Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Apple of My Eye!!

For the times when you begged for food with that in-born obedience which you carry.
For the times when you didn't utter a word when we, by mistake, left you alone in the balcony or in any room. You stood by the door patiently and waited for us to use our heads and open the door. God, you are so sweet.
For the days when you pooped in the house and hid behind curtains or doors or under the dining table etc after getting a good scold from Mother India or out of sheer embarrassment. Khi Khi
For the days when you ran to the balcony to see us off. Awww
And for the days when you begged to go down to play with your friends and felt sad when no one gave you the permission.


You have always melted our hearts and made us fall in love with you deeper and deeper with you super cute ways:

When you sleep on the bed like you are the king whilst I sit on the carpet staring at you enviously.
When you jump around like crazy with love and over-whelming affection on seeing me, papa, mumma or bhaiya or just any random person.
When you play hide and seek with me. You are good player, by the way.
When you do not make noise no matter what and people ask us whether you bark at all.
And when, instead of giving us some warning like your species do, you sleep like a drunk during an earthquake. :P

To the most adorable being of our house,

HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY FRODO. You are a stupid lovely doggy. Period. <3

With Love
The girl whose Flip-flops you tore.

(First day at home.)
(Birthday boy has always maintained a pensive attitude.)

(Waiting for the party to begin.)
(All eyes on pastries.)
(Birthday Boy)



  1. Happy birthday lupus aka are my partner as both of us work to keep one girl happy.

    1. ^_^

      Just the mere presence of you both makes the girl happy.

  2. Wow what a super dog, those adorable eyes are wonderful.


  3. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...
    The second pic melted my heart.
    Isnt he adorable! and cute name!
    Happy Birthday to the baby!

  4. awwwieee Happy B'day Frodo... he is soooo cute :D ... I wished I had a dog, but I'm scared of em :( .. I love you frodo and your antics are so adorable :D

  5. Awwwww he is sooo cute. I have always wanted a doggie but my mother does not share the same feelings :(!!! And he has grown so much..!!Happy birthday Frodo :)

    1. Same was the story of my house. But one fine day, mumma told me that we will have a doggy soon. :)
      I still don't know what in the world made my mother change her mind abrupty. :D

  6. I love Frodo already. How'd you give him that name btw?
    AND AND they're the only creatures who love you more than themselves and can make your heart melt BAD with those cute faces

    and hayeeee, I miss this place. xx :*

    1. And they are so damn good at it. hehe..!!
      My brother thought of the name as this gapuchoo (read Frodo) was meant to be his birthday gift.

      Aww.. ^_^
      This place and I miss you more than you can ever think. Stupid girl. :-*

  7. Hey he is so cuteeee and as a puppy he was even more adorable =D I have a cat by the name mushoo =D and I know exactly how u feel and how much u love him =D

    1. Bachpan mein har koi pyara hota hai.. :D

      Aww...Mushoo is such a cute name. :)
      Thanks a lot for dropping by!