Sunday, November 4, 2012

Escapism, Not now.

It is pungent.
The after smell of escapism.
It sways all around.
Teases, smirks and plays.
But oh it attracts. Strongly!
Some artificial sweetness.
Should I give in?
Who knows? The greened breaths? Nah!
Act smart and forget it.
You are not a bitch, dear life.
So don't be one.

Nothing much to say. Surrounded by bliss and gloom at the same time. Total confusion. And thus the above lines. Mere lines! Haphazardly crawling in indecipherable patterns. confusion.


  1. Oh yes, escapism is a beguiling mistress. Good and bad. And after reading this, I am reminded of Johnny Quid's speech on cigarettes from RocknRolla.

    1. I don't remember the speech. Thanks though. :)

      And next time do drop a name.

  2. Wish you get surrounded wioth a lot of bliss:)