Friday, May 20, 2011

10 Things Which Never Fail To Infuriate Me.

1. I hate it when my sneeze stops mid way and I hate it even more when my going-to-sneeze expression apparently catches attention of all those around me. It’s quite embarrassing, you see!

2. I hate listening to out dated dialogues which my relatives never fail to say whenever they catch me in a family function like "Kitni patli ho gayi!"  (Huh, as if I care) or "Kitni badi ho gayi!" (Huh, as if you care). Why don’t they ever come up with something new? Like "Kitni sundar ho gayi" :D

3. I hate it when I see my favorite outfit or bag or footwear worn by some other XYZ person. I so damn hate it. I feel like vanishing from that place or making the other person vanish. And yeah I know, the second option is anytime better ;)

4. I hate it when some people poke their nose into my business just to have some juicy piece to gossip about. Hey c’mon, it’s not my duty to make your pathetically-boring life, extraordinary. Mind your own business, people!

5. I hate it when I want to tell something very interesting and when my turn comes I just go BLANK. And it has happened to me so many times. Why am I so forgetful? I need an answer right now. :/

6. I hate it when I get those unnecessary, unwanted and useless messages of so and so properties. Don't they know that I'm planning to buy a nice cottage in Italy. Give me some information regarding the same, you bloody irksome dealers. *beep* 

7. I hate it when I see ignorant race (And this includes both educated as well as uneducated ones) that wastes or contaminates water or that takes roads as universal DUSTBINS. When are you going to learn basic humane manners. Am I the only one responsible to take care of the world? Hello? Anybody? ............... I guess nobody's there...ahem!

8. I hate it when a teacher asks a question and I prompt an answer which she doesn't listen and when some other classmate says the same answer, she listens. I hate it further when it turns out to be the correct one. “Hey, cheating!! I deserve the accolades because I said it first. It’s not my problem if you have a hearing problem."

9. I hate it when I get "I want to FRANDSIP you" friend requests by random users on Facebook. Seems like self-esteem has become so hard to retain these days.

10. And the last thing I hate is me writing all these things when I should be studying right now. Yeah, my externals are going on and look at me, I’m sitting in front of my pc and thinking of the things I hate the most. I think I really need a life! :P

And her expressions are funny, indeed...ha-ha !!


  1. heheh nice read!! Even i get infuriated when i forget what i wanted to say!! n worse when i forget where I kept my belonging and have to frisk the entire room!! :P

  2. haha...yeah, it happens! :D

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience! :)

  3. Hope the externals are going fine.

  4. yeah...and i hope i'll pass in all subjects! :P
    Thanks btw! :)

  5. Lol #9. Nice post. I especially agree with #4.

  6. even i hate d problems mentioned in 1,5,6,7&8..... :[