Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Letter To The One Reading It.


Firstly, I had a lot to tell but didn’t know who I should make my listener (apart from the obvious ones, silly) because there were a lot many things that I wanted to share. Yes, I repeat, a lot. So I thought to pen everything down here, with you because nobody is as patient as you are. See, you are actually taking out some of your valuable time and reading another one of my bakwaas (useless) posts.
THANK YOU!!!!! ^_^
Did I tell you that I have now moved to a flat near my college with my friend’s elder sister? Actually it’s her relative’s house which is emptied for a year as they have gone to abroad. So we packed our bags, shifted here and became temporary residents of this place. It’s for the first time ever ever ever in the last 18 19 years that I got this much of freedom coupled with lot of responsibilities. So these days I’m in a process of becoming an independent lady. (How I love to be called as a lady. It sounds reputable, right?)  And my parents are also happy as their incorrigible daughter would now be more responsible. That is a good part.

And today is a wonderful day. I got one totally unexpected and a totally expected news. :P

The one totally unexpected news is that I got selected for my first moot court competition. (Last time it was a mere mock trial. Okay!)
*dances a little, shouts, screams, jumps and dances some more*

In case you don’t know what a moot court is read this for a very brief idea.

The other news is that I got selected in a dance group too, for a cultural programme in our college. This was super expected because I love dancing and being a true Gemini I am Jack of all trades and master of none. I have learnt many forms from Kathak to Salsa, from Jazz to Belly dance and so on. But trust me, I am not perfectly good in any of these. But I’m good enough to be a confident dancer.

Anyway, I’m really happy that finally there is something college-like taking place for us, students of Law. (It’s really depressing when all you have under the tag of extra-curricular activities is debates, moot courts (They are boring if you are not participating.), seminars, workshops etc. That’s it. :| )

And another good news is that I scored the highest in one of my subjects.
*can’t stop smiling*
What? Marks of other subjects? Umm..well..let’s move on to the next thing now.

And the last thing (Did you just sigh and said “Finally”?) which I want to share with you is that MUJHE DIWALI WALI FEELLING AA RAHI HAI (I feel the aura of Diwali). And I so so so love it!

The girl in the picture seems happy and content. And so am I. =)

Bye bye September! And October, what took you so long to reach? Huh? Don’t you know how badly I’m in love with you since the time I learnt that you bring along festivals and a good-good type feeling?

Anyway friend, I’m a little very tired. Had a hectic day na (Selection and all, you see.. :P ) So I should now sum it all up, quickly and get under my sheet for a nice nap. Actually there is not much to sum up. Is there?

Take care dost (friend).


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  1. AWWWWWWWWW.......A BIG BIG BIG waala hug to you >'0'< [I have no idea how you draw a Hug, but consider this as one :D] Congrats with the mooting, it's a real good experience :D :D More so, if it's your first time! :) :) Oh, and dance :D Lovely!!! And about the marks! I must say, we are proud :D I LOVE the sheer cheerfulness and happiness and optimism exuded in this post. I am taking a bit with me...I need it! :D :D

    PS: Be this way, ma'lady! :D ;) Love ya!! :D

  2. Moving away from home, that sounds exciting. Hope you enjoy it, which i am sure, you would.

    Congratulations! For the results and dance enrollment.

    Let the good times roll.

  3. Ee yes, being called a lady amuses me too. :D
    And wooohooo, Congrats on the moot court thingie :D Which college you in?
    and and, that's a lot of good stuff happening. I have my exams in a week. *palmface* You though , enjooooooy !

  4. You know I had commented on this post last night, but it's not there anymore... :| But I don't mind saying all of that again. :D

    First of all...a BIG BIG BIG hug to you!!! >.< I don't know how you draw them, but that's my hug for you! :D :D And your posts are definitely not bakwaas!

    Moots are fun, seriously, if especially they are for the first time! Congrats Girl!! :D And dance dance dance! For nothing expresses the joy better! And highest-marks! [Grins] :D Good! MSM's proud of ya!

    HUGs HUGS And a lot of Hugs!Be happy and smiling the way you are!!
    PS: Which moot are you going to? :D

  5. @MSM
    You are soooo sweet!!!!

    Yep, it's going to be my first moot court. =) And it organised by Delhi University.
    And thank you so much for those dher sari hugs. :* :D

    You bet!
    Thank you very much!! :) :)

    Thank you thank you thank you.. :)

  6. Congrats on moving out re:) How's it going till now? Hopefully, I'll get to do the same soon, I can hardly wait to 'grow up':|

    Hugs on the moot court though I don't get the importance, ti shows that it means a lot to you:) So happy that you got an opportunity to do something you love:)

    Good luck on the dance thingy and you HAVE to teach me bellydance *puppy eyes* please?

    ME TOO! ME TOO!! Same case, other subjects? Lets move on:P

    Mujhe bhi, I can almost taste the sweets already:D

    Have a good October!!:)

  7. @ PeeVee

    It's going good. Really! First time ever.. :)

    Teaching? Oh my god.. I never knew someone could ask me to teach THE belly dance. Haha!


  8. Getting out of your home for the first time brings along a bag of mixed feelings with it. (I still remember the day and the emotions attached with it when I left for Kota).
    Hope you're enjoying it.
    And congratulations for everything that you've written in the second half of this post! :)
    And I feel that you, I and many other Indians have exactly the same feelings attached with the month of October. :)

    P.S. : Since you've mentioned the word 'lady' in your post, let me warn you- Don't ever call your room-mate (if I can call her one) a lady/aurat. She'll run after you like mads until she bites off a piece of flesh from your body!

  9. @Tarun bhaiya

    I too carried a bag of mixed feelings while leaving home. But I have settled now and it's a good thing. :)

    hahahaha...I would never ever want to try that 'P.S' thing... :D

  10. Grih pravesh ho gaya aur party bhi nai mili? :|

    Jokes apart, happy for you lady :)

  11. @Sourav

    Now that was lame.. :P
    Thank you, anyway! :)