Saturday, September 26, 2015

So far so good.

I like waking up in the middle of the night when it is still dark outside. I like waking up to this feeling that I have a few more hours to sleep before I leave for work. It's been almost three months since I began my professional career as a lawyer and I am still getting the hang of it. Every now and then,  some of my colleagues come up to me to share their wise suggestions on how to survive in this field and how to deal with office politics. It is not as unusual as I used to think initially, but there is one common thing which I've been told too many times: Not to trust anyone here. 

It is funny because whenever someone tells me this, the first thing that comes to my mind is "Okay, so I shouldn't trust you too right!." For now, I think I am doing fine by not getting too involved in the world of so called smart people. I like being detached. It is so much better than indulging myself in forced office camaraderie. 

But you know what there are good things too. Like:
a. I have full independence to splurge and it is hundred times more satisfying when you do that with your self-earned money.
b. I can't wait to start travelling without any guilt because again, this independence is sweeter than I could've ever imagined and also because, travel is the only thing I know that can keep me sane apart from poetry, of course.
c. I love it when someone asks whether I am a student and how surprised they look when I tell them that no, I'm a lawyer. Needless to say, five years of law college were totally worth it.

In other news, I am obsessing over the latest album Honeymoon by Lana Del Rey and High by the beach is my favorite of all, especially because of this badass music video. 


How are you all doing?


  1. Must be quite the journey to adjust to this new chapter in your life, hope it goes well for you :)

    I love this song, and the album! :)

  2. that 'don't trust anyone here' is sure creepy, Vinati...i've been in a few office politics situations and can only think of a couple individuals who might have used that approach with a new employee, and they were both regular you instinct not to trust them first is probably spot on...

    it's good that you're laying low for now, especially with just 3 months under your belt, but i doubt you'll be able to stay out of office politics can't spend half of your waking hours in a place with the same people indefinitely without eventually experiencing some empathy for some of them, identifying with them, and taking sides when disputes have to just plan on becoming a little schizo to have to be like bukowski, you must keep the bluebird in your heart hidden from those around you, and only take it out at night when everyone else asleep..

    you should probably also think about where you'd want to be 3 years from you want to be running the place, start your own law firm, or do you just plan to tread water til you find something better? going to the same place day after day just to collect a paycheck gets to be monotonous, can really start to drain you, so maybe you should set a goal and figure out what you need to do to work toward isn't important that you to reach your target, it's that you become engaged in some way to keep yourself from going stir doesn't have to be hard & fast objective, either, since you could change it at will as the future unravels for you...

    of course, what do i know, i've never worked in a law office...where you're at may be totally different than anything i've experienced...

    absolutely loved the video, btw...i actually laughed out loud, that climax was so unexpected...