Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Letter To The One Reading It.


Firstly, I had a lot to tell but didn’t know who I should make my listener (apart from the obvious ones, silly) because there were a lot many things that I wanted to share. Yes, I repeat, a lot. So I thought to pen everything down here, with you because nobody is as patient as you are. See, you are actually taking out some of your valuable time and reading another one of my bakwaas (useless) posts.
THANK YOU!!!!! ^_^
Did I tell you that I have now moved to a flat near my college with my friend’s elder sister? Actually it’s her relative’s house which is emptied for a year as they have gone to abroad. So we packed our bags, shifted here and became temporary residents of this place. It’s for the first time ever ever ever in the last 18 19 years that I got this much of freedom coupled with lot of responsibilities. So these days I’m in a process of becoming an independent lady. (How I love to be called as a lady. It sounds reputable, right?)  And my parents are also happy as their incorrigible daughter would now be more responsible. That is a good part.

And today is a wonderful day. I got one totally unexpected and a totally expected news. :P

The one totally unexpected news is that I got selected for my first moot court competition. (Last time it was a mere mock trial. Okay!)
*dances a little, shouts, screams, jumps and dances some more*

In case you don’t know what a moot court is read this for a very brief idea.

The other news is that I got selected in a dance group too, for a cultural programme in our college. This was super expected because I love dancing and being a true Gemini I am Jack of all trades and master of none. I have learnt many forms from Kathak to Salsa, from Jazz to Belly dance and so on. But trust me, I am not perfectly good in any of these. But I’m good enough to be a confident dancer.

Anyway, I’m really happy that finally there is something college-like taking place for us, students of Law. (It’s really depressing when all you have under the tag of extra-curricular activities is debates, moot courts (They are boring if you are not participating.), seminars, workshops etc. That’s it. :| )

And another good news is that I scored the highest in one of my subjects.
*can’t stop smiling*
What? Marks of other subjects? Umm..well..let’s move on to the next thing now.

And the last thing (Did you just sigh and said “Finally”?) which I want to share with you is that MUJHE DIWALI WALI FEELLING AA RAHI HAI (I feel the aura of Diwali). And I so so so love it!

The girl in the picture seems happy and content. And so am I. =)

Bye bye September! And October, what took you so long to reach? Huh? Don’t you know how badly I’m in love with you since the time I learnt that you bring along festivals and a good-good type feeling?

Anyway friend, I’m a little very tired. Had a hectic day na (Selection and all, you see.. :P ) So I should now sum it all up, quickly and get under my sheet for a nice nap. Actually there is not much to sum up. Is there?

Take care dost (friend).


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Friday, September 23, 2011

A Metro Ride.

If you reside in Delhi or NCR and travel by Delhi Metro or if you want to travel by Delhi Metro then following are the points you should know because they are not announced but observed, felt and experienced:

1) While boarding metro from a station which is super-duper crowded, just stand in a line and leave yourself lose. You don’t have to make an effort to walk in respectably. Or better omit the word respectably because I don't want to sound ironic, you see. So, I was saying that leave yourself lose, the whole crowd will push you in and you'll flow like a stone in a current, hitting here and there, pushed, crushed and pulled. And in the end, you will be in the metro. Ta-da!

2) Apply the same technique while getting out of the metro. It works. But one very important thing to note here is that do NOT be the last one in the group of those getting down because there are people outside who are waiting to get in asap and you being the last one are the most prone to bear severe impacts on your body and your mind or there are even chances that you might not be able get out of the metro. (Both has happened to me and the experience of the former was so awful that it made me yell ‘Fuck Everyone’ while I was struggling to relieve my pulled hair and my bag which was stuck somewhere in between and I’d  thought I wouldn’t be able to get it back.) To avoid it, try to be in the middle.

3) If you are a girl and want to get a seat then prefer travelling in general coach rather than ladies’ compartment. Simply because females wouldn’t offer you their seat unless you are pregnant or old or some lady who can constantly stare with a don’t-you-have-manners-to-offer-me-your-seat expression at those sitting. On the other hand, men will offer you a seat most of the times (age no bar) because they are in a habit of doing the same since time immemorial.

4) Further, if you are travelling by ladies’ coach then there are chances that some aunty with dark red lipstick and a suit so bright that you might curse yourself for forgetting your shades, ask you to adjust a little to fit in her big bums in that tiny space. Result: after sometime, she would be comfortably sitting and gossiping on phone while you would be barely managing on the one hand space left.

5) People tend to forget who they are or where they are when they plug in earphones and play some pathetic bollywood song. To identify this category, work with your ears. If you hear some strange voice humming or worse, singing a heart-wrenching Hindi song, just try to bear it because you don’t have any other choice. Do you?


I'm sure you must have realized how deep my connection with Delhi metro is. It is so strong that even in my sleeps I get bizarre dreams related to metro. :P

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Friday, September 2, 2011

I Soar High With My Threaded Wings.

Sprinkle it on the greyed path.
Sprinkle it on the days I gloom and on the dreams undreamt.
Merge some of it with the crimson flow in my veins...make it go deep in my body.
For I desire only a bucket of rainbow to outshine the world.

Picture Source: deviantart