Thursday, July 14, 2011

Paroxysm of Terror.

Smithereens of mourning souls
Fell numb on coarsened crimson coal.
No bird chirped.
Breeze did not blow.
People panicked.
The smile on her face no more glowed.
Her head was bleeding.
Deep wounds!

With burnt skin and broken glasses,
In a pool of blood, she lied there.
I feared the look I saw in her eyes,
It said, “Paroxysm of terror.”
Smithereens of mourning souls
Fell numb on coarsened crimson coal.

Havoc had broken under the blue shade turned grey.
Ugly, it seemed. “Yes, Death stinks!”
The air was venomous.
Toxic tears trickled.
Forget the bliss.
Those eyes did not even blink.
Smithereens of mourning souls
Fell numb on coarsened crimson coal.


It was very heart-wrenching to know about the serial blasts in Mumbai, yesterday. Like always, the common man suffered. I don't know how many people died, may be 20 or so but the result of those few deaths is magnification of fear all over the nation. Such incidents have happened in the past and will continue to take place in the future too. All we can do is just hope that we do not suffer next.

Rest in peace Mumbai blast victims.


  1. An ode to Mumbai. God knows, they deserve it.
    Beautifully written...

  2. Pandemonium and pain captured perfectly!
    Loved it!
    Some people never get enough of bloodshed and mutiny and killing of innocent people.

    Lovely header pic!

  3. A nice tribute.

    But for the last part, such things could be avoided, but that doesn't seem to be very much happening as of now. We should hope for the best.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  4. @Priyanka
    They deserve a lot more too.
    Thank you. :)

    @Red Handed
    And some people never fail to turn their backs on such grave issues or give some pathetic and insensitive statements like what Rahul Gandhi said today.

    @Blasphemous Aesthete
    We avoid such things for sometime and then another terror attack breaks the facade. Like what happened yesterday.

  5. Every time I read or write such posts I would wish never again let me have to do this….
    But… the predators know little about my wish, the wish of many more millions…

    nice work neverthless...

  6. @deeps
    I can understand.
    Thanks anyway. :)

  7. talented poetry.
    powerful portrayal of sadness.

    welcome sharing 1 to 3 poems with JP potluck today.

    Bless you.

  8. Hey Sweetheart, I have tagged you. Do take this one up, I want to know you more :) :D

  9. touched. a great piece of work!