Sunday, December 9, 2012

Live it Sweetheart. Don't Just Survive!

I have heard people say that one should live each day to the fullest. I have heard dialogues in inspirational movies guiding us to make every day count, for life is too short. And as a child, teenager and an adult too, I have always had this strong will not to have any regrets in life. That regrets wouldn't fall on our way if we do what our heart seeks and if we give every little opportunity a shot to comfort us and to immaculately craft new memories for us.

And as I write this post, all I have is sheer amazement in my heart. I am amazed how immensely my belief is now resting in the most unfathomable part of me.

There is a huge difference when you hear such heart-warming teachings of life from just another person and from someone who is facing death right in the face. The impact is deep! So much so that it makes you feel pretty small and all you can do is admire the person's strength and caliber while innocently trying to grab a look at life from his mettle eyes.

And he says that even if he has a year left, he can make every day count and live longer than those who die at 80 or 90. Because 'it's not the years in life, but life in those years that counts'. He says that one should not fall in love with one's body but with one's soul, the beauty that prevails forever. For his soul shall always be with his loved ones.

He is not afraid of life or death. He is not afraid of anything! For he has stepped onto a higher level where he is able to comprehend the absurdity in chasing the shadows of dented desires. The dented desires which we all keep on bringing out from our baggage, thinking that this is what we are supposed to do, uncovering the disturbed thoughts and cursing the life. I too get indulged in issues of everyday that I forget my own pledge. And this is what I have planned to change. Not that I am going to give up my studies and go on a world trip right away. But I will definitely work on things like me getting too much affected by stupid little matters.

I will smile more, laugh more and love more. All in all, I'll live more. And this is the final plan.

Because I too want to step onto that higher platform where my brother believes that trivial qualms cannot penetrate the walls of peace, where he has gathered contentment with the undying and unflinching support of his wife and where he smiles when he watches his little daughters sketch some amazingly gorgeous pictures, telling him how much they love their father who is but a hero.

So the next time if somebody asks me have you ever met a real life hero....


  1. Life is about living each day to the fullest:)

    1. And though it seems to be the most used expression, it holds the greatest truth. :)

  2. nd I have come across a hero too. If only its was infectious! The spirit with which they live life.

    1. Hmm...true that. But we can still make an attempt. :)