Wednesday, January 8, 2014


There is a name in my skin

like ink smudged on fingertips

it imbues deep into the scales

an etched art

draws imprints of passion.

There is a name.


in my nerves

in my veins.

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  1. Such wonderful words strung together!

    I loved the picture too.

  2. How do you come up with such amazing thoughts? Beautiful, really.

  3. will you be reading at the Delhi Poetry Festival this year, Vinati?

    if you will, would you consider having yourself recorded?

    because it occurred to me that i've never heard you read your work....

    your typed words here on your blog echo without speaking quite well enough...

    but i'm sure we would all find it awesome to hear you voice them yourself...

    1. Yes, I did. Oh my god.. how did you know? :O

      One of my friends did cover me but the quality is pretty bad. So no point uploading it here.
      Plus it's better to keep certain things private.

    2. well, Vinati, at least you tried, and i appreciate that...
      belatedly, i now realize a public venue is probably not the best place to make such a recording...i should have thought through what it would entail before i made that request, but January 9th snuck up on me...

      at any rate, i hope you give the idea of doing blog readings some more thought...there is certainly room for more creative experimentation in the way poetry is presented on blogs...
      and if anyone has what it takes to break new ground in this medium, it's you....

  4. superb!! intenseeee and awesomeeee!


  5. Oh! Sheer beauty this one :)

    How do you manage to come up with such intricate emotions. Damn, I envy you!

    1. Hehe.. just like you weave awesome stories. <3

  6. I loved the pictures and the words, obviously! <3

  7. This one is wonderfully threaded :)

  8. I am in Love with you..and am comfortable with this Pletonic feeling...You are always in my heart