Monday, January 2, 2012

I Am The Melange. And I Shall Forever Be.

The embers of dying fire have allured me, always. The sparkling and the glinting look of those little pieces of coal that displays an affective rage are an absolute charm to look at. They are not surreptitious. To be clearer, they are not covert. They fly around resembling a kind of reminder of the radiance they once caressed, the radiance that has now sadly, caved in. I like it. And this song on my current playlist, Blue velvet by Bobby Vinton, it is pretty good. The name Bobby sounds gay. But the song has some pleasant essence. Or it is ineffable, may be. Period.

Anyway, I don't really want to blabber about the unimportant stuff. What is important is the realization of a few little things. It is 2012, you see. There has to be a beginning of new chapters. I do not know whether it is the weather outside (it is raining and the earth is all scented) that has made me drown in weird thoughts or the music which is on my playlist. But I am at peace.

And the peace has abounded me. So I won’t tell you that there are rocks along the way. And that the thorny path might compel you to retreat. I will tell you that water flows majestically through that stoned path. It seeps through those rocks and gives a smirk as it walks past them.

I won’t tell you that the scorching heat might burn your feet. Rather I will turn your head towards the shades that are ready to hold you close to the bosom.

I am not the one who will make you forget the reality just for the heck of it and let you fly high. Instead I will mirror the truth and keep you too firm to fall.

And yes, I won’t let you develop a taste of this mad world’s sour side. I will be the requisite impediment. I will be the mirage.

Because a mirage doesn’t always lead you into nowhere. It makes your journey easy by implanting a seed of hope within and making you trail the toughest of the tough. Even if the seed is ruptured, you can look back and realize that the distance has already been covered. And THAT shall be the fruit. And that is how I shall be.


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  1. What a creative and beautifully penned post! I especially LOVED the second part where the "I won't tell yous" *blossomed* :-) The last paragraph is mind-blowing and brilliant!

    Happy 2012 to our beautiful and very talented, ~*Melange*~ :-) x0x

  2. This was exactly the kind of inspiration I needed early in the morning! :)
    Beautifully put!
    People always consider a mirage as an illusion, a distraction, a fake destination that takes your eyes off your real path. But YOU have changed the whole meaning of it! And I love your version!
    There is always something good that comes out of every pain, hardship and obstacle. All you have to do is look for it :)
    Happy 2012!

  3. Beautiful!! Would you be my mirage, because I truly would need one :D!!??

  4. Your writing is truly a work of art - art in its truest sense. Wonderful words, wonderful concoction :)

  5. tHIS HAS BEEN PENNED DOWN BEAUTIFULLY. mOST IMPORTANTLY IT LEAVES US ALL WITH A THOUGHT.. Depends on ow you look at things.. it's all about what you wanna see :)

  6. I am awed at how differently you look at things and how creative you are in penning your thoughts down! You gave me a truly different perspective on Mirage. Loved the post :)

  7. @ Fiona
    Thank you soooo much!! You never fail to make me happy! <3 :)

    @ Chandana
    I know! And I would not say that I never viewed Mirage in that usual way. I did. But then I thought that since every coin has two sides there must be a second side to this piece too. And so this perception came up.
    And happy 2012 to you too!! :)

  8. @ Writing Bee
    I would so love to be. ^_^

    @ Sumitra
    You are SO sweet.
    Thank you! =)

    @ Phatichar
    Thank you dost! XD

  9. @ Confused Soul
    Yep, perception matters the most. Thanks a lot darrrling! :)

    @ Keirthana
    Yay!! Thank you so so so much!! ^_^
    *Happy happy*

  10. //Because a mirage doesn’t always lead you into nowhere. It makes your journey easy by implanting a seed of hope within...And that is how I shall be.//

    Oh Vi...the peace is there in your words, so soothing. So Calm...I've not felt for sometime now, but your subtly scented...I loved this!!! Mirage you shall be and I shall walk to you all the time...Mwaaah dost. I love you. :* :D

  11. @ MSM

    And I shall always welcome you with open arms. You, I love so much! :-* :-)

  12. Ahhhh HOPE. That's the fruit I thrive on! :)

    Beautiful post. Hmmmm <3

  13. @ Soumya

    Same here. :)
    Thank you!

  14. Such lovely words woven like a fairy tale and can be mistaken as a song! You write really well!

  15. That is so kind of you sir. I am glad! :)

  16. Your thoughts are very beautifully penned. Very inspiring, too.

  17. Beware, the illusions when they break don't make much noise unlike the mirror, but they do wrench the heart and that is some damage we cannot bear to take. So, be a little considerate while you conjure mirages, Mirage :)

    Nice read.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  18. I know. But like I said, I was abounded by peace and so were my thoughts.

    Thanks! :)

  19. That was pretty inspiring. Loved the //I won't let you develop ...Line. Man, that was awesome !