Wednesday, January 6, 2016

6 bullets yada yada

  • The new domain is up and working almost fine. It feels great to work on a full-fledged personal website like I'm doing something serious and important, but I'm not. Yay me!
  • Why comet muse, because the name resonated with me and my style of writing. No poetic meaning behind, it is what it is. Just felt so right and there cannot be any better reason than that. 
  • Started a secondary blog on Tumblr. I think it is important for me to remind myself that I'm not as pathetic as I think. Therefore, Tumblr is only for sharing my personal favorite pieces from this blog. So if you're on Tumblr, drop in some day. I'd love to connect.
  • 2015 was officially my poetry reading year. I discovered some beautiful contemporary poets like Nayyirah Waheed, R.M Drake and their work has been an amazing source of inspiration. Honestly, they are the poets who kept me sane throughout the year and therefore, deserve a special mention and a special photo too.
Nayyirah Waheed
  • I don't have any plans for twenty sixteen and surprisingly, I'm not freaking out. Is this what growing up feels like?
  • Lastly, I am proud to grow into a person who is always the first to forgive and forget. Things become simpler if you just declutter your life and there is no better way than forgiveness. So in case you've been a bitch to me (not you, you are cute), I forgive you because I know you are still growing up.

A very important P.S: My new active email id is Let's share some emails, stories and secrets and keep it only between us, okay?

Also, what do you think about this new change?


  1. I like the changes you've made, and congrats on the new domain :)

    Happy New Year to you!

    P.S - followed you on Tumblr!

    1. Thank youuu. I'm happy you liked them.

      Happy new year to you too. :*