

There, right there. Because
That is where the quest will end
In me, the universe.

Written for: Haiku heights
Picture Source: weheartit

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Moments of the Day.

That feeling which you get after pestering your parents so hard to let you drive all by yourself and they, all of a sudden, agree to your request. You turn the ignition on and sit there for a while, trying to realize the actuality of the moment, feeling the rush of blood all through your body. You are so overwhelmed with the thought of driving independently, that you cradle sheer bliss within till you reach your destination - Delhi High Court (yes, it is 'the' thing to brag. :D ) And on returning home safely, you see your parents greet you with a big smile and how you are filled with the feeling of achievement.

And that is when I felt like a grown up, a responsible and a little 'independent' grown up.

That feeling, when after a heavy day you take a nap in the evening and wake up to the sound of monsoon showers. You rub your eyes and just before you know you find yourself standing in the balcony (I run fast...sometimes) with your arms stretched out and eyes tightly shut. To add more to the joy, your adorable dog runs out to you in the rain, wags a little and runs back. Oh! And does the same quite many times. :P

Yes, it is monsoon time in my dear city. And let me take the opportunity to add 'Finally' which is so credited to the long wait.


P.S: I didn't want to spoil my happy happy post so I am asking it in this irrelevant space here. What the hell has happened to Bollywood music? Where is the 'music' in the songs like 'Main hu he nahi iss duniya ki'? FML!! Not that I listen to these pathetic compositions intentionally. But being surrounded by endless Bollywood lovers, I somehow end up giving my ears a bad ache. Every other song is adorned with horribly-raping-the-heart-of-music-lovers lyrics.

Anyway, listen to this song you lovely reader. An old song, I know. But it has got a timeless beauty. :-)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Don't Go Back to Sleep!

Do you see?

How the big white ball on that dark sheet covered with stars is skulking behind clouds? And look how the clouds manoeuvre past the zillion stars. They are playing a silent symphony to you. You know why? Because you are special. You are special as the world offers you its incredulous beauty. Traverse it like it is a part of you. Traverse it like you traverse your soul. And everything around shall speak endearments into your ears.

On the colossal canvas formed by a whole pack of myriad thoughts, take a stroll on a path and wander through it. Be free and free your soul! You see a young girl, there. See how her eyes gleam as she looks out of the small window. She is agog at dark grey clouds that greet her with a loud thunderous sound. She absorbs all that the nature has to offer and runs out to be a part of it. The sight is pleasing. Does it remind you of your unfathomable longing to soak up the first shower of the season?

It does, to me!

For all that is relevant is out there in open. For all that is worth a try is free of complications and doubts. Just like what Rumi says:

“The breezes at dawn have secrets to tell you
Don't go back to sleep!
You must ask for what you really want.
Don't go back to sleep!
People are going back and forth
across the doorsill where the two worlds touch,
The door is round and open
Don't go back to sleep!”

Picture Source : deviantart

Saturday, June 9, 2012

When It's All About Searching an Outlet.

It is bad. Everything around me is changing. 'Thing' not people. And why in the world does it make me swirl in disbelief that many of my favorite though mundane activities, are confronting their end? I don't want to sound typical when I say that things change or time change. But I do. I PMSing or what? :|

The past two months i.e., April (the worst) and May greeted me within sudden ups and downs. They kept me busy with nth number of things. And now as I have put my feet in the month of June, Miss Life doesn't seem to be satisfied with a whole list of changing things. *Grumpy look* To begin with, my teenage ended. Though I don't miss being a teenager...AT ALL,(Gosh, I am a 20something blogger. Wuhooo!!!) it is undoubtedly a part of why I am being this way. 

Moreover, I am shifting to a new city i.e., Delhi. Now before you read further it is my duty to inform you that I AM a 'Delhi wali' by birth, heart, soul and by my whole khandaan (clan, to be clearer). Actually, I lived, not in Delhi but in NCR. So theoretically, in a few days, I would be lazying around at a new home in an entirely new city but practically, it doesn't matter. Phew! What matters is that my life here, in this little peaceful city is nearing its end. It makes my heart ache, big time, to bid goodbye to a whole era of my school and memories and friends and so on. It is usual to behave this way when something like this happens, I know. Because it is totally worth to feel sad about. The people here deserve it. Don't they? And so, this reason tops the list.

Moving on, my parents will complete 25 years of their togetherness in less than an hour. And I am so more than happy! Of course, I am. I have this whole surprise thing ready to be delivered early morning. All geared up for that. Oh by the way, this is totally unrelated to the not-so-important discussion about why I am so irked these days. I just thought to share. Ha!

So, the next thing which is irksome is the fact that I am not able to take off to some place cold while the temperature is soaring beyond its stupid limits. I have made some desperate efforts to convince my parents as well as my friends to make a trip. So far not so good. Sigh!

Well, this is it. The whole grumpy me has got a good little outlet. And I am all excited to celebrate the Silver Anniversary of the two most adorable people in my world.

See you later!

P.S: I will try to be more regular, my very sweet reader. Pinky swear! If I am not just know that I am PMSing again. *I am such a girl*. XD
And Cancer is a bitch. 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Be a Bird.

Be a bird. Be unfettered and carry me on the wings.
Share the laughter, the mesmerising glee
Lock me up in your arms,
And dive away from the heat
Be a bird. Carry me within you.
With flowing dreams, talk to me the beliefs of love and beyond
Watch the evanescence of the day
And in a natural manner, make me uncover the woven song.

Lose your inhibitions. Be a bird.

Saturday, April 28, 2012


What if I go?
Leave the rain
Leave that walk in the night
Leave my favourite song behind
Would you remember my idiosyncrasies.
What if I go?
Would you catechize the crumbles of beguiling bond,
Cry or just sit in my favourite corner
And have a talk with the zephyr.

It is not too dreamy, is it?

Then maybe you could just make a promise
To show me a comely reflection
Beneath the countenance of present
That would be my life.
In your hands, when I am gone.
What if I indeed go?
I need you to buy me few breaths
To accompany me on the voyage
Of pretty life and prettier death.

Now make an effort and hear this. Something which could just touch the deepest cord of the heart. An extremely beautiful composition!

Picture Source: weheartit

Friday, April 13, 2012


A message from hope,
"Crisp warmth demurely waits
Beyond dusty chase."

Yes, I do talk of inspirational stuff on a Friday, 13th.

Written for: Haiku Heights
Image Source: weheartit


Sigh! Google is such a darling.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Skip Things.

There are these things.
Huge, dark and loud.
Yelping out that it is too hard to hold on
But we do and we have a lot to be proud
Especially of that morose end
Which cradled a gorgeous start
Sigh! Those were things.
If the message beneath twisted strings
Tells me not to hunt down
The chapter which doesn't exist,
I will not carry on the search.
Because yes, I am irritably stuck
Right there inside of you.

So let go off your fears baby,
I am where I belong.
Skip the messy things for now
And merge me in your song.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Two And Singular.

Countless whispers,
Lurk in the shadows.
And the deep slumber on your chest
With stealth,
Dissolve in your charm and aura
Essay an attempt,
To shut down the tempest.
For what I carry,
Is perhaps a want, a desire!
Of jagged affection
Sweet and sour
Of ugly touch
With no folly bar
And the chord,
The one that is very gentle
Strike it with a mysterious mirth.
Shut the doors,
Descent in my arms
And let elation take its impending birth.

Image Source: weheartit

Sunday, March 11, 2012

For Life's Simplicity.

Sometimes when the only thing I admire or look up to loses its grace, I turn to you to rummage a world that might welcome me with open arms and embrace me with a kind and an affectionate touch. And that world is nothing but an embellishment of your comforting words.

You can call me susceptible, baby. But that does not worry me at all, as long as I have you. And let me be very honest here. Let me brace it up with truth. I have left my mind at the threshold. I do not require it, anymore. And I suggest you to do the same.

Staring at its countenance would lead you into nowhere.
Make an effort. Open the jammed door, silly.

And try to understand how I show the audacity and impudence (take it in a positive way) to stretch my limbs beyond conventions. To say that I am too stubborn to fall along the lines is misleading. It projects a wrong picture. The truth is, I just live every moment of being free. Call it a perverse set of thoughts. I don’t care. I live and do not impede others to live. My idea of survival might differ from theirs' but let me not indulge in a diabolic disapproval of others' lives. With different ideas, it would be pretty wise and judicious to display an even more beautiful and sound place. So let us try to express the magic of carving unusual pictures, just how I enjoy it. Simple up to the brim.

But before that, answer me. Do I make sense?


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Apple of My Eye!!

For the times when you begged for food with that in-born obedience which you carry.
For the times when you didn't utter a word when we, by mistake, left you alone in the balcony or in any room. You stood by the door patiently and waited for us to use our heads and open the door. God, you are so sweet.
For the days when you pooped in the house and hid behind curtains or doors or under the dining table etc after getting a good scold from Mother India or out of sheer embarrassment. Khi Khi
For the days when you ran to the balcony to see us off. Awww
And for the days when you begged to go down to play with your friends and felt sad when no one gave you the permission.


You have always melted our hearts and made us fall in love with you deeper and deeper with you super cute ways:

When you sleep on the bed like you are the king whilst I sit on the carpet staring at you enviously.
When you jump around like crazy with love and over-whelming affection on seeing me, papa, mumma or bhaiya or just any random person.
When you play hide and seek with me. You are good player, by the way.
When you do not make noise no matter what and people ask us whether you bark at all.
And when, instead of giving us some warning like your species do, you sleep like a drunk during an earthquake. :P

To the most adorable being of our house,

HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY FRODO. You are a stupid lovely doggy. Period. <3

With Love
The girl whose Flip-flops you tore.

(First day at home.)
(Birthday boy has always maintained a pensive attitude.)

(Waiting for the party to begin.)
(All eyes on pastries.)
(Birthday Boy)


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dear 1st March'12, You Have Been Formally Placed in My Memory Box. Congratulations!

What if I say that I do believe in days full of enchantment and that some random impossible things do happen? Would you make a mockery of my childish belief or would you jump into the free cab that will take us on a beautiful ride?

Well, you better believe me darling!

I have always adorned a dream with wide open myopic eyes, to go on a trip with my friends and no person falling in the category of the boring or strict or irksome elders. My simple mind and its simpler dream received an unexpected warm welcome by 1st March 2012 in a very hatke (different) style. The day which is now nearing its end, was intact and dressed with little boxes of surprise which were impeccably placed on different hours.
And the best thing is that every single strand of me is glowing with the element of satisfaction and happiness and with a sense of achievement. (Achievement because the following was almost impossible for me to happen.)

*Gleaming eyes*

To cut the not-so-long story short, I went on a half-day road trip with my friends to a mind-blowing heritage hotel called Neemrana in Alwar district, Rajasthan. 

And before moving further let me share a very interesting fact- Being a resident of Greater Noida, I traveled four states to make the trip successful namely Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Haryana and of course Rajasthan. (Ignoring the fact that these four are consecutively joined, it sounds so cool na!)

And following is a glimpse of the day:-

(Every nook and cranny of this place astounded me)
(It is like a maze. And we explored it like we have been Spirited Away.)
(Who cannot fall in love with this place?)

The day started with a group session of yawning and rubbing eyes and sleep-deprived brain working at four in the morning and yawning some more and ended with a heart full of moments which shall be cherished for life.

C'mon, it was my first trip with friends, after all. And you know what, I can now proudly strike off the second entry on my wish list.
*Collars up* =]