Monday, January 3, 2011

Surprise Surprise!!

Pale and cold morning
A droning day awaited
Milk and newspaper
Friends, phone calls
Laptop, facebook, blog
'Chasing cars' by Snow Patrol
Played it twice :)
Books, notes, History...urgghhh :(
Bored. Sleepy.
Time slowed down
Tic toc tic toc...tic...toc...ti...zzzzz...
Door bell rang
Courier received
A gift wrapped in Blue!
Eyes widened
Addressed to me
*smiles* *smiles*
Tore, scratched and opened
Found a white tee with a note:
"Happy new year, awara ladki"
Sent by my dearest brother
Yay...jumped in elation
Called up Ma, friends and of course my brother
Shared the ecstacy
Mood upgraded - super duper happy :D
The day ended.
And I'm still happy...yay! =)


  1. hey !! it's cool. one of the simplest but full of life. Cheers :-)

  2. Thank u so much. I'm glad that u liked the piece.
    And thanks for dropping your views.
    Take care!!

  3. hey i thought it would be a poem..and thought you suck at poems like me... but then again thought naah... it's not a poem....

    any who..... doesn't matter watever category you put it in..... it will be good in all of them......

    loved the simplicity of it.... cause complex things..... n me.... don't go together..... \,,/

  4. haha...yeah, it's NOT a poem. Even I don't know what kind of piece it is.. :P

    Thank you, anyway