Thursday, April 21, 2011

Look through my eyes!

"I can see a big screen up there. And this whole place is covered with see-through walls but of a different kind. Like, ummm, transparent for us as we are inside and not for those who are outside. Something like we can see them but they can't see us. Or better, even we cannot see them because that would be a distraction, I think. So cut the transparent thing. Yeah! Also, it has a mild shock system so that nobody gets through it."

"And on that big screen, a very calm movie is being played along with a restful music in the background. And it has got a starry ceiling with some clouds all over."

"Hmm...that adds to the ambiance. And there are low-rise couches placed on the floor, across the screen. Nice and soft leather couches with stuffed cushions and on the corners there are small antique lamps and some scented candles. And the lights are dimmed."

"Oh it's looking good. We can surely have a good sleep here."

"Yeah, definitely. But one more thing. Here in this little space, one minute is equivalent to one hour. Like some kind of a parallel universe. So if we spend one hour here we would just miss a minute and thus it would save our time."

"Aah...that's pretty cool. Huh!"

"I know.", and we both smiled.


Well, I had this conversation, today with one of my 'very dear' college mates while sitting at Rajiv Chowk metro station. It is 'The most crowded' metro station of Delhi and because we had to wait for another friend and had nothing to do, we both started churning our imaginary cells and came up with this. Weird right? :P :D

P.S : And I don't know why I've put this photo. I just liked it. It's quite different actually. :)

P.P.S : And about my little, cute, adorable labrador, Lupus is the name I have decided (thanks to the same dear person). And he is truly a darling!


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