Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Enigmatic Love - Part 2

“I thought you loved me. Then why did you say NO?”

“No, Paolo. I never fell in love with you. But yes, I admit that I loved your company as you were really good to me.”

“But this was all so perfect. Where did I lack?”

“I know it’s my entire mistake. I should have told you this earlier. But I was afraid to confront you. I was afraid that you might not understand me and amiss this, one thing I was sure of that someday or the other I would have to face this. And that day has come.
Look, Paolo, I don’t want to marry you. In fact I don’t want to marry at this age.”

“It’s okay. I can wait for you all my life. I love you, Isabel.”

“No, Paolo. There is something more I have to tell you.”

“What is it?”

“Ever since my childhood days, I’ve nurtured a dream in my do something big. I never wanted to spend my life like every other woman, marrying and looking after children. I might sound weird but I want to take an active part in the revolts taking place all over Italy for its unification. And I know nobody would support me, not even you. But there is one person who will definitely understand me. He always did. Ah! Look....there he is.
Paolo...this is Taylor, my first and the last love.”

Paolo was dumbstrucked. He did not know what to say or how to react. Isabel was freaking him out. Of course, he had not expected a girl to say all this stuff. And what further kicked him in the teeth was the fact that he could NOT see any guy standing at the place where she pointed.

“Where? I can’t see anyone.”

“Oh c’mon. He’s right in front of you.”

“Is this some kind of a joke, Isabel? Do you think you can make a fool out of me? First you say that you want to take part in revolts. Okay..I would support you. But now you say you’re in love with an invisible person. What has happened to you, dear?"

“Oh, I see. So now you are also not going to believe me huh? Would you also think that I am mad? Fine! Think whatever you want to. I don’t need to prove his existence to anyone. All I know is that I love him and he loves me. And that he supports me in my every decision.”

“Isabel, come back to reality. You need to understand. There’s no Taylor. If there would have been one, why are we not able to see him? Why only you see him? Think about it.”

“I know. And it is because everyone wants me to marry you. Even you want this. So why would you believe me. Look...Taylor is also saying this.”

Things were hard for everyone, especially for Paolo. First, the love of his life rejected his proposal second, she wants to support the revolutionists for Italy’s unification and lastly, she was in love with an imaginary person whom she called Taylor. That was indeed frustrating. Isabel had built a world of mirage. It was impossible for anyone to bring her out of it.

And then one day, Isabel left. She absconded....without saying anything to anyone.

Three months later...

After trying hard to look for Isabel, everyone gave up the hope that they would ever see her again. They had learnt to live without Isabel. Even Paolo went back to work and things were getting quite normal until one day, a news in a daily local perplexed him and shook him to the core. It read:

“After a civil disobedience strike in Lombardy, the rage of unifying Italy entered the nerves of Tuscans. A violent revolt which broke yesterday i.e., 12th February, 1848 in the streets of Tuscany marked it's beginning. Many people including women took an active part in it, demanding a constitution and republican provisional government for Tuscany. Two women viz. Marianna Attino, age 23 and Isabel D’Angelo, age 19 and a man viz. Taylor Corradi, age 24 died and many others were badly injured during the...”


Writer's note: I know you must be wondering how is this possible and how can Taylor be for real. Well, there can be many possibilities. One, that Taylor Corradi was just another person who took part in the revolt and it was a mere co-incidence that his name appeared among the deceased s along with her name. Second, that Isabel might have befriended Corradi during the procession as his name was same as her imaginary lover's. Also, there is a chance that Isabel acted to be a schizophrenic in front of others so that they wouldn't force her to marry Paolo but when she saw that things were still not turning to her side, she escaped.
Now it's up to you, friend. You can churn your mind and decide the end of this time-pass story. I have already helped you a lot to solve the puzzle! :)


  1. I think the second possibility was decent.
    But it also is possible that Isabel had it fixed, the report of her death and His too. To buy her freedom?

    Nice read.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. the story was amazing..but what i admire the most is the detailing that has been done..the way you have connected real history with your story the dates the names everything..well done :)

  3. @ Blasphemous Aesthete

    Hmm...that's also possible!

    thanks a lot for reading it. :)

  4. @ Divyank

    Thank you so much for appreciating my efforts and specially for suggesting me a good title for this piece. :P :)

  5. Nice :)

    There are just a couple of teeny-weeny improvement areas (not in the story, but in the writing), but everything else is perfect. Good!

  6. Hey thanks a lot...and do let me know more about those flaws as i'm always open for improvement! :)

  7. i like the delusional schizophrenic theory!

    You wrote real well my girl! That was fantastic. Thanks for following. you have gained a follower!

  8. Thank you so much! I'm pleased :)

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  10. Sure, email me anytime.

    I won't call it 'flaws'? Just a li'l bit of tweaking.

    Take care. :)

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  12. Thanks a lot for dropping by. I'd definitely read your post :)

  13. loved the Enigmatic Love...awesome writing woth diligent ideas..
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